Sunday, 11 April 2010

My Nail Polish Collection


Today’s post we’re talking nail polishes or what I used to call Nail Varnishes.  It seems the term ‘nail varnish’ has diminished into non existence and ‘polish’ is the way to go, so ‘polish’ it is.  This post doesn’t call for much explanation and I won’t bore you with analysis of every single bottle I have; I just wanted to show you the ones I do have and open the floor to any suggestions in what I should be buying next!  While I’m not much of a collector in any aspect of my life, I do like to pick up beautiful colours of nail polishes even if it means I probably wont use them more than twice a year.  Take OPI’s Gargantuan Green Grape; at what time will I ever wear a colour like that?  But I still love it. 

In my modest collection, I would say that 90% of it consists of either BarryM nail paints or OPI nail polishes.  There isn’t a specific reason besides the fact that I adore both brands and love both of the brands’ colour ranges.  I love BarryM Nail Paints because they are not only affordable but they are of great quality and come in a mass array of gorgeous colours.  OPI is probably considered one of the most superior brands of nail polish in every single country and while I love my BarryM’s, there isn’t much out there that can beat an OPI for me. 

Other brands that I have tried include Rimmel 60 Seconds, China Glaze, No7 Stay Perfect, Eclipse and Maybelline Forever Strong.  In the past I have used quite a few others but I no longer have much recollection of them which probably means I wasn’t all too impressed.  What resides in my collection now are all much adored polishes and one of my favourite ways to relax is to open my nail polish box, picking a colour and painting my nails; it’s like trying on clothes without being upset that your nails have got fatter.

I have a few brands that are in my collection that I have yet to try; Zoya is an exciting brand I’m yet to use as well as UK Superdrug brand Elite. 

Have you tried any other brands that you love?  What’s your favourite brand and colour?

Also as promised from my Youtube Video, I wanted to show you what Rimmel 60 Second’s Nail polish in ‘Night Before’ looks like on the nail.  I was raving about this nail polish because it’s completely changed my mind about this product.  I remember using the 60 Seconds previously, many moons ago and I did not like the formula at all.  However years later I have decided it’s great and I’m so pleased with this colour!  I want more!


Cherry x


Lai Ying said...

wow thats a lot of nail varnish.
i say nail varnish.
people who laugh at me can suck it.
nail varnish forever.

Lillian Funny Face said...

I love love love Barry M nail paints like you, they're so great!
Also i sometimes say 'nail varnish' i interchange it with 'nail polish' and even sometimes 'nail lacquer' or 'nail enamel' :P

Loren said...

WOW you make me jealous! haha I want to try Barry M someday. Too bad I live in the US

Nice collection (:

LRWade said...

I'm currently using boots 17 nail polish (VARNISH!). They're quite cheap, £2.99 per bottle and often on 2 for £5 offer. I don't like to buy expensive ones cause they will usually dry before I finish them.

There's a candy collection out atm, currently loving orange soda. The mint choc chip is quite like the OPI’s Gargantuan Green Grape (don't kow why it's called choc chip, there's no chocolate in it...) I would wear it every day. :)


Lucy Le said...

Love your collection! I think next on your list should be a Chanel nail polish, they are to die for. The colours are amazing too! Bit pricey but well worth it x

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