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Review: Garnier Caffeine Eye Roll-On

Who is this review for?
For anyone who is looking for a product to combat the fine liners under the eyes and the inevitable sagging skin around this area

What is it?
This is one of Garnier's star products - the caffeine eye roll-on. At first glance this product look likes every girl's best friend; it's compact, cute and promises to banish dark circles and fine lines. It's also an excuse to have an infamous shot of caffeine. The roller is very light weight and dispenses a thin liquid/gel that is can be easily absorbed into your skin and the metal ball that comes in contact with your skin is cooling and massages very well. In this product you will get

What does it claim to do?

Garnier says that this hand-bag must have product is enriched with caffeine and can be used on the go so it's perfect for even the busiest women. It's cooling, moisturising and is laced with Pro-Vitamin B5 which will brighten up your eyes. The roll on gives a cooling massave and stimulates microcirculation.

How to use it
This is not a product you need Einstein to figure out - you roll it gently under the eye before you apply a moisturiser. I personally do very very (very) gentle circular motions to induce even more massaging so I can benefit from this product even more. (Plus, it feels nice)

What it did for me
The way this product has been marketed and presented makes it seem innovative and almost seem like a technology break-through product; however when I first heard about it, it all seemed like a gimmick. A tube fill with a liquid with some caffeine (oh the irony) and dispense through a roller- great.
However now that I've been using it for over two months now I can give you my honest opinion and tell you what is has done for me.

Above* is a comparison picture, two pictures I've taken individually over the course of two months. If you see the top picture I have definite fine lines on both eyes. The eye on the left (my right eye, but we'll call it the 'left') has a very prominent line and as for the right it is not losing on that streak. I applied this product on religiously two a day and two months on my lines have visibly reduced. The 'left' eye on the bottom picture has lines less obvious and it on the right my line has almost disappeared. I know you're a bit gobsmacked at the moment but bear with me.

After these amazing results I began to wonder what would happen if I stopped using it for a couple of days?
Needless to say my lines began to come back but it was no way as bad as it was at the very beginning of this course. No doubt I began using it again and I feel like it's working again.

I feel that this product can become very addictive - every person who I know who uses it loves it and even when they don't see a difference, they can't stop using it. When I ask why this is they say it's because it's so soothing and very moisturising, which in fact is very true. If anything I know that it brightens up my eyes and it instantly makes me feel radiant. I think it's an achievement for my lines to have faded the way they have.

In spite of say this, other variables have played a part which I am not about to elaborate more on.
Over the last couple of months I have had moments where I have slept more; this is not to say that for the last two months I've been achieving an 8 hour-a-day sleep cycle but it's a far big improvement from my usual 4 hours a day. This may have affected the results in a way but it's interesting to note that when I didn't use this product my lines did come back. Does this product really work?

I personally feel it does work but has very temporary effect; like I mentioned it's one of those products you will have to be loyal to for the rest of your life if you don't want to face the sudden realisation that actually you do have horrific under eye wrinkles when you forget to pack in on holiday. It's not a technology break-through product - but it is pretty neat!

The cost
This product is quite costly. In the UK, at it sells for £9.78 (which happens to be a lot cheaper than it used to be).

This product gets a 4/5 - I do really like it but I don't love it but I would be sad without it. While I don't think it'll cure these lines under my eyes, they will give me more confidence to face the day! See the picture for yourself.

*The above picture has not been photoshopped in anyway to eradicate any lines or imperfections; all picture is all natural (besides the obvious formatting of the borders and words)

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