Sunday, 5 April 2009

Sugar Sweet, Colour Ready, Boots and BB Cream Haul

Recently I've not been hauling much but I've finally done a collective haul here for you all. First stop is Mac's Sugar Sweet and Colour Ready Collections.

The first thing I purchased from Colour Ready was the Prep + Prime Line Filler

Here is the description:
"A primer used post-foundation, pre-makeup to camouflage, soften and relax expression lines and wrinkles. Applies as a dense cream: dries to a transparent, smooth, natural matte finish. With ongoing use, clinically proven to help rejuvenate your look"

I was a bit sceptical because I generally feel anti-wrinkle claims are overly exaggerated but I was swayed by one of my favourite gurus on youtube which happens to be lollipop26. So far so good but I'm not going to give a review, my intial thoughts are that it gives a lovely finish and seems promising!

The second thing I bought from MAC is Lemon Chiffon Shadestick

And while I liked all of the other ones (in particularly Butternutty and Penny) I decided to only go for Lemon Chiffon because I feel like it can make any matte colour, shimmer, and I think Penny wouldn't have gone as far in my collection as Lemon Chiffon and Butternutty but nice and subtle but perhaps would not have been as popular as LC. I think LC would be a great base as well as a highlight for the brows and even the top of cheek bones. It will help bright up the inner colours of your eyes and I haven't yet experimented but I can think of a couple of other ways to use this shadestick. So I'm dead excited!

These are the only two products I purchased from the collections. I am currently waiting for Saint Germain lipstick but it was sold out as my MAC but I've been told that it's going to become permanent which I'm SO glad about. I'm also looking to get Bubble but I don't really think I will get it before Saint Germaine. SG is a gorgeous bubblegum pink and although it can be a bit frightening to those wary of bold colours, I think it's such a playful summer colour and would look nice with a simple eye look as it'll create a gorgeous "girl next door" image.
I wasn't particularly impressed with either MSFs, eyeshadows or lipglosses. So I guess that saved me money.

Here are three sites that I go to for collection swatches and I recommend them all.

The first is Sephora Junkie's blogspot - she has great swatches and pictures
The second is - where you can find out about everything and anything
The third is lollipop26's blogpot - she puts in a lot of effort with swatches, comparisons and does amazing videos!

Also from MAC I purchased a Studio Finish Concealer in NW20 (I'm an NC20 in studio finish foundation) and so far so good.

I like that is has SPF35 and it seems to give great coverage. I was inspired to buy this product from Bubzbeauty's video tag where she explains that her must have make up item is her concealer and so I decided to buy a MAC concealer to see if it really is as amazing as she says.

Speaking of Bubzbeauty she's also recently produced a review for the Missha BB Cream

I've tested it out and I'm not going to give my opinion until I've used it several times. So check it out, watch the Bubzbeauty review and I'll follow it up soon!

The last two products I bought were the Herbal Essense Hello Hydration Intensive Hair Mask and Neutrogena Trip Action Lotion Toner. I'm so glad drugstores hold products which actually do the job - save a hella lotta money!

So that's it for my haul. I'll be doing more reviews soon!

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