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Collective Haul – Nyx, Accessorize, Kent Brushes and Over Night Minis

In my collection there’s only one or two Nyx products.  Being in England, it makes it harder to get hold of Nyx products unless you either live near a TK Maxx that holds these products or you buy online.  So both my TK Maxx’s fail to stock any (damn those buyers! *shakes fist!*) so I’ve finally decided to pick two Jumbo eye pencils to try out from  I’ve heard good things about this website but also very good things about these eye pencils.  This haul was done with Vicky from Vanity-fashionista and so while I ordered her goods on this website, she picked up things from for me.  So there will be more to come to see….

Anyway back to these Jumbo eye pencils; I picked up Cottage cheese and Yoghurt.  Above I’ve done swatches for you to see the colour on my skin.  Cottage cheese is actually a white with a slight sheen to it… possibly a metallic sheen.  Which makes me wonder…what kind of cottage cheese do they eat?  But then I suppose really it’s just a name… surely Cottage cheese and milk is the same colour and they already have a eye pencil in Milk.  Which i am still trying to get my hands.  It works as a lovely base for any look and great for lining and highlighting; an all round good eye product to have.  I also picked up Yoghurt which is a sort of pink-brown-peach colour.  This is great to use under anything brown, pink, peach or even gold'.  It just depends on the colour you’re trying to achieve.  But I have worn both and I have to say I am thoroughly impressed.  They are miles better than the big pencils from BarryM which I hate to say because I love BarryM products.  In comparison these are much softer, apply easier, blend better and they are not as dry.  I LOVE these!

This is NYX lipgloss in Pink Frost.  I got these because I was curious to know if they were as good as I ha heard.  I like the colour and will be lovely for Spring.  I love all pink frosts but I suppose I could easily find a pink frost colour anywhere.  So how does the gloss itself hold up?  It’s stickier than I would like but i am very picky with my lip glosses- I hate stickiness hence why I’m not a great fan of MAC’s lip glosses either. 

But it’s a problem I have with most lip glosses; I’m just more of a lip stick and stain kind of girl.  In saying this, it gives a lovely colour pay off and will be used up.  The smell is very sweet but in some ways pleasant. 

What do you think?

Next is also another NYX lip gloss in Chandelier which is a light berry frosty colour.  I do wonder why and how they name their products.  But it’s more sheer than I thought and it gives my lips a 'just bitten’ kind of colour to it.  I’m not as impressed with this and think it will serve for a night time gloss; possibly paired with a lipstick and some shimmer powder on top it can look lovely.  I do like the colour but it’s nothing from the ordinary and like I’ve already said, the glosses itself are nothing amazing. 

Adding to this I should mention that Love Makeup is  a great website and they sent their orders quick and safely.  The stock a lot of high end products or products from overseas for relatively competitive prices.  They also hold a lot of Nyx products which I’m particularly pleased about.  It’s become a beauty website I nearly book mark away for when those crazy times of stress come along…..


I’ve been looking for some quality hair brushes.  I’ve been using a novelty brush from Octopus from ages and whilst it’s gorgeous, I’m not sure how it really is for my hair.  I mean what is the point is doing countless hair masks and trying to ‘protect’ my hair when I’m not doing the best i can for my hair with a good hair brush?  I recall hearing that ‘natural bristles’ are the way to go when it comes to hair brushes.  I’ve also heard things about boar-bristles and then I hear something about using the type with balls on the end as its kinder to the scalp.  Then I hear something about wooden brushes as it doesn’t cause static.  Now I’m not hair professional to say the least so finding a good brush was kind of overwhelming.  However when I was in Superdrugs I came across these Kent brushes which are suposed to award winning brushes.  After some research it turns out Kent is a very well established professional brand.  So I picked up two brushes the Ns01 which is a  “Large cushioned nylon and bristle brush. Made in beech wood with rubber inserts”.  It also says in the website “For grooming and smoothing medium-long hair. The nylon helps to penetrate thicker hair, whilst the bristle cleans, de-frizzes and promotes shiny looking hair” which sounds absolutely perfect. 
I also needed a designated brush for my fringe and for all fringe girls/boys we’ll tell you that if your fringe is not well polished you will have a horrific day.  I know I do anyway!  I picked up the NS04 and its a “45mm small diameter, pure bristle radial. Made in beech wood with rubber inserts.  For fringes, short or bobbed hair and styling layers. The bristle grips the hair and encourages shine. (For best effect, use with styling products.)”.  So – fabulous.  I’m looking forward to brushing my hair tonight!
Despite this not being particularly interesting I wanted to share with you my excitement.  I like to buy mini travel size products because I often stay around friends houses and the only way I do is if I have my make up and cosmetics with me (and straighteners, two changes of clothes per night, a few pairs of shoes…).  So while I was picking up a new small tooth paste I also spotted travel size Aussie shampoos (my HG shampoo!) and more importantly I found small St Ives scrubs!  Is that not just amazing?   My problem has always been that my St Ives is such a large bottle I hated brining it with me.  Now I really am content.  I also got a small batiste but this is to put into my bag for university. 


Is £2.00 for a car freshener too excessive?  Now as girly as I am I’m not really one to fall for buying over priced goods.  However when I saw this I just couldn’t myself.  It’s strawberry cream flavoured and it just looks so adorable.  I’m excited to put this in Roger but I don’t think he’ll appreciate a girly smell inside.  He’s used to a regular blue tree one which makes him smell new.  However this will make me smile in horrible driving weather and I think even Roger deserves some style. 

OK girls and boys…. we’ve got the BEST BIT!

One of Accessorize’s newest collections are a beautiful mixed array of pastel pinks, greens, golds, and purples.  The pieces are a mixture of bows, tea cups, beads, flowers and mostly girly charms.  This collection is doll-like; a lot of very girly pieces yet very elegant and somewhat chic if paired with a good outfit.  I am drawn to so many pieces in this collection but I picked up two of my favourites however I do think I will be visiting them again soon….

I know.  How extremely CUTE.  I try not to use those words too often in fear of sounding like a Paris Hilton clone but they are just so cute.  So, so cute.  I know it’s slightly tacky to have ‘L’amour’ across the hearts; as I think ‘Love’, ‘J’Adore’ and ‘Sexy’ is extremely cheesy but there’s something about it that I can’t resist.  I know it’s those golden, metal bows on top.  If they were not on this piece I wouldn’t have purchased it. 
It’s so…cut…..cute.  It’s not even going to break your bank as it will be £6 invested towards your ‘cuteness’.

Need I really say much more?  I love the simplicity of this necklace; the intricate detail is what draws me to it and the simple pink bow gives it a softer touch.  I love the idea of a simply necklace.  I’m not a huge necklace wearer because I always wear my Buddha pendant on me however on the special occasion I do like to put on a pretty necklace to finish off my outfit.  I adore this so much; definitely worth £6!  I would wear both items together in the Spring with something soft and feminine. 

So that’s it for this haul; shall be back to brighten up your day very soon with some reviews!

Cherry x


vanity-fashionista said...

WOW LOVE the necklace! Definitely worth £6. Earrings are so cute too.
The lipglosses are really nice on you! Fav would be Chandeilier.

The mini products are cute lol, i've never seen a mini St ives scrub before...

Hauls!! :D

~Lisa said...

Great haul! The jewelry are really cute! ^.^

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