Saturday, 30 January 2010

Best and Worst of the bunch ~ January 2010 Edition

It’s coming to the end of the month now and I am due for this post so those who are still waiting on the many promised reviews shall have to wait until next week. I think a January post should be kept for January no?  But because of my time constraints, I shall not be too flowery with much of the description and will be very straight to the point.  So here are the stars of January 2010….

#1 – Lush’s Wiccy Magic Muscles Massage Bar
Yes I’m still harping on about this product.  This is LUSH’s Wiccys Magic Muscle massage bar and it’s been so kind to me since all this stress from revision h as occured.  It helps out my back from slouching (bad, bad habit!) and it makes me feel alive when I use it.  I’ve been breaking bits off for a shower from time to time and I love it.  I massage all over after a shower when body is still drench with water.  I massage my joints and then dry off, leave the bathroom a happy lady!

#2 – Garnier Caffeine Tinted 2in1 Eye Roll-on
Having just done a review on this product I don’t feel to elaborate much on this product.  I’ve been using this day in day out, touching up and touching go.  I’m pleasantly pleased and would recommend this to a lot of people.  I’m considering getting one for my sister and mum, they’ll love it. 

#3 – Origin’s Wholegrain Make-up 
Unfortunately i Haven’t had the time to do a review on this yet but I did promise a subscriber so it will be done.  I’ve been using this every day and i love that it gives just enough coverage for daily use and doesn’t ever look cakey.  It’s very natural on the skin and apparently very natural on the inside.  I’ve not tried too many Origins products in the past but I’ve become increasingly interested so you will see more Origins products from me in the future. 

#4  DSC02498[8]- Maxfactor Second Skin Foundation
Having also talked about this quite a bit I don’t want to start a review here but I have to say it’s become one of my favourite drugstore foundations.  Other drugstore foundations I adore are such as Revlon Colorstay and Rimmel Stay Matte and while the first gives a full coverage look and the latter gives an also matte but medium coverage, this is fresh, dewy and also medium coverage.  I would say for me its similar to MAC’s Studio Sculpt except I find this goes on a tab bit smoother and is very blendable.  This makes my skin even in a flash and I especially love it for its effortlessly hygienic pump.  Second skin FTW!

#5 – Body shop facial brush
I use this about four times a week with a face exfoliant and it’s been doing my skin wonders.  It’s not only helps to deep clean but also brushes away my dead skin, leaving my face polished and pristine.   I’ve almost become a bit addicted to using it and have to stop myself from over brushing my face.  I think because of its stimulating action, the blood has been circulating well in my face and it helps my skin heal better and makes it glow so I’ve missed the January face blues!

#6 – BarryM Dazzledust in Chocolate
I know there’s three in this picture but of course I’m going to be doing about the chocolate coloured one in the centre.  I am in love with this brown.  It’s the first type of brown that doesn’t wash me out or end up making me look a bit dirty.  I can do a wicked warm and sexy smoky eye with this or use sparingly in the crease for a day time look.  I love BarryM dazzle dust and have many in my collection, this one by far, is one of my favourite!

#7 – NYX Jumbo eye pencil in Yogurt .
Having only a modest two NYX jumbo eye pencils in my collection, I’m not sure where to ever say all of these are fabulous.  Out of the two I have (cottage cheese and yogurt), I adore yogurt because it gives a fantastic base to  a lot of shadow looks let it be a brown smoky, a natural look or under pinks to create a more sea-shell pink/brown tone.  But besides the colour pay off which is amazing, I love it’s stay power and love that it does not crease on me.  These are, by far, way better than those lip and eye crayons from BarryM and I am not on the look out for more of these.  I am still waiting for the famous Milk colour and would really want Black Bean (although it’s ridiculous because they’re both essentially just black and white eyeliners but huge)

#8 – Kent Natural Shine Hair brush
I’ve been raving about these hair brushes to everyone recently because it’s honestly made a difference to the health of my hair.  I not only find blow drying quicker but my hair is a lot shinier and doesn’t fall out half as much.  These work a treat also in brushing out dry shampoo and pulling back into a pony tail.  I’m looking to get the Kent paddle brush and perhaps a bigger round brush.  I’ve been using it on my mum’s frizzy frail hair too and it’s become much stronger.  We’re both sold!

Luckily I’ve lived another month without any horrifying product experiences so there is no ‘worst’ this month.  Join me again next month for another product round up.  I hope you enjoyed this one!
Cherry x

Review: Garnier Caffeine Anti-Dark Circles 2-in-1 Tinted Eye Roll-On


On the 13th of January I posted a preview of this product in order to give you a quick tasted of what was to come and allow you to be a bit aware of what was coming on the market.  At the time this product appeared online at however it’s official launch was on the 27th and now that’s two days ago, so I apologise for the delay in this review.
Once upon a moon ago I used it’s original eye roll and was quite impressed with the product.  The original itself was exactly what you needed to perk you up in the morning and it although it didn’t quite remove my dark circles (what eye cream does anyway, I want to know!) it helped keep my under eyes tight with minimal wrinkling.  I use it a lot during exam time and phases of insomnia.  Now it’s time to test it’s new and improved partner.


The Low Down

Garnier's Caffeine Anti-dark circles 2in1 Tinted Eye roll-on comes in an almost replicate package design as it’s predecessor except this one comes in a beige coloured roll on.  As expected the roll on itself is incredibly smooth and as its made of metal it’s very cold and soothing to the eye and does not tug on the skin either.  It’s ergonomically shapes and is easily small enough to pop into your purse or make up bag.  For product amount you get 15ml (which is coincidentally as much as you would in an OPI nail polish!) and from past experience it will last you forever although it’s recommended that you replace this every six months.


As you can see the consistency is very thin and almost water like therefore it’s fairly easy to blend even with your finger.  This aspect is a sure win for me because not everyone has the time to rummage into their bags or pots for a brush.  For busy women (and men) a swipe and a few dabs is all we have time for!  The product doesn’t really smell of anything and does not (and I have heard no reports that it) stings your eye area.  This product comes in only two tones: fair and medium/dark.  I suppose this gripes me slightly because what will people with even darker skin do?  How unfair.  This is something Garnier really needs to take note of. 

The one you are seeing me use is medium/dark.  I am still looking to use the fair version to see if it’s better or worse!

And what do they claim?
Garnier suggests that if you regularly experience dark circles (er, how about permanently?) and if you are finding your usual care routine is not enough, this is the product for you.  They specifically say that this product will hide and reduce the appearance of dark circles.  Garnier says that it’s their ‘1st roll-on massage which combines a caring formula with natural ingredients and a long lasting tinted concealer as effective a make-up.  The formula, along with the massaging ball, offers a complete solution to tired eyes and dark circles and bags’. (Something tells me Garnier needs to employ a new copy writer…, why so many ands?  Sorry, pet peeve!)

They also claim that by using caffeine in the product it helps stimulate your under eye area (to relieve the look of tiredness, dullness and dark shadow, I suppose) and also lemon extract which is ‘known for its clarifying properties’. 

The most interesting part if that Garnier says they use naturally derived active ingredients wherever possible.  Also it’s formulated and dermatologically tested to ensure effectiveness and respect for your skin.   

The formula of this product is supposed to have a double effect on dark circles and bags; it gives immediate coverage and reduces the look of fatigue with the above mentioned caffeine and lemon extract.  It’s also supposed to be hydrating, and also contains UV filter to help protect your eye contour from the sun. 

Note: at the bottom of the packaging it says, confidentially, in a separate section in bold:

“Proven Effectiveness; Immediately dark circles and bags appear camouflaged, their appearance reduced.  The eye contour appears illuminated, hydrated and smoother.

How you can use the product
For me I like to use this as part of my make up routine and I pop it into my make up purse for touch ups.  This is one of the reasons why I am adoring this product; it’s so much easier to use for touching up as it’s quicker and very effective.  So for instance, my favourite concealer is probably still the Amazing Concealer in fair however you need a bit more effort to blend with that product and the consistency means it can be messy sometimes and when in a rush, it’s not the easiest concealer to use. 

As you can see in the picture above I actually use it all around the eye area as it brightens up my eye lid space as well.  It’s so easy to just literally circle your eyes like a child does with felt-tip pens and take your ring finger and dab away effortlessly. 

If you’re feeling for a boost, leaving this in your fridge seriously is great for eye's that need serious de-puffing big time.  Definitely handy for when you’re been crying (and let it be laughter) and you need to look presentable in under 30 seconds.  Whip this out and you will look more awake and full of youth.

This product retails at £9.99 at Boots which is the same price as the original. 

How did it work for Cherry?


With these kind of products, photos CAN be deceiving and it’s easy to question these photos.  I know I got a lot of slack for my previous photos because of the angle I was taking it at.  So having taken that feedback in I tried to do it head on straight and this is what I came up with.  I think the left side (your left side) is SLIGHTLY closer, in other words my face not straight but this should not change the results.

So as you can see, the eye on the left is not concealer and the one on the right (MY left) is.  It conceals pretty well and the coverage is buildable; what you’re seeing here is a sheer coverage as it’s only been layered once.  It hasn’t removed my dark shadow completely but is very good under or over foundation.  As mentioned it’s also a great ‘quick-fix’ and a joy to use when needing a 'pick-me-up.  

This product is not oily, not greasy, does not irritate me and it doesn’t settle in my fine lines.  I feel it’s the correct consistency and decent coverage and everything I look in for a good touch up product; at least that’s how I interpret this roll-on. 

Cherry’s final verdict?
If you’re looking for serious super coverage I probably wouldn’t say this is for you.  If you feel that using a roll on is unhygienic even under your eye then I don’t think this is for you.  Also I’m very sorry (and annoyed) to say if you have black skin this probably won’t be of any help either. 

Coloured Blends WellHowever if you loved the original roll on and you are looking for a good pick me up concealer then you might be onto something.  I would recommend this to anyone who would use it like I do and is tired of fiddling around with doe-foot applicators in public toilets or worrying about cakey concealer done in horrible public lighting.  This is minimal fuss and really simple to use.

I see this product as more of a make-up product as opposed to skin care.  I think Garnier are trying to market this as a two in one but as you can see there is very little stress in its skincare properties or benefits.  The positioning of this product is different to its original and therefore I wouldn’t expect a lot from this if you’re hoping this will rid your dark circles altogether. 

I’ve been using this product religiously since being sent this (which is about over three weeks ago) and when I use it in my public, I get many “oohs” and “aahhs” from friends who watch.  I lot of people are become converts already so if you’re willing to try this, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.   

I award this product five full cherries :)



Any questions?  Post them below!  Don’t forget to forward this blog post!

Peace x

Cherry x

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Oh River Island…!

As a growing teenager I was a huge River Island fan.  I was such a fan it was beginning to be sickening as everything I wore was sure to come from River Island.  At the time the style suited me and I was in a very lucky time of much spare money to spend on life luxuries like clothes, jewellery, hand bags and shoes. 
Over the past couple of years I’ve found my love for River Island was slowly diminishing as it seemed the buyers had suddenly gone crazy.  The clothes being sold no longer shouted River Island but looked like everything else in the shopping vacinity; you could easily get cheaper versions in Primark.  The sad thing is is that when I loved River Island clothes, I couldn’t find an alternative because everything about that garment said to me stylish and hip.  For a time, I couldn’t see that in River Island and the results was a huge neglect of that shop and I settled for H&M.  Still, my love for River Island lingered inside and I’ve always returned to check out their new collections…
Behold. the spark has reunited!  This season their garments are wonderful and finally I can step foot in there and feel at home again.  I’ve seen a lot of beautiful things (although I was still a bit shocked and wide eyed at some chosen pieces) I was in love with many things.  I wanted to buy a new outfit as I’m attending three events this coming week and I wanted to be able to look my best.
This coming season I’m opting for nudes, softer pastels, channelling a nautical edge but keeping in cute, pretty and even Japan influenced.  This is the Spring Cherrychan108. 
So to kick start the season I’ve bought this:

This is a gorgeous dress and it’s made of very thin and breathable material.  The back is pleated and is very flattering to the body as the thin material skims over my lumps and bumps.  The horizontal lines are nothing to be afraid of because they’re are quite narrow.  I love the little poodle emblem on it. 
For this outfit I shall be on the look out for a cropped leather jacket of some description or a long black or navy cardigan. In these pictures I just wore my jeggings with them but you can make it more feminine by teaming it up with sheer or opaque tights and when the sun comes out you can wear some pretty cropped leggings and some girly warrior sandals.    I love this because I feel it’s interchangable between seasons and definitely worth £24.99.  I love that you can toughen it up or totally glamify it; you can dress this up or dress it down. 
Tip of the day: Big girls, don’t be afraid to try on things.  The worst that can happen is that you don’t like it and you put it back.  The best?  You discover a new you and grow more confident!


DSC02799 DSC02810

I also picked up two pairs of flat shoes.  These are the type that curl up like Aladdin's shoes.  These are so, so, so, comfortable and I love them so much.  They are also £24.99 and again, will be interchangeable  between seasons.  I love that soon I can stop living in my weather proof boots and can start wearing skimpier foot wear and let my feet breathe! 
Can you see where I’m going with all of this?


What do you think?  Leave your NICE comments below ><!! Thanks!

Cherry x

GOSH Nail Lacquer in Black Passion

In the midst of my ‘pretend to do coursework’ all nighter last night I suddenly had the urge to paint my nails.  For me painting nails occurs whenever wherever, as long as my nails look dull then the paint needs to come off ASAP and quickly replaced with a new lick of beautiful new colour.  I’d rather have plain manicured nails than a chipped beautiful design, you know what I mean?
So as you’re all aware I recently received a massive prize package and within the mass amount of free make up was a beautiful little bottle of black nail polish.  I kind of bypassed this polish in my Youtube video however my mind was set on it when I saw it. 

The Low Down
Black passion_thumbThis is GOSH’s Nail Lacquer in Black Passion (553) and while the nail doesn’t quite do it justice, I find it the most mesmerizing colour I’ve seen for a while.  I’m one for simplicity and I see beauty is hues and tints.  This particularly black isn’t even quite black, I would say it was more of a granite ‘work top’ type grey.  Perhaps to cut it short, maybe a stone grey.  But it’s dark, so dark it seems black but it definitely not as harsh.  So for all those out there who have not dared to go for a black in the fear of looking ‘emo’ or ‘gothic’, this may be the colour for you.  What I like is that this colour actually  looks (to me) quite expensive and not some cheap black nail paint you found in your pocket, probably hanging off the end of your key ring.  It’s a beautiful colour and I was so excited to try it.
The consistency of the polish itself is reasonable; not too thick and not too thin. If i had to put my examining goggles on I would say that it was a slight thicker consistency than of O.P.I and somewhat similar to BarryM.  However with this polish (not sure about the others, yet to try any other colours in the brand) you only need one coat to produce a wonderfully opaque coloured nail. 
I don’t recall a particularly venomous or toxic smell from it; it’s been a long time since a nail polish has made my brain want to cry and my nostrils want to shrivel up.  Is that an indication of just how much I use nail polish?  Probably.
Now we have the run down of product amount.  This is interesting to me.  GOSH nail lacquers contain 8ml while it’s contender (for me) BarryM contains a good 10ml.  If we want to compare more China Glaze holds 14ml, Nails Inc contains 10ml and our winner OPI contains a good 15ml.  But what about our price tags?  If you buy GOSH in store you will be handing over a ‘small’ price of £5.00 which is a couple of pence more than my favourite BarryM Nail Paint. 
What do they claim?
Taken off of their website…
“GOSH nail lacquer has been developed using the latest cosmetic and environmental technology for this type of product.  GOSH nail lacquer is manufactured without the use of harmful agents DBP Toluene, Formaldehyde, Camphor and Phthalic Acid. 

  • Excellent coverage and extra glossy finish

  • Hard-wearing

  • Dries quickly

  • Does NOT contain the harmful agents DBP Toluene, Formaldehyde, Camphor and Phthalic Acid

  • Has a smooth consistency which is easy to apply

  • Contains no perfume

So overall, quite promising…
How to use it
In my limited experience it seems you only need one coat.  With BarryM or China Glaze I find a good two coats makes it but similarly with OPI (the Queen, in my opinion, of nail polishes) it only needs one coat.  Apply a base coat and a top coat as usual.

How did it work for Cherry?
This is the first time I’ve ever tried a GOSH Nail Lacquer and despite being anxious to see how it worked out, I was not anticipating this….


Now please forgive me for the horrible paint job.  For all those who have seen my nail work usually it’s never this dodgy; I have no idea why and how.  Possibly because I was doing this in a dim lit room and it was about 3am in the morning.  However, something tells me it’s more than that…
Now the picture above was taken the day after of applying this and if you can see, the very tips of my fingers have almost worn down as if I’ve been wearing it for at least four days.  Now I diligently (and religiously) applied on a base and top coat and its the usual one I use (BarryM’s basecoat, topcoat & nail hardener) so I was suprised to see this.  I’m also shocked to find that it’s not quite as glossy as it promises; both on the website and from the colour in the bottle.  In fact it seems to have dried almost matte and might I dare say, dull?
Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fantastic nail polish that I will be using again.  It applies on perfectly and the consistency is just great.  I love that it’s not too runny but not a thick paste unlike some other brands.  It does not dry as quick as say OPI or BarryM nail paint does but give it about 5-6 minutes and it’s rock solid. 
I’m just a bit annoyed about the results.  I think I need to give this another go, give it another chance.  Has anyone used it before?  Am I wrong?
Cherry’s Final Verdict
All in all I have to say I do like this nail polish.  I’m considering trying again with two top coats next time and we’ll see how it goes.  No doubt there will be a part 2 update to this review but I just wanted to get this out there so you guys can know the low down.  I am loving this colour although I wish I found this earlier in the autumn/winter season.  I’m starting to switch to nudes and pastels and I can see this being put aside until the Summer disappears.  However I will try again before I do decide to let it hibernate. 

Overall I would give the GOSH Nail Lacquer in Black Passion a 4/5.  It loses a mark for longevity and also the finish but I am being generous because I have not yet experimented with it more than once so I’m giving it the benefit of the doubt.

Tell me, what are your experiences with GOSH Nail Lacquer?

Cherry x

Friday, 22 January 2010

Superdrug “GET THE LOOK” Competition Prizes!! ~You need to see this!!

Before Christmas, Superdrug asked me to enter their Get the look competition and asked for a Christmas look.  I posted it up and this was the post.
If you want to see the other winners, here is the page to go to!
So I am so so happy as I was awarded third prize and I was given a TON of prizes!  The prizes include:
A steel cosmetic box from Revlon worth £150
A steel cosmetic box from Revlon
An Elite Make Up Purse
A set of 10 Barry M Nail Paints

Now these are their words, not sure why they’ve suggested that I get TWO boxes but never mind, that might just me being a bit crazy.  I was secretly happy to receive third prize because I felt the prizes were better.  That’s not to say that I don’t wish I won; who doesn’t want to claim that title?  But I am MORE than satisfied and pleased.  I want to take this time to say thank you so much to everyone who voted and cheered me on :)  You guys are really the best!  This isn’t just my win but also your win!  It’s our win in fact :)  Thank you everyone for helping me!
So below are tons of pictures.  All the things I have not used or tried before I’ve kept in the box to use and swatch one at a time.  So when I use something new I shall post up a picture.  There’s a small handful of things that I already have; I’m not sure what I will do with them.  I shall either give them away as contest prizes or I shall give them away to family and friends. 
Thanks again everyone!  (I apologise in advance for not having the correct names for all of them, I’m doing this post in a rush!)
All the prizes arranged in that steel box!  I know, amazing!
So these are the Revlon Products that I got!  Products I already have are highlighted in Bold!
Three nail polishes, Revlon Beyond Natural foundation, Revlon Matte Luxurious Color Eyeliner, Revlon Double Twist Mascara, Revlon Fabulash, Revlon Foundation Brush, Revlon powder brush, Illuminance Creme Shadow in Wild Orchid, Colorstay Eye shadows in Sunrise Sunset, Revlon Eye Matte eye shadow in Aubergine, two Revlon Matte lipsticks 
Illuminance crème shadow in Wild Orchid, Colorstay eye shadow in Sunrise, Sunset.  Revlon Matte eye shadow in Aubergine and two lipsticks in Wine Hot and Va Va Violet
DSC02754 DSC02764

Revlon Matte Lipsticks (Wine Hot and Va Va Violet)                 Vixen, Plum Attraction and Plum Night

BarryM Nail Paints – Ten of them!  I have the ones highlighted in bold!


Red Black, Fuchsia. Bright Purple, Pink Flamingo, Raspberry, Racing Green, Mint Green, Navy, Grey, Gold

An Elite Goody Bag!!!  I have little knowledge of Elite so this will be good starting place!
DSC02769 Repulp Gloss, Elite Lacquer Luxe, VIP Colours, Intensity Eye pencil, Crayon Contour, Stage Permanent eyeliner, Velvet Compact Foundation, Elite Blusher

 Intensity Eye pencil, Crayon Contour, Stage Permanent eyeliner


  Velvet Foundation Compact                                        Repulp Gloss and Elite Lacquer Luxe

They also gave me GOSH goodies!! I’m so pleased!  They didn’t say so but this is how generous Superdrug are.  Thank you Superdrug!

 Gosh Blusher Brush (so soft!), Black Eyeliner, Glitter eyeliner, two nail polishes, touch up concealer, eye shadow primer, bronzing pearls, Gosh Regard Intense mascara, Gosh Soft n’ Shine lip balm, Velvet Touch Primer, Light n shine lip gloss, Eye shadow collection

Gosh Blush Brush
Black eyeliner (I love so much so I’m going to keep!)

     Glittery Eyeliner                                                               Eye shadow Collection 


Black Passion and Peachy Nail Polish                                             GOSH Touch up concealer


GOSH Eye shadow primer!

                                                                                                 Precious Powder Pearls in Glow

 GOSH Regard Intense Mascara
GOSH Soft’N Shine Lip Balm
 Light N’Shine Lip Glaze
 GOSH Velvet Touch Foundation Primer (Love this!)

Below are the prizes that I already have a duplicate of so I’m adding them to my box of goodies for random give aways.  I know I don’t do enough give aways but they will be coming!! 


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