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Best and Worst of the bunch / - December 2009

So it's time Cherry did her own version of 'favourite of the month' type entries.  Actually although I'm not one to enjoy following the crowd, I find these videos can be helpful in a way that they serve as mini reviews for products I recommend.  It's not so much that I want you to follow all the things I use, but I might find something that may just change your life (yes, it's THAT serious!)

So I wanted to show you want the 'Best of the bunch' are these will usually be products that I recommend and have liked.  They may not all necessarily be new as I may find and rediscover old, old products that I think are worth a mention.  I think it's worth doing these every so often so we can keep up to date on what's worth trying out and what's worth bypassing!

Best of the bunch!

#1 Body Shop's Carrot Moisture Creme

I think this is definitely worth a re-mention; not only does it smell good, work, sold at a decent price but is also portable, lightweight, non-greasy and kind to the Earth.  From time to time, Body Shop really do bring out some darlings and I am loving this Moisture Creme.  I have very high standards with facial moisturisers so when I find one and love it, I tend to love it forever.  I recommend this for those who have combination dry/normal skin; it's not greasy but keeps skin supple and soft.  Love!

#2 L'Oreal Studio line Indestructable Volume Spray

For those who knows me and know me well they will tell you I have this mild (yet normal) obession with volumising hair products.  I mean, who doesn't want hair that says "I'm effortlessly beautiful and bouncy, I'm so good that I look like I've come out of a salon!"?  I've especially been handed quite naturally flat, non descript wavy hair (thanks Mum, Dad) so when it comes to my hair I'm always at a fight to keep it uplifted and groomed.  When it comes to volumising products I've tried countless mousse, spray, spritz, shampoos...you name it.  The one type of hair paraphernalia that is always good in my books is a good hair spray because unlike a spritz or a wax, it's less heavy on the hair and easy to brush out if made a mistake.  L'Oreal's Studio line Indestructable Volume Spray is one of the best volumising sprays I've tried!  I have to say it's even better than Aussie's Volume + Gloss spray and I love that stuff.  Pair this with a blow of cool air from your hair dryer and you will have big bouncy hair.  For even more  effect blow dry upside down with this in  your roots and then back-comb like you've never back-combed before.  Bridget Bardot eat your heart out!

#3 Bed Head Tigi Ego Boost Leave-in conditioner

If there's any trend right now it's this 'shop your stash' business where because of the recession, make-up fanatics are turning to their over-populating collections and looking to rediscover and fall in love with products to get that same shopping adrenalin we junkies crave.  I am for one, one of those people and when looking in my collection I realise a beauty had been sitting amongst the trophies and being completely unnoticed.  Ego Boost is an old favourite leave-in conditioner and has never failed me in the past.  How had I seemed to forget it?  I guess it's because while I love following every step of my regime to the T, I am also very lazy and mostly forgetful; something as non-crucial as a leave-in conditioner easily slips my mind.  But don't be fooled into doing what I did, since rediscovering this product, my hair hasn't looked this shiney and soft in a long time.  I'm especially thankful for re-finding this product during the cold hap-hazardly weathered season because my hair was needing something extra to keep it looking well groomed. I don't know about you but the British winter weather makes my hair frizzy (actually, so does the summer heat!) so this really helps!

#4 Umberto Giannini Sleek and Chic blowdry cream

Never under estimate a good straightening blow-dry cream!  If you want your hair to blow dry like it looks like when it comes out of salon, a good blow-dry cream is in need.  Apply this product to your hair when damp and blow dry with a round brush; this product promises a sleek and chic barnet!  What I love using this for is mainly for my fringe/bands.  For me I like to keep my bangs as straight as possible and I try not to straighten them with straighteners because it can end up looking obviously heat processed; it ends up looking unnatural and a bit too retro.  I like mine with a slight curve, shine and with its blunt trim in line.  This is one of the best staightening creams I've used and it's been a favourite since of a young age.  What I must say is that you cannot, and I repeat, CANNOT, put too much of this product in your hair because it will make your hair very heavy.  I apply and spread evenly about a 20p piece of product firstly into the main parts of my hair then the rest of my bangs.

#5 Lush Massage Bar in Wiccy Magic Muscles

Probably one of my favourite products from LUSH - the Wiccy Magic Muscles Massage Bar (wow that was a mouth full!).  Filled with cinnamon oil, shea butter, coconut oil, and peppermint oil this product really packs a punch when it comes to its smell!  I would say it's like marmite; you either adore the beauty or you run a mile when you smell it.  For those who are really into strong awaken-your-senses type smells, then this is the one for you.  When used the cooling sensations penetrate your muscles and totally relax any aches in your joints - like deep heat in a luxuriously massage bar   The additional aduki beans give a great kneading hand! An old favouritw and renewed obession!

#6 Amazing Concealer

Alike with the volumising hair products, I'm very obessed with concealers.  I find myself collecting concealers and when I hear of a good'un, I will go for it.  At £22, this product was begged to work wonders.  And boy does it deliver!  I finally found it sold at QVC.co.uk and within days I was using a creamy concealer than makes my skin even and keeps my dark eye circles hidden!  This concealer has powerful staying power and I like to mix it into my foundation to give an even fuller coverage.  This product is especially good to use on top of red blemishes.  I love this so much and will definitely re-purchase.

#7 Mac Studio Sculpt Foundation

Yet another old favourite.  I remember when this product first came out I was totally sold the moment I heard of it.  When I finally used it I was attached to this.  It's everything I would really ask for in a daily foundation; it allows skin to breath, blends in well, gives medium coverage and makes skin look healthy and dewy.  This product is perfect for the current weather because it's makes your skin look refreshed rather than what it would be which is mostly dull and lifeless.  It comes off almost like a gel so its easy to apply and very light on the skin.  I like to pair this up with my MAC Mineralized Skin Finish powder and it gives me the perfect foundation for the day ahead. 
I would recommend this for those who are looking for something fresh for the end of winter to use.  If you're tired of your full-coverage solid foundations, then this gel-like formula foundation wil make your 2010 different.  I love MAC foundations and this is definitely one of my favourites!

#8 Fairy Drops Mascara

Originally given to me as a prize from ChefCaffy I was pleasantly suprised with this mascara.  A fantastic Japanese mascara was always what I needed and I finally have one.  The wand is designed similarly to Rimmel's Sexy Curves although the fibres are different; Sexy Curves uses a more plastic type material for their bristles and Fairy Drops uses more 'natural' type fibres.  The mascara promises clump free application and gives length and volume.  I've been reaching for this mascara a lot recently and not just because of it's damn GORGEOUS packaging but because it's the quickest to apply and makes lashes long and lengthy.  I love this!  I can't wait to make another trip to Asia so I can stock up!

# 9 Primark Nail Buffer/File

First of all I have to say this was given to me by friends as part of a 'pamper hamper' which was so sweet of them!  Out of that hundreds of goodies stuffed into my cute, cute hamper, a few products really stuck out to me as a good find (so thanks, guys!).  Suprisingly, it was this buffer tool that I used and it's from Primark.  It has six different sides to it and after using all sides, my talons have been beautiful and well maintained.  With the recession, a lot of us will stop going to get manicures and try to do these kind of things at home.  I promise you if you pick one of these up and practice, your nails will never need to see a salon again.  Like with all generic buffers, this makes your nails healthy and shiney.  I wanted to mention this because I know it's going to be cheap and easy to find - it's from Primark!  I think its also important to say that nails are very important to keep well maintained.  It's easy to be judged by your nails, as trivial as it sounds.  When meeting someone, a person can easily see what kind of person you are by looking at your nails.  Are they grubby?  Are they beautiful polishes?  Are they kept short and trimmed or are they long and fierce?  Mine? I keep mine polished and long - but not too long so it stops me from picking up money from the floor ^_~

#10 Crown Brushes

The set I have is actually the 23 piece professional set (sorry if I got that wrong!)  and in terms of brush sets - this has a lot of what you will ever need!  The set comprises of a variety of powder, foundation, eyeshadows, spooley, applicator and lip brush.  The bristles did smell as first but it eventually goes.  They all have good resistence and do not poke your face!  It comes in a lovely black leather brush roll and so it easily portable.  I am particularly attached to its slanted blusher brush and its tiny eyeshadow brushes.  I've kept all of them together in this Swan pot and I just think they look lovely on my vanity table. 
I would recommend Crown Brushes if you're looking for brushes to use in your own collection or even to use on clients.  They deliver smooth application and the variety of brushes really test your creative ability.

# 11 Body Shop Born Lippy Pink Guava Lip Balm

Really, when have Body Shop ever failed us when it comes to lip balms?  Body Shop boasts an amazing range of fruity lip balms all in small cute tubs like this and what makes me smile when I go into Body Shop is how I feel like I'm in some sort of exotic fruit market.  One of the amazing treasures from Body Shop is this Pink Guava lip balm because here is something that totally moisturises the lips, it shields it from cold, burning wind and smells so gorgeous, but it gives high-shine and so can be placed on top of lipsticks to transform a matte lip look to a glossy pair of smackers.  The staying power is very decent and so for a cheap price, this is fantastic to keep in your purse if not for the moisturising qualities, it'll be because the smell and shine is worth every penny!

Worst of the Bunch

#1 China Glaze Fast Foward Top Coat

Now I'm not joking when I say that I've tried this over and over again, given it chance after chance and the benefit of the doubt time and time again.  Like a bad, cheating spouse, it's failed me.  At first I thought it was because I was using it as a base coat as well as a top coat, but no, if I use it solely as a top coat, it still somehows manages to make my nail polish peel off very quickly.  Considering the quality of China Glaze nail polishes, this Fast Foward Top Coat sounds like a dream.  However it fast forwardly makes your nail polish crack and peel off.  If it speeds anything up, it's the longevity of your polishes talons and it's so upsetting.  I'm very happy to stick to my BarryM Basecoat, topcoat and nail hardener which does a much better job.  Unfortautely this is not a product I would recommend and for nail enthusiastics I would definitely tell them to stay away from it...unless you like to go for the 'I am so cool that I love to have grotty looking chipped nail polish'.  If that is the case ..go for it!

I hope you enjoyed my favourites for the end of the 2010, I shall be posting another one for January some time soon!  Please comment and spread the love!

Cherry x


Goldenwolf said...

Ooooo I want to get my hands on some Body Shop stuff now!

Maybe when the snow melts and the buses run again!

Lolly-Lou said...

Hey Cherry.. Just wondering where you got the set of crown brushes from? Thanks! x

Helen said...

@Lolly-Lou http://www.crownbrush.co.uk/shop/brush-sets.html!!!

~Lisa said...

Great picks!! I'm gonna try the body shop carrot moisture creme and amazing concealer soon! ^.^

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