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Aveda Tourmaline Charged Exfoliating Cleanser

The Low Down
Ever seen this product?

Right now I've stopped using my all-time-favourite drugstore St Ives scrubs for my face.  This was briskly prompted by a small gift given to me by my wonderful sister.  She presented to me the Aveda 'Tourmaline charged exfoliating cleanser' and upon recieving it didn't know quite what to think about first of all, isnt tourmaline what you get on your straighteners?

Tourmaline is a fairly inexpensive stone in respects to other precious jewels; however it's a stone with many beneficial properties to human and kind and somehow it's finding its way into our skin care.  Besides the fact that its very pretty and comes in an array of colours, it actually can keep skin looking young and bright.  It also helps with the absorption of nutrients and therefore intensifies the outcome of your skincare product.  Tourmaline has become so popular and rated that you can now go into spas and you will find tourmaline based spa treatments.  Crazy?  I don't think so.

If you just 'Google' the Aveda line you will notice that one of their most popular products is the Tourmaline Charged Exfoliating Cleanser and without fail you will also see the overwhelming amount of positive reviews for it.  It's very encouraging - but does it REALLY work?

The product itself smells slightly like those powdery type sweets such as 'Love hearts' or those tubes of purple pill-looking sweeties.  So it's sweet in fragrance and leans towards a slightly fruity twist.  It's also more of a lotion than a thick paste unlike St Ives invigorating exfoliator.  It's white with small, gritty white particles which are jojoba beads!  (You know how much I love jojoba and how wonderful it is for my skin!)  You can get these in 150ml tubes which, trust me, will last you for a long while!  You can also, like me, have a small handy travel size which comes in 40ml.

And what do they claim?

So like I've already mentioned some things about this cleanser.  Let me tell you that it also contains mango butter which is nourishing for the skin and will leave skin soft and supple.  As well as this it has the, already mentioned, jojoba beads to exfoliate and tourmaline to brighten up the skin.  Supposedly the beads will increase cell turnover and therefore I assume increases the speed for skin healing and recovery.  Aveda goes on to say that it will remove your impurities.

So what is there NOT to like? 

How you can use the product   

There is nothing about this product that is rocket science. Like you would, you would moisten your face with warm water and apply this to your face in small circular motions. You would then rinse it off.  Now if you want to know how the Cherry way to do this, you would take a facial exfoliating brush and work your whole face with it.  Now I don't want to scare you so all you have to do is go into somewhere like The Body Shop and pick up a small, translucent brush and take it home and use it (ok, you should probably pay for it though).  This will give the scrub a helping hand and will leave your face GLEAMING. 

How did it work for Cherry?

So far, so good guys. This morning I woke up and suddenly noticed my face looked different. I can't think of anything I've done differently beside using this productSo far I've noticed that after using it my face feels very clean and it doesnt' give me that 'tight', uncomfortable feeling.  Also another amazing thing is is that I have next to no blackheads.  My nose pores tend to sometimes get quite clogged when I use a lot of make-up frequently and I have to take extra care in exfoliating (hence the facial brush!) and since using this it's been nice and clean.  Right now my skin is recovering from a mass break-out due to the horrendous monthly hormones and it's been really helping in keeping my blemishes flake-free.
Another thing I do like is that it's very good and cleansing off my make-up.  What I've come to realise is that although olive oil is fantastic and taking off make-up, it's not enough for removing make up thats within your skin.  In other words it does not deep cleanse and therefore if you just your olive oil it may lead to break outs and clogged up pores.  Using this scrub will leave a your cotton pad white when toning your face (isn't that horrific?  When you go to tone your face and you see your face STILL has traces of make up on it!)

And much will this cost?

What you will love is that is comes in travel size so you can test it out before committing £20 to a 150ml bottle.  All you need is their 40ml bottle and £7.00.  It's quite expensive but can you really put a price on sparkling, good skin?  (And THIS is why I study Advertising ;) )
You can purchase Aveda from department stores such as House of Fraser but if you are not in reach of a concession or spa then you can go to their website!  Currently there is free shipping so I would get my fingers to it!

Cherry’s final verdict?

On the basis of everything, I do like this product.  Do I adore it?  Possibly not because it doesn't do THAT much more than what St Ives has done for me that thats so cheap in comparison.  HOWEVER and this is a huge HOWEVER, I have only used it for small amount of time.  So right now this review is actually slightly premature but I wanted to get this out to you guys while I had the time because I think it's important enough.  I would recommend this to anyone who hasn't quite liked the scrubs they have been using so far and especially with those who have combination skin.  I am mostly likely going to purchase that 150ml when finished with the small travel size.  I love the way it makes my skin feel and I'm hoping if I use this for a longer period of time, it will improve my skin condition EVEN more.  So watch this space for more updates, I will definitely tell you guys!  For now, go get that travel size and tell me what you think ^_^

I give this product a 4.5/5.  It loses 0.5 a point because of the price but remember what I said about price on your face?  


Much love and peace,

Cherry x

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