Friday, 15 January 2010

Super haul continued…

Oh my.  How does this happen?  I’m not even going to begin defending myself…let’s just begin.
Despite promising not to buy any make-up I ended up at Superdrugs and decided to pick up some BarryM Dazzle Dusts.  I got one of their Fine Glitter Dusts in #15 White Gold which is the white one in the picture on the left.  It’s amazing.  It’s the perfect mix of white and gold and so rather white being frosty and cold, it’s warm and beautiful and will be so versatile for so many looks.  I’m really looking forward to using it.  Beside it, in the middle is #53 Chocolate which I have been eyeing up for such a long time.  Really well and truly I don’t need it because I have more than enough brown eye shadow to last me a life time but this one is Chocolate.  Enough said.  The third and probably most fantastic BarryM Dazzle dust I own, so far, yet, is #98 Petrol Black.  It’s BarryM’s newest dust to date (as in Dark Chocolate, Gold, Parrot Green, Teal and Block Blue) and it’s the only one sold out.  Thank the stars my little town  I live in isn’t aware of much make-up know how, DSC02610I’m sure, and so there was plenty left and I have one to call my own!  It’s a black with the most intense, electric blue shimmer running through it and to be honest, my swatch is not the best in the world.  One day I will apply it on the eye in sun light and when the sun hits it at the right angle…you really will be dazzled.  Actually if you look at the swatch picture to the right, there is a good amount of blue showing.  But the beauty of this dazzle dust is that it can be blue one moment and black another.  So it’s a complete blue/black mirage and can really rev up a smoky eye.  Oh the wonders of a small pot of colourful powder!
As you will see, I love nail polishes and there are only three brands I really use and love a lot.  Others I will try but I won’t expect much… I think the top three brands for me are China Glaze, O.P.I and last but definitely not least it is BarryM’s Nail Paints.  Cheap, affordable and utterly fantastic.  I think overall I love BarryM more because they' don’t cost so much.  Lucky I get O.P.I for cheap.  So I bought, yet again, another two BarryM nail paints and these are in Raspberry and in Gold.  I can’t believe my collection is without a gold nail polish.  What was I thinking?  Come to think of it, nail polishes are probably one of the only things I really ‘collect’.  I’m even less obsessive with eye shadow.  With make up I tend to only buy what I intend to use.  With nail polishes it’s still the same story but I love having them for the colour not always necessarily for its use. 
Back to what I was saying; I think Raspberry is much easier to wear than red yet its more statement and edgy than pink.  It’s going to be a lovely transition into late winter/early spring and will look lovely pairs with a white tip.  Gold is a true, solid-looking gold and I think it’s going to be my 'way of feeling ever so expensive. 

                                                My ever growing nail polish collection

I also got two spray bottles from Superdrugs in order to use them for my Toner Tabs that I purchased from Lush.  These tabs are great for toning your face, using as a mixing medium for pigments and great as a facial refresher.  I dissolved a vitamin C for my sister and a tea tree one for myself in the pink bottle.  I have been using it on my face constantly and hoping it will help out my blemished skin.  The bottles are great; great size, durable, inexpensive and convenient.  The only thing I have to say about these spray bottles is that it’s spraying is pretty much a ‘spray’ as opposed to a mist.  So when using to spray on your face it can be a bit overwhelming in the beginning.  But it really does serve its purpose. 

Now things that I have not got pictures for are not that important, luckily but I will mention what else I picked up.  I got a soap dish from Superdrugs for my mass amount of soaps from Lush.  I figured I will use it hands as well otherwise I’ll never get through them. 
The Body Shop gave me samples along with my Tea Tree Oil purchase; I got the Tea Tree Facial Cleanser sample and also some grapefruit lotion which I am loving!  Also I got another burning oil from there and this one I bought is in White Petals and it is so light and fresh, yet sweet and warm.  Oh how I adore burning oils! 
The last cosmetics thing to mention are the Aussie shampoo and conditioners I bought.  Currently Superdrug are doing an offer of £2.00 per bottle….they’re NEVER that cheap so I stocked up a bit.
So I visited Aldo which is one of my favourite shoe shops ever.  It’s not too expensive, they’ve got a good range and they have amazing bags too.  They are usually my one stop for shoes besides Office and New Look.  Today I fell in love with these:
DSC02563 DSC02564

These are the most amazing shoes.  I know, I know, they seem very plain.  But I have a love for simplicity and these shoes are perfect; they are a fantastic muted taupe/beige colour and are great alternative to your usual black/grey/brown combo.  Again I believe it will carry me through to spring time where colours tend to be lighter and fresher.  I know I tend not to wear heels too often but I will make more of an effort to and learn to walk in them.  By the way these are as high as my heels will ever go.  My feet just do not bend that way!  These were in the sale and just under £35.00!
Oh gosh.  Here we go.  Introducing my new baby!  My new love of my life!  My one and only!  This is my new favourite bag of all time. I mean it’s the perfect bag for me.  You know when you finally find something that can just about define you?  Well this is sort of one of those pieces.  It’s simple overall but has some pretty elaborate detailing such as that gigantic bow and the interwoven strap handles.  It’s an absolute giant of a bag but you cannot particularly tell because of the design and the way it is shaped.  It fits perfectly on the shoulder and goes so well with my shoes, right?  This cost £35.00 and really in terms of good quality, women’s handbags, that is not too expensive.  I’ve loved and longed for bags much more expensive but this baby is my new love!.

The best part really is the amazing blue lining it has.  Unfortunately I cannot describe this blue properly as I can’t quite think of the perfect description.  But it’s amazing, right?  It complements the colour of the bag so well and is just such a beautiful contrast.  And it’s so gigantic; it has two big, deep slots and two zip compartments on the inside and another zip pocket on the outside.  It’s seriously my love and my life!  This makes me want to do a ‘what’s in my purse’ type entry soon!  I bought this bag from Aldo and it’s not my first Aldo bag.  They do some amazing things in there!

Also I went into Apricot which is having another huge sale.  I love Apricot,  you find the must wonderful pieces in there.  I found this strange ‘dress’ where actually it’s two dresses pieced together as one dress.  However it’s sold as a one piece and is supposed to be worn like that.  However I think I’ll be wearing them both separately and together.  This cost my £19 which is slightly odd because all the other ones on the rack were £20.  I double checked for any faults but there weren’t any so I couldn’t refuse that extra one pound off offer.  However wonderful for me!
It’s such a cute little dress and this is the under-layer.  It’s got he cutest frilly hem which I adore.  It’s actually the kind of dress I have been looking for but nowadays it’s hard to find long sleeve dresses that are short in length; they’re either frumpy or bat-winged.  This is lovely and totally unexpected.  I think it’s not bad for my figure and I am thinking of pairing it up with a belt around my waste.  I might got for a skinny belt as not to draw the attention away from the beautiful hem at the bottom.  I would wear this with anything from a cardigan to a jacket.  I think for a more feminine take on this I would pair up with tights, heels and some statement jewellery.

And this is the final piece with its over-layer on top.  The top piece is actually a sleeveless dress with this neat design on the top half and its got bottom that is pleated.  It’s also got an asymmetric cut where one side is longer than the other so that where one half of the dress covers up the frilly hem of its underlayer, the other side reveals the under layer so it’s really interesting and makes it more unique.  I love that I haven’t yet seen anyone wear anything similar yet on the high streets and I think it’s very ‘me’.  I love this kind of stuff; I love interesting lines and shapes and I’ve always been in love with layering to create not shapes and pieces.  I love the ‘fairy’ element of this dress but I find it slightly gothic with a twist of down-town cutesy to it.  It’s SO nice! 

So that’s it for this haul.  I hope you enjoyed and tell me what your favourite clothing store is and where are the best sales right now!

Cherry x


vanity-fashionista said...

:O WOW! Love the bag and your shoes! Perfect height, great for this season!
The dazzle dust are really pretty!
Great more spending! LOL we're not going to keep to it are we? :P

Lillian Funny Face said...

Wow, wonderful haul! Love the dazzle and glitter dusts and nail polishes, Barry M are just one of my favourite brands ever. I actually really like your shoes, i usually like really over the top things, but they're so elegant and sophisticated and i love the shape. Also you are just the cutest :)

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