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Cherrychan108 (a.k.a. Cherry, or Helen...which is her real name) has been writing from the young age of 8.  The moment she recieved her first hand-me-down laptop, she began writing stories and anything that conjured up into her head. 
As she grew older, she began her first blog on LiveJournal and it was there that she began to write about her emotions and troubles.  Through time she has developed into a person with great empathy and compassion; she began writing to reach out to others and enjoyed connecting with people over the internet.

Growing up her obsession of hair. make up and fashion began to grow and it was only natural for her to crack her fingers and start typing away on the keyboard about what was on her shopping list and where she was getting inspiration from.  Writing in her blog and making videos on Youtube opened up many doors and opportunities; she now seeks to continue working creatively and gain even closer relationships with her readers.

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