Wednesday, 21 April 2010

My fashion inspiration sits next to me in lectures….

Not everyone is as lucky as I am when it comes to having friends who are seriously fashionable.  I mean on the one hand I sit next to my fashionable friends and feel quite…. out of place, however they are a continual inspiration to me and I feel like their style brightens up my day whenever I see them. 

I have a friend who has always fascinated me when it comes to fashion and I know this is going to sound a bit strange but he’s a guy.  Since when have I ever had a guy friend who knew more about fashion than myself and my girlfriends? 

Meet Nic at A N.A.C. For Nonesense– he’s just started a fashion blog and you will not want to miss out on what he has to come.  He has a fabulous eye for fashion and is incredibly friendly, passionate and funny!  You will love his blog if you are like me!  <3

His first entry is about this new amazingly unique store off Carnaby Street; Year Zero.  I’m so glad he’s notified me because I haven’t seen it before (strange because I was at Carnaby last night!  My non fashionable eyes must have missed it…!) and their stuff looks jaw dropping.  I can’t  wait to go check it out!  For more pictures go to his blog and if you need fashion advice or enquiries on labels?  You need to contact him!

Do you have A N.A.C for Nonesense?  I know I do!

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Japanese hair bun pictures

Since the hotter weather is coming, there will be a lot of chance to get your hair out of the way.  A pretty style is to put it up in a bun with nice flowers; let it be loose or neat, this style is timeless and very practical.  For this hair style I used a ‘doughnut ring’!  The doughnut ringed hair bun is a really versatile style, think about it, you can do so much with a simple bun so this Summer I shall be show casing more ‘doughnut ring’ type hair styles!


DSC07073 DSC07070 DSC07067 DSC07065 DSC07063 DSC07061 DSC07060 DSC07046

I hope you enjoy my make up too :) x

Outfit of the day!




Oh how I love sunny, British weather!

Cardigan – H&M
Floral Top – Next
Leggings – H&M
Bag- Aldo
Shoes- River Island
Sunglasses – River Island

Friday, 16 April 2010

Haul – Rimmel, Simple, Next, River Island etc

Instead of doing coursework and preparing for my presentation which is due on Monday (which I know nothing about) I decided to go out shopping.  Why not?  It’s a nice day and I was in deep need for some retail therapy.

Firstly I picked up this dress from Next …it’s one of those dress/tops things and to confuse the eye even further it’s actually short at the front and longer at the back.   However I adore the design and just love it.  I just need to find a good jacket to go with it and a killer pair of heels.  Any suggestions?


Next up I picked up more of the Rimmel 60 Seconds nail polishes.  I ASBSOLUTELY adore these colours and the nail polish formula. 

 DSC07036DSC07039Bottom picture from left to right: Sky High, Rose Libertine, Coral Crush

DSC07040Uninterestingly I bought a clear mascara for my brows.  It’s coming in the warmer months now and having more sheer and natural make-up is a must transition for me so when it comes to the brows you want groomed but not dark and full. 


I’ve been on the search for a new moisturiser for a while.  Don’t get me wrong, I still love my Body Shop Carrot Cream for its hydrating properties but I found that it is slightly on the greasier side and started to wonder if it was the cream that was keeping my skin from healing (I had a horrible acne phase and am Still as recovering victim).  So I switched to my tea tree lotion that I use whenever this happens and luckily my skin is clearing up well.  However the thing that bugs me is that it doesn’t have an SPF in it so I was on the search for something less greasy, hydrating, simple and natural as well as inexpensive.  So I came up with this.  I know it’s anti aging but that’s all the marketing.  There’s lots of persuasive properties in here that pushed me to buy this product so I’m hoping for something good.  I’ve never been that impressed with Simple moisturisers in the past so I hope this does Simple some justice for me.



Just another Kent Natural Shine Brush.  I needed another barrel size; so far I love these brushes and would recommend them to anyone.  They seem to clean my hair as it brushes through and gives my hair great shine.  Great thumbs up!


Yes a doughnut ring for cute hair styles.  I’ll show you what I come up with soon!



I also finally got myself a pair of sunglasses.  My previous pair disappeared somewhere so I spent the last year without one.  This year I vowed to get another pair and here I am in some pretty cool ones I found from River Island.  Pretty wicked, don’tcha think?


That’s it for this haul, hope everyone is well!


Peace x

Sunday, 11 April 2010

My Nail Polish Collection


Today’s post we’re talking nail polishes or what I used to call Nail Varnishes.  It seems the term ‘nail varnish’ has diminished into non existence and ‘polish’ is the way to go, so ‘polish’ it is.  This post doesn’t call for much explanation and I won’t bore you with analysis of every single bottle I have; I just wanted to show you the ones I do have and open the floor to any suggestions in what I should be buying next!  While I’m not much of a collector in any aspect of my life, I do like to pick up beautiful colours of nail polishes even if it means I probably wont use them more than twice a year.  Take OPI’s Gargantuan Green Grape; at what time will I ever wear a colour like that?  But I still love it. 

In my modest collection, I would say that 90% of it consists of either BarryM nail paints or OPI nail polishes.  There isn’t a specific reason besides the fact that I adore both brands and love both of the brands’ colour ranges.  I love BarryM Nail Paints because they are not only affordable but they are of great quality and come in a mass array of gorgeous colours.  OPI is probably considered one of the most superior brands of nail polish in every single country and while I love my BarryM’s, there isn’t much out there that can beat an OPI for me. 

Other brands that I have tried include Rimmel 60 Seconds, China Glaze, No7 Stay Perfect, Eclipse and Maybelline Forever Strong.  In the past I have used quite a few others but I no longer have much recollection of them which probably means I wasn’t all too impressed.  What resides in my collection now are all much adored polishes and one of my favourite ways to relax is to open my nail polish box, picking a colour and painting my nails; it’s like trying on clothes without being upset that your nails have got fatter.

I have a few brands that are in my collection that I have yet to try; Zoya is an exciting brand I’m yet to use as well as UK Superdrug brand Elite. 

Have you tried any other brands that you love?  What’s your favourite brand and colour?

Also as promised from my Youtube Video, I wanted to show you what Rimmel 60 Second’s Nail polish in ‘Night Before’ looks like on the nail.  I was raving about this nail polish because it’s completely changed my mind about this product.  I remember using the 60 Seconds previously, many moons ago and I did not like the formula at all.  However years later I have decided it’s great and I’m so pleased with this colour!  I want more!


Cherry x

Friday, 9 April 2010

For thicker, funkier hair

DSC06945 DSC06950DSC06951

  Samy’s Fat Hair “0” Calorie Thickening Spray, TIGI Catwalk Vol. Collection Root Boost Spray, KMS Hairplay Dry Wax

Firstly, apologies for not updating, I have a lot of catching up to do with you guys and so shall all be in for a treat – period.

Recently I’ve had my hair cut and simply for the fact that I’m a completely out of practice I totally forgot to actually take a picture of it.  Needless to say the new ‘do’ calls for hair thickening products, root boosting power and lots of and lots of funkiness as per usual.  I want to talk about a few products I’m really excited about and that can give you instant lift and life to your hair.

Samy’s Fat Hair collection has been appearing in many drugstore shelves for a while now and they’ve tempted me ever since but only now have I given in to testing out their thickening spray.  This product gives a lot of texture to the hair when used during your blow dry.  It doesn’t make the hair feel thicker but it definitely looks thicker with plenty of depth and shape to the hair.  It’s non greasy and keeps hair matte.  Love it.

Secondly I’ve just purchased one of TIGI’s latest offerings from their Catwalk volume collection; their Root Boost Spray which was used in my hair during my blow dry in the salon.  My trust and most loved hair dresser, Isabella, loves this product and sprayed this into my roots before blow drying it. She says this product keeps the roots from being shiny and floppy and makes it slightly coarser and therefore there’s more texture and lift.  It has held my hair up and out for since last night, despite having slept on my hair too, and therefore I’ve come to the conclusion that this is bloody amazing.

Last but definitely not least is KMS’s Hairplay Dry Wax spray'; what i love about this spray more so than all the other dry wax sprays I’ve attempted is that it dries fast without clumping or greasiness, it smells wonderful (grape and peppermint as a matter of fact, strange I know but actually quite inviting) and it keeps hair not in place.  That’s right, it does EXACTLY what i feel spray wax ought to do and that’s keep your hair looking choppy and funky as if you’ve just ruffled your hair.  What I find with a lot of spray waxes is that it makes your hair great one minute and within an hour or so your hair will look like a helmet.  I haven’t found this with the KMS hairplay dry wax so I’m pretty, pretty pleased!


So that’s it for the hair products update, soon to come is a nail polish collection, hair pictures and plenty more!


Take care everyone!

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