Friday, 30 July 2010

Review: Botanics Instant Glow Tinted Moisturiser

The Low Down

I've been using this product since my mid-teens and it's quite a hard product to recommend because I know little people who actually use this.  This may be because it only comes in one 'shade' or that Botanics does not specialise in make-up products.  I wanted to share the Botanics Instant Glow Tinted Moisturiser with you because I think it's about time I revealed to you my favourite summer product. 

What Do They Claim?

"Botanics Instant Glow Tinted Moisturiser is a lightweight tinted moisturiser that adds light diffusing particles, giving skin a more even radiant tone whilst helping to maintain skin elasticity"

"Ginkgo: This extract contains a complex of anti-oxidants  shown to stimulates microcirculation and protects skin.  Ginkgo boosts and guards.  Echinacea protects collagen" - Packaging


How did it work for Cherry?


This has been a summer staple for a long while now; I enjoy the slightly refreshing herbal scent, it feels like a super light foundation that blends into the skin to light-weight 'nothing-ness'.   It gives my skin a subtle glow and evens out my skin tone well.  

Below are two pictures, the first is of my bare face and the second is my face with the tinted moisturiser applied. 


 My bare face


With tinted moisturiser applied


How to use this product 

It's perfectly adequate to use your clean fingers for this product but you can treat it as your usual foundation. 

When applying this product, I like to use a primer underneath (i.e. an anti-redness or mattifying one) and sometimes a finishing powder on tops.  Depending on my skin condition I will use a concealer but this isn't always necessary.

You can then go on to continue your make up routine as you please.


Cherry's Final Verdict

I would recommend this product to anyone who has similar skin tone to me (see bare faced picture).  In the winter I am an NC20 in MAC and usually the first or second tone of a foundation colour range, however in the summer I will turn to one/two shades darker.  When I am ghostly porcelain in the winter I cannot touch this product because it will not match the rest of my skin.  I would say that this is perfectly suitable for those who are darker than myself as it will add a great glow and even out the skin tone. 

The Botanics Instant Glow Tinted Moisturiser will last you through two summers (from my experience) and I do favour this over Benefit's You Rebel as it's non-greasy and gives a greater coverage. 

What I find interesting are the claims for boosting Ginkgo and protection from free radicals.  It's hard to measure these claims but I've heard of the benefits of both Ginkgo and Echinacea.  Gingko extracts guard your skin from 'free radicals' which are molecules that destroy tissue and age skin in time.  These are given off through pollution and toxic chemicals which we face often in a busy and urban lifestyle.  If this product really helps to protect the skin then it might be a good investment.  Echinacea has also been known to keep skin tissue strong and protects collagen and while I can't measure this, it sounds good enough for me. 

The one gripe I have about the Botanics Instant Glow Tinted Moisturiser product is that it doesn't contain any UV filters or SPF therefore I had to apply a moisturiser that uses an SPF before hand.  I don't find this bothersome as such because I have  a habit of using a my SPF moisturiser before everything but I would be happier if this product contained it, therefore if I chose not to use it that day, I wouldn't be worrying about sun damage. 

With the added skincare benefits and cheap price of £4.49 (from Boots), I think this product is worth picking up and trying out.  You can even use this in the winter to bronze around your face or it can be used all over the body when your tan is  starting to fade! 

I award the Botanics Instant Glow Tinted Moisturiser a 4.5/5.  It loses half a point for being restricting in colour shades and containing 0 SPF but otherwise, this is a fantastic product. 


What's your favourite tinted moisturiser?



Bronzers for Beginners

Above is a video showing how I use bronzers and the different types I've used, plus the techniques you can try out for a quick and easy application.  I hope you find this useful!  Below are closer pictures of some of the products I mention in the video. 

DSC00511Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush (Coffee Cake) is a good choice
if you're a beginner in make up.  It's easy to blend,
quick to  use and gives a really beautiful warm tone to the skin.



Rimmel Bronzer in 020 Sun Bronze.  This is my second (or third?) one of these
and they are really, good quality and inexpensive drugstore blushers.  It gives
a matte finish and gives a medium colour pay-off therefore
it won't be too overwhelming and it's hard to go wrong with this.



Stila Push Up (Nude Flash) is also a good choice for those
who find powder blushers a bit of a hassle.  These sticks allow quick
colour application and gives a beautiful tanned glow to your face.



If you can get your hands on Sleek items you can try their bronzers or
their blushers.  This is a particularly gorgeous terracotta colour that I think
is a beautiful alternative to a regular bronzer.  The Sleek blush (Rust) would look
lovely on already tanned skin and as it's highly pigmented, a little goes
a very long way.


If you're looking for an all-over sheer bronzer, The Body Shop Sun Lustre Bronzers from
a couple of seasons ago are a good choice.  You may not get this exact one in
stores now as they were apart of a collection however they still carry
these large panned bronzers.  You can pick these up in
The Body Shop for £12.00 and they will last a life time.  They also have
a very pleasant sweet smell to them.  This gives a beautiful
shimmery glow to the face and body.  Classic product.



Bronzing Pearls are relatively new to me but I've tried and used GOSH's Precious Powder
Pearls (Glow)
and they are perfect for a buildable application.
It's neither too heavy or too shimmery and gives a wonderful luminosity to the skin.
It may be slightly trickier than a mousse blusher but it's not too hard
to use and you can't go wrong with this unless you accidentally spill the pearls!



Lastly, I wanted to show you No7's Sculpting Bronzer which is actually a limited
edition and I'm unsure as to whether this is still available but I would snap
it up if you manage to come across it in a Boots.  The colour gradient
is absolutely perfect and will take you from Winter to Summer. 
The point of showing you this product is to highlight the idea of using a bronzer
product that has a gradient of colours (such as the MeMeMe shimmer bronzers, which
coincidentally look like the Bobby Brown Shimmer Bricks).  This way you can use a variety
of colours throughout the year and achieve different looks. 


What is your favourite bronzing product?



Thursday, 29 July 2010

My Style Icons

I thought I'd share a few of my style icons with you.


Nicole Richie

nicole-richie-in-lna-marie-claire-march-2010 Nicole = chic, raw, soft, hard, sexy


Nicole can look amazing amazing.  The  sequin dress on the model doesn't appeal
much to me.  Worn on Nicole, it's transformed.  Prime example of
wearing the dress as opposed to the dress wearing you.



Two of my favourite women in Hollywood together!
Christina has had disasters but from time to time, her style rocks my world.
I especially love that she incorporates grunge/punk with a bit
of old school glamour.
Again, Nicole looks amazing with sequins and skinny jeans.

Christina Aguilera



  = loud, sensual, hardcore, effortless



Looking ravishing in a little red dress. This is a sexy little red riding hood of 2010.


Flapper glamour meets urban sun chic
Those shades are amazing!

Alexa Chung


This woman can do no wrong.  She is dainty yet so, so cool.


Effortless.  I wish I could find the right trench for myself.  This autumn, I shall
find the perfect one. 

alexa_chung So sweet!  This is my perfect Sunday shopping outfit!


Sienna Miller


Sienna is London, laid back and edgy. 
I don't have the legs to wear that dress with those boots
but Sienna looks fabulous. 



  Sienna pulls of the statement boot very well


Who are your style icons?




Saturday, 24 July 2010

Flowers on my mind

Pearls, gold, dainty chains, lockets, lace, heart, stars, bows, ribbons, frills, flowers, satin and skulls... are you excited yet?
With every fashion season comes great promise that top designers will bring inspiration to the high streets and what's fabulous about a new season are the new little embellishments you can become obsessed about.
It doesn't matter whether we're talking jewellery, dresses, shoes, hair accessories or lingerie, there is almost always something you can add to your collection and if you're a true high street girl like I am, then you will find each obsession more exciting than the last. 
It wasn't long ago that I was snapping up anything that used gorgeous lace  because winter called for jumper dresses, lace, jeggings and military boots.  I particularly adored the lace trend and as a result, I'm prepared for another lace trend to come but perhaps I could pass it off as 'vintage'.
My latest obsession comes in the form of flowers this summer and it started around spring time.  I'm particularly in love with reds, corals, peaches and pinks.  These days, floral dresses can be paired with leather boots or chunky jewellery to harden the look up or it can remain soft and feminine which is why I think every girl needs dresses embellished with floral patterns this Summer.  If you prefer your garments to be plain, why not try out some flower detailed jewellery?
"How do you like it?" - I like mine just above the knee, with added frills and small details. I love it to be flowing as it skims over my less-loved body parts.  How do you like yours?  -Cherry x

At Taste of London Festival, transitioning between lace and the florals. 
Below are some more inspiration pictures that you may enjoy!
Untitled L_g0013199331 64203_lg2 d L_g0013198449 L_g0013191951
10401009_Print_medium v     ghL_g0013207713
Cherry x

Essie, China Glaze and OPI - A few swatches

I know I said I was on 'Project 10 Pan' but these nail polishes were purchased BEFORE the project began!  I recently went to that nail shop and I know I must inform all Londoners (or even those within travel distant to London) where this amazing shop is.  I shall don't worry.  I picked up my first two, ever, Essie nail polishes and also two China Glaze and one OPI.  Below are swatches, please leave a comment as to which one is your favourite!  Enjoy.


Essie - California Coral


This baby only needs one coat; it's formulation is fantastic as it's easy to apply as it's neither too thin or too thick. The colour is absolutely gorgeous and overall a really great nail polish.

Essie - My Private Cabana

DSC00480 DSC00481

A gorgeous nude pink.  The picture on the left is one coat and the one on the right shows two coats.  This is an easy colour to wear; great for those indecisive days and wonderful for those who like to have nude, natural nails but like a tone of pink.  Fabulous!

OPI - Sheer Your Toys

DSC00483 DSC00484

The closest description I can give for this colour is a muted grey with a tone of purple.  Do you see it?  It's the grey version of that really popular taupe colour everyone is loving at the moment (such as Eyeko's Posh Polish) but I feel this would be great for those who feel the taupe colour is a bit too warm.  I think it says "chic" without being too feminine.  This says "girl with brains" to me, I don't know why but it looks like a clever colour.


China Glaze - Gilded Treasure

DSC00485 DSC00486

A sheer gold with very fine silver shimmer running through it.  It's actually perfect for the summer but can even be worn during festive times of the year.  One coat is incredibly sheer while two coats gives a bit more colour.  Wear one coat in the summer and two coats in the winter.  Definitely a versatile gold to have and one for everyone.

China Glaze - Passion

DSC00487 DSC00488

A stunning, solid, old looking gold colour; this nail polish is great with one coat but seriously hot with two.  It applies magnificently and looks hardcore.  It gives a sort of ornamental finish and will look amazing with safari-esque trends, bronze summer styles, warrior style fashion and futuristic flavoured garments.  This nail polish isn't for the faint hearted.  I. Absolutely. Adore. This.


Cherry x

Friday, 23 July 2010

Project 10 Pan Begins

Some of you may not know what 'Project 10 Pan' really is and to be perfectly honest, I'm not 100% sure myself.  But I'll give you a brief run down of what I think it is; the term was coined by the famous and lovely Lollipop26 and it's a promise (and struggle) to use up 10 beauty products you already have before continuing to buy anymore.  Get it? 

This simple yet affective method is a way to keep levels of products in the household to a certain level and it will force one to actually use the things they buy.  This way you will think twice about the things you buy in the future (if you manage to finish ten products) and you will save money because you are no longer allowed to spend whenever and where ever, anymore.  What I want to know is, how much are you allowed to buy when you finally reach pan on ten products?  Surely there is no point buying 20 more products afterwards?

Originally I was reluctant to participate in this project but I've decided that the amount I spend has no correlation to the amount I earn.  Nor does it correlate to the levels of 'need' I have for the product(s) in question.  The only thing that my spending level is parallel to is my incessant need for owning new things and the temporary comfort it gives me when I try something new.  This clearly isn't the way to go if I want to travel, buy my own flat, buy a new and faster car etc.

So Project 10 Pan is a small bid to say good bye to spontaneous and irrational purchases and hello to frugal living and smart spending.

This will be particularly difficult for the next few weeks as the summer sales continue.  Did you hear that River Island is having a online only 25% discount on SALE items?  Isn't that absolutely amazing?  But no, I shall resist.  Besides, I have so many 'things' it's unbelievable.  Soon, Clinique are sending over a new kit for me to try out (fingers crossed the mail man doesn't steal my stuff again) and so, there is apparently no need for new skin care.  The only thing that is difficult for me are nail polishes.  I'm not a collector of much in life but when it comes to nail polishes, ever shade of a colour can appeal to me at any time. This is dangerous stuff.


Currently I already have 73 nail polishes and that's not including the one or two I've managed to misplace.  Do I need that many pink nail polishes?  No.  But do I love them and want more?  Of course!  There is ALWAYS room for more; it just means going to Muji and buying another container to store them in.  See how this becomes a snow-ball effect?

So unfortunately haul posts will now be appearing less frequently; instead you shall be updated on my experience of Project 10 Pan and consequently find out what I'm really made of. 


Cherry x

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

A Simple Summer Smokey Look

Here is a look you can definitely try out this summer!  It's a smokey-eye that can be worn during the day or night and it suits summer well because of the gold and orange base it has.  It's super easy and flattering for all eye shapes and sizes, skin tones etc etc. 

The key products include:


This is the Maybelline Eye Studio Diamond Glow Quad - 022 Bronze Drama.  Layer the shadows on one by one starting with the left gold colour as a base.  Use the orange as a slight contour, then the khaki green to deepen the crease.  Finally use the end charcoal colour to smoke it out!  Easy!

On the lips I'm using GOSH's Light Lightn' Shine Lipglaze in 01.  It's a subtly shimmery lip gloss and gives a nice shine to the lips!


I've also used Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation in True Ivory.  This is a great drugstore foundation, perfect for the summer because it's quite light but gives decent coverage.  It's easy to blend, good for sensitive skin and comes in great packaging.  Nothing I don't love about this!


Products used:

Too Faced Eye Shadow Insurance Primer
Maybelline Eye Studio Diamond Glow Quad - 022 Bronze Drama
Sleek Kajal Eyeliner - Nocturnal
Gosh Eyeliner - White
Collection 2000 Glam Crystals - Dig It
Natural Collections Clear Mascara (For Brows)
Maybelline Volume Express Falsies Mascara

The Body Shop Matte it Primer
Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer - Nude Beige
Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation - True Ivory
Rimmel Clear Complexion Foundation Powder
Bourjois Blusher - Lilas D'or
GOSH's Light Lightn' Shine Lipglaze in 01

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