Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Review: Maxfactor Miracle Touch Liquid Illusion Foundation

What am I reviewing today?
Today's review will be on Maxfactor Miracle Touch Liquid Illusion Foundation

What is it?
A 'must-have' foundation for renowned British Make-up artist Pat McGrath; it is said to create the perfect flawless skin and complexion. It is applied with the sponge supplied and there is said to have no need for the traditional foundation, powder or concealer. This foundation comes in a small round compact with a glass lid and a small compartment for their specially designed sponge.

What does it claim to do?
This product is a foundation which claims to provide both benefits from a liquid foundation and solid foundation; it is supposed to glide on well, smooth over and cover imperfections while being effortlessly easy and extremely quick to apply. Max Factor also claims that there is no need for traditional tools such as concealer or powder as it conceals imperfections as well as give a flawless finish that doesnt need blotting or sealing.

How I use it
Before using this product I take extra care of apply a moisturiser to my face and an eye cream or gel under and on my eyes. If I plan to be either sweating or in the rain I also use a face primer for safety measures (however I find there is little need for this step)
sing 'dabbing' motions, I sweep the product onto the sponge and apply to areas which need concealing the most. These are namely the under eye, the bridge of the nose, chin, lower parts of the cheeks and forehead. I'll use this dabbing motion as I do not want to rub it on as this will not maximise the product use. I make sure to conceal areas I am unhappy with then if it's a day that I need extra application under the eyes, I go for it.

How it worked for me
I am very pleased with this product; I have never found a foundation I am 100% happy with and I think this is the closest I've got so far. If like me you're not too concerned with concealing blemishes but more concerned with evening out skin tone then this one is for you. Don't get me wrong, this covers my blemishes and doesn't highlight my imperfections either. It's the perfect concoction for those who want something light and something that simply works.
I find I do not need powder either, if I use powder then I create high coverage and I almost look too 'done-up' and it becomes way too much. This amount of coverage is exactly what I need to look natural and as if I'm not wearing anything on the face. I find it's so light that even my boyfriend, who pays meticulous attention to detail, doesn't notice I have anything on and I can rub my face all over my hands and pillows and not get a bright beigy streak on the upholestery.
It's easy to blend and if done correctly I don't even need my concealer. Afterwards I find no problem applying blusher or bronzer on.
I've also had days when I've woken up and gone into a 'good looking skin' day so if I want to cover up only one or two minor spots, I just pat on this tiny bit of foundation and it covers it like a concealer and blends in as if it didn't even happen.

How much does it cost and where can you buy it
In the UK yYou can buy this product at at £11.70 and for a pound off you can also go the This is quite a high price for a foundation if you're used to using regular drugstore foundations but I think it's worth every penny.

My Verdict
So as you may have noticed I really am loving this product. I do warn you that I have read reviews elsewhere that even though they loved the product it is not for dry skin as it flakes on them. I personally have combination skin but in the winter I have dry skin and I would say I have not experienced this; perhaps they didn't moisturise or prime their skin? In saying this I haven't had to use a primer but just a good moisturiser - don't forget people, water is the path to good skin!
Others have also complained about the amount of product as there is 11.5g of product. Again I would beg to differ and say that either they are using too much or they apply it on three times a day because mine has and probably will last me a long time especially as I do not reapply during the day unless I've been in heavy rain or out sweating in the clubs.

I would recommend this to anyone who loves to even out their complexion, who wants to achieve a healthy glow, who doesn't have an extreme amount of imperfections on the skin and wants a product which will work quick on the go and can be taken anywhere. I personally do not have perfect skin but it works on my imperfections and creates the flawless look.

I would give this product a fantastic 5 stars.

Monday, 26 January 2009

Chinese New Year Look

Chinese New Year Look

The idea behind this look for me is to create something simple and wearable but still have the festive elements in it. With the eyes I chose golds, pinks and browns; I chose not to use red because I think it's too harsh and too statement for the day at it definitely will clash with all the red you won't stop seeing on the day.
Another element I tried to incorporate is making my skin as flawless and as 'white' as possible. Although it may seem strange for me to say it's a totally natural thing for asians to want their skins whiter and lighter. It's the same notion that western people believe a tan is better than pale skin. So I've put on concealer and a layer of foundation specifically around problem areas and dusted it off with mineral foundation. I also took care to do light contouring as well as a blush that was not overpowering. Think modern-day Geisha. Traditionally there would be a bright red lip involved but I look terrible with red on the lips at the best of times so I opted for something softer.

Check out my youtube channel for the video when it's up!


Sunday, 25 January 2009


A survey copied from Beauty Broadcast and it's simply a survey that will allow you to get to know me better - non make-up related!

Do you have any pets? Yes I have two cats but there's five at home!
What color shirt are you wearing? A bright mint colour
Name three things that are physically close to you: Straighteners, Keyboard, desk chair
What is the last book you read? The last book I read properly was Anybody Out There? by Marian Keyes
Are you or were you a good student? I was/am a good student - but not academically outstanding. Just cheeky.
What's your favorite sport? Skiing!
Do you enjoy sleeping late? When do I not sleep late. I promised to stop doing that....
What's the weather like right now? Freezing and wet
Who tells the best jokes? I don't know ... I find strange things funny so regular jokes don't do much for me....
What was the last thing you dreamed about? I honestly don't remember...
Do you drive? If so, have you ever crashed? No I have never crashed but been close a few times :D....hehehe....
Do you believe in karma? Sure
Do you believe in luck? Probably not... I believe regular 'luck' is part of your path but mostly that you make your own destiny.
Do you like your eggs scrambled or sunny side up? Sunny side up pleaseeeeeeee
Do you collect anything? If so, what? I sort've collect Make-Up, I buy make up because I love using it and I use everything I buy...if I think i wont use it I dont get it. I guess I collect nail polish! I love lots of different colours!
Are you proud of yourself? Mosty yes I am, especially nowadays. Less so before.
Are you reliable? Only if I'm committed to something or if I promise. :)
Have you ever given money to a bum? Um no but I have to buskers
What's your favorite food? SUSHI!!!!!!
Have you ever had a secret admirer? Hahah err yeah.... I prefer to be the admirer.. Having a secret admirer is so uncomfortable when it's not a mutual thing....
Do you like the smell of gasoline? GOD NO
Do like to draw? Oh I do love me a bit of drawing :)
What's your favorite invention? Hmm the internet. In saying that I would first have to say electricity and computers.
Is your room messy? Horrfically messy yes
What do you like better: oranges or apples? I'm definitely more of an orange kinda girl 'cept I kinda hate feeling them unless they're satsumas....I usually get someone else to do it. Otherwise I'll have the apple...haha
Do you give in easily? Depends on what and who it is! I give into things which are small things which won't affect anyone... but I would never spoil a child or someone I love because that's damage to someone, not love.
Are you a good guesser? Well only with certain things!
Can you read other people's expressions? Yeah I would say I'm defo more of an observant kind've person
Are you a bully? Far from, i hate bullies
Do you have a job? I work at my shop....but otherwise no.
What time did you wake up this morning? .....11.30am.....
What did you eat for breakfast this morning? Oh god let's not go there. Let's just say I should've said no but I didnt.
When was the last time you showered? A couple of hours ago
What do you plan on doing tomorrow? I'm making a cake tomorrow as it's New Years Eve. We're having a special dinner...I've also got a driving lesson...
What's your favorite day of the week and why? Currently I think it's Tuesday because I get to see my boyfriend....otherwise I guess it's Saturdays because I just work and spend the morning doing nothing :D
Do you have any nicknames? Too many to mention....some of them are Melon, Pang, Toasty, Roasty, Mosty.....
Have you ever been scuba diving? I've been no I haven't been scuba diving.
What's your least favorite color? Off brown's more a yellow brown with a grey undertone.... i can't explain but it makes me think of dirty old men O_o
Is there someone you have been constantly thinking about? If yes, who? I never stop thinking about him.
Would you ever go skydiving? No I'd like to stay alive, thanks!
What toothpaste do you use? Pearl Whites
Do you enjoy challenges? Without challenges, life would be a bore. I'm always up for one ..unless it's math related.
What's the worst injury you have had? As lame as it is...I've twisted my ankle....heh..or does breaking off the big toe's toe nail count?
What's the last movie you saw? Man um... Sex and the City?!
What do you want to know about the future? If I ever become what I want to be
What does your last text message say? My Godmum and it says "yes i'll be there tomorrow". I was very confused.
Who was the last person you spoke over the phone to? The boyf
What's your favorite school subject? In high school it was art until we chose subjects then it was probably Science...mostly Chemistry. And in A-level was business studies.
What's your least favorite school subject? Can you guess??
Would you rather have money or love? Love. As corny as it is, love makes my world go round
What is your dream vacation? Back to Japan, buying TONS of japanese make up and anime stuff....eating so much japanese food i need to be lifted everyone on a throne and going to ski in the japanese snow mountains!
What is your favorite animal? I have a love for all animals....even the ones i eat which is so twisted it's wrong. Even writing that makes me feel grose *sighs*. But mostly Cats and Otters.
Do you miss anyone right now? Of course
What's the last sporting event you watched? Football match between Man-u and Tottenham.
Do you need to do laundry? Yeahhhhh
Do you listen to the radio? When theres no CD in the car!
Where were you when 9/11 happened? I just came home from school and was sitting down for food
What do you do when vending machines steal your money? I scrunch up my face and scream inside then walk away.
Have you ever caught a butterfly? Noooo I'll break it!
What color are your bed sheets? Its my Cinnamoroll its green and blue with bits of pink. You can see how grown up i am!
What's your ringtone? Not sure..its on silent mostly!
Who was the last person to make you laugh? Boyf
Do you have any obsessions right now? Always obsessed about these things: Baked goods, cooking, make-up, clothes, hair, anime, the boyf and being filthy rich
Do you like things that glow in the dark? Urh i can't say i have much of an opinion on them
What's your favorite fruity scent? Probably berries....or cinnamon apple...or watermelon!
Do you watch cartoons? Yes, especially if Anime counts
Have you ever sat on a roof? Yeah that was real fun despite my fear of heights
Have you ever been to a different country? Yes quite a few :)
Name three things in the world you dislike: Murder, paedophiles, ignorance
Has a rumor ever been spread about you? Way too many but you just gotta ignore it!
Do you believe in magic? Ooh I feellike breaking out into a song fortunately i don't know the words to that song. Um no I don't. But i do like watching magic tricks and working out how to do them!

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Review: Boots No 7 Colour Calming Make-Up Base (***)

What am I reviewing today?
This review is going to be on Boot's No.7 Colour Calming Make up Base.

What is it?
This base is like a lotion but it supposed to act as a make-up base as well as a concealer; concealing redness and rosy skin. The green base is supposed to neutralise the redness.
This product has the consistency of a light moisturiser and it has no scent and they are sold in 40ml squeezy bottles like this:


What does it claim to do

This what is claims to do, copied and pasted from

"Calm overly-rosy complexions with this clever colour corrector. Cool, sea-green tones neutralise unwanted blushes all day long, leaving your skin looking beautifully even.

With caring, conditioning ingredients to help build skin's natural defences against the elements without blocking pores.

  • Hypo-allergenic

This product is recommended if you previously bought No7 Rosy Tone Colour Control" -Boots Description

How I use it
I use this make up base before I apply foundation and after I have moisturised my skin with Pond's Dry Skin Cream. Initially I used it with my fingers as if it were a moisturiser but I found that to be ineffective and there were little if no results at all.
I then decided if I treated it like a concealer, I could possible get some results out of it therefore I used a sponge wedge and used a dabbing motion to blend in the make-up.

How it worked for me
I find if using the wedge method I see some results but not a massive difference. The redness around my nose and cheeks is neutralised but if anything its neutralised to a soft pink rather than the raw redness that I have. The redness of my blemishes are still apparently and therefore I still have to aid this produt with my concealer. I would say it did even out some of my skin tone but I can't say that it helped me out massively! Note: it seems the camera doesn't pick up the difference well, but when I looked in the mirror I did see a slight difference - not massive.

Before pic

After pic

How much does it cost and where can you buy it
This product iis a Boot's No 7 brand product so unfortunately you can only purchase it in Boots (as far as I'm aware of). However I believe Boots does do a international shipping. Currently this product costs £10.03 in Boots.

My Verdict
Personally I do not regret buying this product even though I'm not 100% happy with it because it didn't neutralise the redness on my face completely. I'm going to carry on using this product and I am happy to finish it but I don't think I'm going to buy it again simply because I'm still on the search for the ultimate redness concealer. If you want to buy it I wouldn't object or warn you because I think this has the potential for people with fairer skin tones. I think I wouldn't mind purchasing it if it were cheaper but at such a dear price for 40ml I don't think I can afford to spend money on a so-so product. I've read many reviews by other bloggers and they love it - perhaps I'm just destined for another product.

I give this product a decent 3.5 stars

Friday, 23 January 2009

Hello and Collective Haul

Hey Everyone! I'm back once and for all :)

I've finished my exams and so now I'm back with a collective haul; just showing you some of the things I picked up. As mentioned in the video I am going to knock out some reviews for you but if urgent reviews needed, don't be afraid to message me because I will get back to you!

So I've also put the video here, feel free to watch but here are the pictures!

No 7 Colour Calming Make Up Base

A close up to the consistency

Revlon Colour Stay Make up with Soft Flex SPF 6 Combination/Oily Sand Beige

No pump; just a bottle

Close up to the consistency

Revlon Fabulash Mascara - Blackened Brown

Max Factor Miracle Touch Foundation Warm Almond

A very smooth, creamy yet light foundation

This baby has a sponge compartment

Max Factor Master Touch Under Eye concealer

A close up to the applicator

Johnson's 3in1 Gentle Exfoliation Facial Wash

Rimmel London Professional Liquid Eyeliner

The brush tip

St Ives Apricot Scrub in Invigorating

Herbal Essense Shampoo and Condition - Hello Hydration
Currently BOFOF in Superdrug!

QVS 20 make up sponges

Seek Mineral Based Eyeshadow Palette - Original

A few close ups + swatches

Sleek Muti Blush in RUST

GOSH Velvet Touch Foundation Primer

A close up to the gel/serum like consistency

Ecotools Eye shading brush

The bristles at a closer angle

Revlon Iluminance Creme Shadow Palette in Wild Orchid

Maybelline New York Pure Foundation Mineral in Vanilla Rose

Gosh Velvet Touch Lipstick Darling 134

Can't wait to do some reviews for you; I hope you've all enjoyed the pictures and until next time - stay beautiful!


Hello Everyone :)

I'm so back...!

Hello everyone, how are you all?

So I finally finished my last exam of my first semester and I'm such a happy bunny you have no idea! I almost screamed when I put my pen down :P

I am posting back onto youtube and here as of tomorrow with more make up hauls, lots of reviews and a few looks hopefully including Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year!

So watch out for those; I'm so glad to be back!

Lots of love,

Monday, 12 January 2009

Meow ^^

Hello everyone,
while most of you are aware that I am on hiatus from Youtube, new subscribers may not be aware but I'm still getting new subscribers everyday which I am too thankful for.
I want my blog to become something more regular; even though it can be time consuming to think of a video, film it then edit it, it's not too much to write in my blog and post pictures so up so I'm trying to make a conscious effort to update on my blog and then do a video version of every post (which is wha seems every Guru on youtube does).

So in saying that I'm going to kick start off with a quick update of what has been happening and what you're to expect in 2009 of Cherrychan108.
I'm compiled tiny snippets of what I've been doing since being away so I guess you have that to look forward to when I finally post back on youtube.

I've also got a fun suprise for you all and I'll give you a hint : HAIR. *giggle*

I've still got a lot of reviews to be doing including my new favourite foundation. I've really taken a liking to apply foundation on everyday but I'm still seeking for the ultimate foundation. However I shall reveal soon what I'm loving soon.

I'm also currently searching for a better moisturiser. This winter has really taken a toll on my skin and it doesnt help that 'we' (not my choice) blast up the radiators so everyday my skin feels dry and suffocated. Why can't I find a good thick moisturiser that will sink into my skin and is not greasy?

My first exam is finally over which is good. Now I have two more on the 20th and 22nd of January; and then I'LL BE BACK!

THank you all for your support :) 2009 shall be a good year

Lots of love,

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