Friday, 30 July 2010

Bronzers for Beginners

Above is a video showing how I use bronzers and the different types I've used, plus the techniques you can try out for a quick and easy application.  I hope you find this useful!  Below are closer pictures of some of the products I mention in the video. 

DSC00511Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush (Coffee Cake) is a good choice
if you're a beginner in make up.  It's easy to blend,
quick to  use and gives a really beautiful warm tone to the skin.



Rimmel Bronzer in 020 Sun Bronze.  This is my second (or third?) one of these
and they are really, good quality and inexpensive drugstore blushers.  It gives
a matte finish and gives a medium colour pay-off therefore
it won't be too overwhelming and it's hard to go wrong with this.



Stila Push Up (Nude Flash) is also a good choice for those
who find powder blushers a bit of a hassle.  These sticks allow quick
colour application and gives a beautiful tanned glow to your face.



If you can get your hands on Sleek items you can try their bronzers or
their blushers.  This is a particularly gorgeous terracotta colour that I think
is a beautiful alternative to a regular bronzer.  The Sleek blush (Rust) would look
lovely on already tanned skin and as it's highly pigmented, a little goes
a very long way.


If you're looking for an all-over sheer bronzer, The Body Shop Sun Lustre Bronzers from
a couple of seasons ago are a good choice.  You may not get this exact one in
stores now as they were apart of a collection however they still carry
these large panned bronzers.  You can pick these up in
The Body Shop for £12.00 and they will last a life time.  They also have
a very pleasant sweet smell to them.  This gives a beautiful
shimmery glow to the face and body.  Classic product.



Bronzing Pearls are relatively new to me but I've tried and used GOSH's Precious Powder
Pearls (Glow)
and they are perfect for a buildable application.
It's neither too heavy or too shimmery and gives a wonderful luminosity to the skin.
It may be slightly trickier than a mousse blusher but it's not too hard
to use and you can't go wrong with this unless you accidentally spill the pearls!



Lastly, I wanted to show you No7's Sculpting Bronzer which is actually a limited
edition and I'm unsure as to whether this is still available but I would snap
it up if you manage to come across it in a Boots.  The colour gradient
is absolutely perfect and will take you from Winter to Summer. 
The point of showing you this product is to highlight the idea of using a bronzer
product that has a gradient of colours (such as the MeMeMe shimmer bronzers, which
coincidentally look like the Bobby Brown Shimmer Bricks).  This way you can use a variety
of colours throughout the year and achieve different looks. 


What is your favourite bronzing product?



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Charming Vanity said...

I love the ELF bronzing powder in sun kissed. =)

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