Friday, 22 January 2010

Superdrug “GET THE LOOK” Competition Prizes!! ~You need to see this!!

Before Christmas, Superdrug asked me to enter their Get the look competition and asked for a Christmas look.  I posted it up and this was the post.
If you want to see the other winners, here is the page to go to!
So I am so so happy as I was awarded third prize and I was given a TON of prizes!  The prizes include:
A steel cosmetic box from Revlon worth £150
A steel cosmetic box from Revlon
An Elite Make Up Purse
A set of 10 Barry M Nail Paints

Now these are their words, not sure why they’ve suggested that I get TWO boxes but never mind, that might just me being a bit crazy.  I was secretly happy to receive third prize because I felt the prizes were better.  That’s not to say that I don’t wish I won; who doesn’t want to claim that title?  But I am MORE than satisfied and pleased.  I want to take this time to say thank you so much to everyone who voted and cheered me on :)  You guys are really the best!  This isn’t just my win but also your win!  It’s our win in fact :)  Thank you everyone for helping me!
So below are tons of pictures.  All the things I have not used or tried before I’ve kept in the box to use and swatch one at a time.  So when I use something new I shall post up a picture.  There’s a small handful of things that I already have; I’m not sure what I will do with them.  I shall either give them away as contest prizes or I shall give them away to family and friends. 
Thanks again everyone!  (I apologise in advance for not having the correct names for all of them, I’m doing this post in a rush!)
All the prizes arranged in that steel box!  I know, amazing!
So these are the Revlon Products that I got!  Products I already have are highlighted in Bold!
Three nail polishes, Revlon Beyond Natural foundation, Revlon Matte Luxurious Color Eyeliner, Revlon Double Twist Mascara, Revlon Fabulash, Revlon Foundation Brush, Revlon powder brush, Illuminance Creme Shadow in Wild Orchid, Colorstay Eye shadows in Sunrise Sunset, Revlon Eye Matte eye shadow in Aubergine, two Revlon Matte lipsticks 
Illuminance crème shadow in Wild Orchid, Colorstay eye shadow in Sunrise, Sunset.  Revlon Matte eye shadow in Aubergine and two lipsticks in Wine Hot and Va Va Violet
DSC02754 DSC02764

Revlon Matte Lipsticks (Wine Hot and Va Va Violet)                 Vixen, Plum Attraction and Plum Night

BarryM Nail Paints – Ten of them!  I have the ones highlighted in bold!


Red Black, Fuchsia. Bright Purple, Pink Flamingo, Raspberry, Racing Green, Mint Green, Navy, Grey, Gold

An Elite Goody Bag!!!  I have little knowledge of Elite so this will be good starting place!
DSC02769 Repulp Gloss, Elite Lacquer Luxe, VIP Colours, Intensity Eye pencil, Crayon Contour, Stage Permanent eyeliner, Velvet Compact Foundation, Elite Blusher

 Intensity Eye pencil, Crayon Contour, Stage Permanent eyeliner


  Velvet Foundation Compact                                        Repulp Gloss and Elite Lacquer Luxe

They also gave me GOSH goodies!! I’m so pleased!  They didn’t say so but this is how generous Superdrug are.  Thank you Superdrug!

 Gosh Blusher Brush (so soft!), Black Eyeliner, Glitter eyeliner, two nail polishes, touch up concealer, eye shadow primer, bronzing pearls, Gosh Regard Intense mascara, Gosh Soft n’ Shine lip balm, Velvet Touch Primer, Light n shine lip gloss, Eye shadow collection

Gosh Blush Brush
Black eyeliner (I love so much so I’m going to keep!)

     Glittery Eyeliner                                                               Eye shadow Collection 


Black Passion and Peachy Nail Polish                                             GOSH Touch up concealer


GOSH Eye shadow primer!

                                                                                                 Precious Powder Pearls in Glow

 GOSH Regard Intense Mascara
GOSH Soft’N Shine Lip Balm
 Light N’Shine Lip Glaze
 GOSH Velvet Touch Foundation Primer (Love this!)

Below are the prizes that I already have a duplicate of so I’m adding them to my box of goodies for random give aways.  I know I don’t do enough give aways but they will be coming!! 



vanity-fashionista said...

Super Envious! LOL So many amazing products!
I love the Revlon nail polish colours and the Barry M one are gorgeous! You LUCKY LUCKY lady!
You deserve it! :D
Have fun playing with them!
Love you! ♥

coconut.bunbun said...

yay. another GOSH velvet touch primer and nail polishes :D does this mean more nail tutorials cherry ? xDD you earned your prizes :D

Francesca said...

well done hun!! :) xxxx

Cherrychan108 said...

yes! more more more nail tutorials :)! any suggestions my love?

coconut.bunbun said...

maybee a makeup look with an nail tutorial to suit like a mini series ?? ;D

Loren said...

OMG that's so awesome! Congrats (:

VampiressDoll said...

Oh Wow! *Drools* Congratulations on your winnings and thanks soo much for sharing with us! Did you do a little dance when you received it? lol :D

Cherrychan108 said...

@vampiressdoll : LOL I DID MORE THAN DANCE! lol!

Stella said...

congrats babe! these are some gorgeous prizes x

Lillian Funny Face said...

You lucky lucky thing! :)

amandajacklin1 said...

Ive just entered the superdrug prizes and i really hope to win a prize!

Elizabeth Sanchez said...

Nice blog. I like that nail polish. Which company is that.
Looking forward for your reply.

nail flowers

Jupiter said...

What nail polish are you wearing on your nails in the photos where you're showing the stuff?

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