Thursday, 6 November 2008

Um so all this time..?

So I was flicking through my monthly read of Healthy magazine and absorbing the information (as you do) and I came across this page which was talking about how to keep your hair healthy in winter.
So I was browsing through it because I knew most of the stuff i.e. conditioning and then I came across some shock horror stuff.

So APPARENTLY, says Healthy magazine, that washing your hair everyday IS A GOOD THING. Healthy magazine, I quote, says "WASH IT DAILY - you might have heard that washing your hair too often can cause greasiness or impair its condition but this is wrong" this time my eyes almost fell out, "Your hair can get as dirty as your face during the day, and imagine how grimy your face would feel if you didn't wash it daily". At this point, my head was nodding. "Contrary to popular belief, your hair doesn't begin to cleanse itself if you don't wash it".

I was livid.

All this time people had been lying to me? Or is Healthy magazine trying to be controversial? I regard Healthy magazine as quite a reliable and trustworthy source of information so I'm feeling inclined to believe it. BUT COME ON. I suppose the notion that your hair can clean itself did always baffle me.

And then I those days I didn't wash my hair because I was afraid I was doing it too often was for nothing? I looked like a greasball for...nothing?

The second thing I read in this particular article said that heat styling does not mean we're damaging our hair in the long term. "using heated appliances to style your hair won't cause long-term damage". I was feeling quite happy about that until I read "Using a hairdryer, straighteners and tongs on too high a setting is what causes damage, because excessive heat can cause the hair protein, keratin, to soften too much". I took a look at my straighteners and it was at it's max.


My coldsore is alot better. It's barely visible but its tingly and sore. I'm finding putting aloe vera gel is helping to soothe it. I know I seem like I'm obsessed with aloe vera gel but I swear by it. You know how some people swear by cold spoons for puffy eyes and fry-ups for hangovers? Well aloe vera is for anything that needs healing. Serious.

I've had a sudden influx of subscribers from Youtube and it's been lovely. Yeah..that's all I have to say about that.


Wednesday, 5 November 2008

A new blog...again?

I've had so many blogs in life and I just can't awa from them. I try to stop but I just can't.

So here I go again...and I can't WAIT.

Writing is another way of expression as well as my mindless doodling and rampant ramblings and I think writing is more powerful in the way that I can write things I can't say or draw. If I can't draw something I just scribble...and if I can't say it I get tongue tied...if I can't write it....I look in my thesaurus :P

Many of you reading may come from youtube or have stumbled across. For that reason I invite you all to stick around, browse my channel on youtube if you have an appetite for nonsense and make-up. But mostly nonsense.

It's great to be writing again x

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