Monday, 11 January 2010

That is the why - one click to the best blog there will be!

If there is one person who is often quickly mentioned in my videos, it's probably my sister.  I try not to talk about my friends and family too much just in case they feel like I'm invading their privacy and not everyone is as comfortable as me to parade themselves on the internet.  However my sister has finally made the move to write a blog, which I think is about time, to be honest.

Let me tell you why.  My sister has probably been my idol since I can remember.  What older sister isn't always the idol of the younger sister?  And what young brother isn't always wanting to be like the older brother?  The fact is is that as a child, all I ever wanted to be was her.  I think I'm one of the rare few kids who was ever overjoyed to recieve hand-me-downs.  Crazy, isn't it?  I know.

Over time as we great up we grew apart as she became a crazy tyrant of a teenager and I was growing into a young, butt-minded school kid.  At one point I swore I would never call her my sister again.

And then she moved away to university.

I would say it was like magic that we suddenly became best friends but I would say it was more like a slow brewing cup of tea.  It happened the moment we left each other but only slowly but now we've become the strongest cup of tea there is.  I think, even 'till this day, I would say that she is still very much my idol and I look up to her for strength and wisdom.  (well I look downwards, she is shorter than me, would you believe!)  If not for that then for laughter and plenty of fun times that only her and I will understand. 

Another important thing to say is that i've always envied her in some many ways.  Ways in which she probably won't even realise.  I don't think even I realise sometimes until the green monkey (I mean monster) just jumps out at me.  She has always been able to write in the way that I've always wanted to.  She's always been a better artist, a better writer, she's better at games, smarter than me, she's wittier, better at languages and she's even a quicker learner than me.  Do you think I've finished?  No.
So when I sit there and look at her I think that if God somehow merged us together, we'd probably be the worlds greatest superhuman. 

I love the way my sister writes.  I love her way with words; words which I could only read but never write.  Sometimes I don't even understand because my brain just doesn't reach that far.  I could say it's because she read a lot as a child and wrote even more but then again I'm sure it was all within her from the moment she was born.  From what we hear, she was talking and singing at 10 months and chatting with our customers at the age of 2.  My sister was a wonder kid, did you know that?

I know a lot of you say that you like it when I'm more 'myself' and when I'm being a bit witty and cheeky.  Well that is all the goodness that has rubbed off from my sister.  She is talented and funny and sometimes I wonder how she is not ruling the world. 
You need to go read her blog; she's only starting but I promise you she will write things that will teach you and make you laugh.  She has comforting words and an ever so gentle touch that can reach out to anyone.  I think everyone deserves a bit of Jamie and I suppose she deserves a bit of all of you. 

Her blog - 'That is the why' will be a hit one day.  Believe in her and join us in our journey!

And Jamie if you're reading this, stop crying or feeling touched.   Go do something useful like make me a sandwich.


PS.  Here is a link to it if you didn't quite catch the one earlier.  Click here!

Cherry x


makeupdivaa♥ said...

Such a lovely sentimental post, I loved reading every single line and couldny stop relating, me and my older sis became best frnd wen she got married and moved to another city , she is a doctor and am a beauty addict,she Is so smart and has excellent vocabulary, wic makes me envy her.anyhoo excellent post, your sis must be so proud of you :)
And I love the pic. xx

Oh btw did u get the sandwich?? :p

Aint That Pretty... said...

Aww thats lovely :)
I have a twin sister, I'm closer to her than anyone >.<

fab blog by the way

Jaybee said...

:) You're too full for a sandwich right now. But I will make you one tomorrow. xxx

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