Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Review: Maxfactor Miracle Touch Liquid Illusion Foundation

What am I reviewing today?
Today's review will be on Maxfactor Miracle Touch Liquid Illusion Foundation

What is it?
A 'must-have' foundation for renowned British Make-up artist Pat McGrath; it is said to create the perfect flawless skin and complexion. It is applied with the sponge supplied and there is said to have no need for the traditional foundation, powder or concealer. This foundation comes in a small round compact with a glass lid and a small compartment for their specially designed sponge.

What does it claim to do?
This product is a foundation which claims to provide both benefits from a liquid foundation and solid foundation; it is supposed to glide on well, smooth over and cover imperfections while being effortlessly easy and extremely quick to apply. Max Factor also claims that there is no need for traditional tools such as concealer or powder as it conceals imperfections as well as give a flawless finish that doesnt need blotting or sealing.

How I use it
Before using this product I take extra care of apply a moisturiser to my face and an eye cream or gel under and on my eyes. If I plan to be either sweating or in the rain I also use a face primer for safety measures (however I find there is little need for this step)
sing 'dabbing' motions, I sweep the product onto the sponge and apply to areas which need concealing the most. These are namely the under eye, the bridge of the nose, chin, lower parts of the cheeks and forehead. I'll use this dabbing motion as I do not want to rub it on as this will not maximise the product use. I make sure to conceal areas I am unhappy with then if it's a day that I need extra application under the eyes, I go for it.

How it worked for me
I am very pleased with this product; I have never found a foundation I am 100% happy with and I think this is the closest I've got so far. If like me you're not too concerned with concealing blemishes but more concerned with evening out skin tone then this one is for you. Don't get me wrong, this covers my blemishes and doesn't highlight my imperfections either. It's the perfect concoction for those who want something light and something that simply works.
I find I do not need powder either, if I use powder then I create high coverage and I almost look too 'done-up' and it becomes way too much. This amount of coverage is exactly what I need to look natural and as if I'm not wearing anything on the face. I find it's so light that even my boyfriend, who pays meticulous attention to detail, doesn't notice I have anything on and I can rub my face all over my hands and pillows and not get a bright beigy streak on the upholestery.
It's easy to blend and if done correctly I don't even need my concealer. Afterwards I find no problem applying blusher or bronzer on.
I've also had days when I've woken up and gone into a 'good looking skin' day so if I want to cover up only one or two minor spots, I just pat on this tiny bit of foundation and it covers it like a concealer and blends in as if it didn't even happen.

How much does it cost and where can you buy it
In the UK yYou can buy this product at at £11.70 and for a pound off you can also go the This is quite a high price for a foundation if you're used to using regular drugstore foundations but I think it's worth every penny.

My Verdict
So as you may have noticed I really am loving this product. I do warn you that I have read reviews elsewhere that even though they loved the product it is not for dry skin as it flakes on them. I personally have combination skin but in the winter I have dry skin and I would say I have not experienced this; perhaps they didn't moisturise or prime their skin? In saying this I haven't had to use a primer but just a good moisturiser - don't forget people, water is the path to good skin!
Others have also complained about the amount of product as there is 11.5g of product. Again I would beg to differ and say that either they are using too much or they apply it on three times a day because mine has and probably will last me a long time especially as I do not reapply during the day unless I've been in heavy rain or out sweating in the clubs.

I would recommend this to anyone who loves to even out their complexion, who wants to achieve a healthy glow, who doesn't have an extreme amount of imperfections on the skin and wants a product which will work quick on the go and can be taken anywhere. I personally do not have perfect skin but it works on my imperfections and creates the flawless look.

I would give this product a fantastic 5 stars.

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