Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Front Cover Inky Eyes

If you remember (some may not, as you've recently just subscribed, so welcome!) before Christmas I purchased a Front Cover make up kit.  Front cover, I think, is exclusively at books and comes out annually at Christmas time with some beautiful eyeshadow and make-up kits and palettes.  The one I purchased was called Inky Eyes and despite promising to do a review and tutorial, I have no yet done so and therefore have failed greatly.  However I do want to show you what I achieved with it when playing with the kit and it's not such a bad kit.  I find the pigmentation decent since I have been trying out a larger Front Cover kit I shall cover next time.  The colours are not so bad and the 'inky eyes' was not too difficult to recreate.  If you recieved this for Christmas, hopefully you will find joy in it like I did too!

Enjoy the pictures and hopefully at some point I will be able to do a tutorial for you.  Mind, I tried with all my might to recreate the look of the lady on the front box.  I can't say the colours are true to what the box shows but then again, maybe I'm just not skilled enough.

The last one was thrown in for good measure ^_~

Peace x


Stella said...

I love your hoodie xx

Anonymous said...

yes, I like the good measure! XD

Goldenwolf said...

Haha it looks good I always miss out on those!!
And I always make a face like you did in the last picture! I get told off for it if someone else is taking the pic T_T

Nicol said...

that looks so nice!

vanity-fashionista said...

This look is really pretty, it really suits you. The hoodie, make-up, hairband and earrings go so well together. You look so cute :D xx

Zxenarea said...

I love LOVE this sweatshirt and this look on you! You are super cute! Where did you get the sweater from?
Aw hun, after hearing about your boss and then reading your blog I just wanna kick some ass! Gaaah!
Your boss should be so lucky to have someone like you working for him!
I know I've said it before and I'll keep saying it when you need to hear it, you are special! :)
Take care always!

<3 Oana

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