Sunday, 18 April 2010

Japanese hair bun pictures

Since the hotter weather is coming, there will be a lot of chance to get your hair out of the way.  A pretty style is to put it up in a bun with nice flowers; let it be loose or neat, this style is timeless and very practical.  For this hair style I used a ‘doughnut ring’!  The doughnut ringed hair bun is a really versatile style, think about it, you can do so much with a simple bun so this Summer I shall be show casing more ‘doughnut ring’ type hair styles!


DSC07073 DSC07070 DSC07067 DSC07065 DSC07063 DSC07061 DSC07060 DSC07046

I hope you enjoy my make up too :) x


Anonymous said...

this is so cute :]

xWHLo said...

You look sooo cute lol. <3

glitteryeyesxx said...

I love cute Japanese style buns, too. Except like yours, I make mine especially HIGH on the top of my head. Lol, it's cute & so funky at the same time. I've been wearing it like that for the past 2 weeks! :)

moonbeamstarlight said...

Dear Helen. I would've never worked out how to use that bun thing without your tutorial.

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