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Review: St Ives Apricot Exfoliating Facial Scrub ('Invigorating' & 'Blemish Fighting'

Review: St Ives Apricot Exfoliating Facial Scrub ('Invigorating' & 'Blemish Fighting')

Who is this review for?
Anyone who is interested in purchasing a new facial scrub or has dull skin that needs a good polishing!

What is it?

A facial scrub can help remove dull and dead skin cells from the surface of your face, revealing a brighter, glowing and cleansed complexion. It will induce circulation of the blood so the renewing of cells becomes more efficient and also it can unclog pores and keep blackheads and blemishes at bay.
St Ives have developed this scrub and has been an old favourite for many many years. Have never used this before? Read on to find out more...

What does it claim to do?

"Uncover clearer, fresher looking . St.Ives® Blemish Control formulas are specially created to keep skin visibly healthy all year long. 100% natural exfoliants and Salicylic Acid remove dirt, oil, and dead skin cells to fight blemishes, revealing clearer looking skin."

"Reveal vibrant, visibly healthy skin. Beautiful, visibly healthy skin is not hard to find with St.Ives® invigorating formulas. Make it your secret for softer, smoother looking skin.
100% natural exfoliants and Salicylic Acid remove dirt, oil, and dead skin cells to fight blemishes, revealing clearer looking skin".

How to use it
Typically you would wet the face with warm water first; this ensures the pores on your face have opened, ready for a good scrubbing. Next you simply apply the scrub and exfoliate in a circular motion with your finger tips.
Tip: concentrate on areas that may have dry skin, that look dull and have black heads, block pores or blemishes.
Next just wash your face with warm water again and splash on a generous amount of cold water to close those pores back up and tighten the skin.
Tip: You can use this product every other day or even once a week. In the winter months I like to use to Invigorating so the skin keeps bright and firm and when I have break outs I choose one from the blemish control line. It's important not to over scrub but just work out for yourself how often you would like to do it. These scrubs are so gentle and natural that I've been using them everyday, morning and night, and it's done nothing but improve my complexion.

What it did for me
I've been using this scrub for as long as I can remember. When people ask me what a good scrub would be to use I will always recommend this because it's affordable and it works.

This skin makes my skin smooth, radiant, glowing and soft. The best thing about it is it doesn't dry out my skin and nor does it make it tight. I absolutely adore this scrub and would recommend this to anyone. St Ives hold an impressive range of products so it doesn't just stop at the scrubs!

The cost
For those in the UK you can purchase this product at Superdrugs. From what I know it doesn't seem the Boots hold any St Ives products. They sell it at £4.20 online and in store.

For a cheaper purchase go to to take advantage of the BOGO and its even cheaper at £2.92.

This is the first 5/5 product I have reviewed, this is suitable for absolutely anyone! Visit their website!

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