Thursday, 14 January 2010

Caffeine Anti-Dark Circles 2-in-1 Tinted Eye Roll-On – a preview!


So many of you may or may not remember a previous review that I did for the Garnier Caffeine Eye roll-on back in April 2009.  It sparked quite a mixed reaction to say the least.  Some loved it, some hate it, some thought I was being fake and I was even accused of advertising for Garnier and was being paid.  Of course that’s categorically UNTRUE and i have never, ever been paid to advertise something.  Of course if I did accept payment to write or endorse a product, I would tell you guys because this blog is not about lying to you, it’s about giving you a good heads up and making everyone aware of anything that I come across, good or bad.   Right anyway sorry about that rant.


So recently I was contacted by the same PR company that invited me to the Maybelline event and was asked if I would like to try out their new product.  This is the Garnier Caffeine Anti-Dark Circles 2-in-1 Tinted Eye Roll-On.  It boasts some sort of ‘2 in 1’ formula and is said to work on dark circles immediately.  It contains a mineral concealer (therefore comes in the tones fair and medium/dark) which is supposed to instantly cover dark circles and the caffeine is meant to refresh and hydrate your tired eyes. 

Now while this IS NOT an official review (as I have only tried it once so far) I wanted to give you a heads up on the dates that i have received.  It will be sold at as of the 13th of January which I’ve just realised is today (or rather, last night….I blog late!) and will not be in Boots stores until the 27th January to the 23rd of February 2010.  So I’m very pleased to be able to try a product out prior it’s release so I can tell you what I think. 

If you find many reviews in the up coming couple of weeks that this product is approved of by my fellow ‘guru bloggers’ and if you find that you like the sound of it… I would not be so slow in purchasing it.  Considering this was SUCH a hit before, can you imagine what the sales will be like on it's release?  Us women will do anything for beauty even if that means eating beans for a week but having bright under eyes for exchange. 

On a further note, when replying to Natalie of the PR company I forgot to mention what my skin colour would be and when I realised I really felt like kicking myself.  When the package arrived I found that the roll on was sent in medium/dark which was worried about.  Having tried it once already it actually seems ‘ok’ but I wonder whether light would be better. 

I will leave the rest up for a review I will be doing prior to he 27th of January.  I will give you my honest opinion and even some reflections upon its predecessor.

Thanks for the support everyone!

Cherry x

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thatisthewhy said...

Can't wait for the official review! My under eyes need some serious help!

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