Thursday, 7 January 2010

Sharing the love

Youtube is a fabulous community for making friends with the same interests as you and I guess the reason why you're here is because, like me, you love fashion, make up, cosmetics and everything cute and sweet.  So if that is the case (if it's not, why are you here?) you must must must check out two of my friends who are starting their own blogspots and youtube channels.

You MUST go to check out my friend's blogspot!  A total bonafide shopaholic - if you love hauls and love following those with a great sense of style and shop know-how, you will want to keep a watch out for her.  She can tell you where and when, how and who.  Check out Vanity-Fashionta - she's is the best!  She's just started so hopefully you'll spread the word and give her some support :)  Tell her Cherry sent you too! Make her smile!

Secondly you need to start watching my friend Shu's videos!  She's been vlogging on youtube for some time now and she's supported me since forever.  She's started doing beauty related videos and again, another girl with GREAT taste in fashion and make up!  She's has an incredibly infectious smile and laugh, totally adorable to watch and she will make you smile!  Very similar to me but just better!  Go check out Shu at LetsNOMfashion!  (See, you can tell shes funny!)  TELL HER CHERRY SENT YOU!!

Lots of hugs, love and kisses,

Cherry x

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