Friday, 9 April 2010

For thicker, funkier hair

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  Samy’s Fat Hair “0” Calorie Thickening Spray, TIGI Catwalk Vol. Collection Root Boost Spray, KMS Hairplay Dry Wax

Firstly, apologies for not updating, I have a lot of catching up to do with you guys and so shall all be in for a treat – period.

Recently I’ve had my hair cut and simply for the fact that I’m a completely out of practice I totally forgot to actually take a picture of it.  Needless to say the new ‘do’ calls for hair thickening products, root boosting power and lots of and lots of funkiness as per usual.  I want to talk about a few products I’m really excited about and that can give you instant lift and life to your hair.

Samy’s Fat Hair collection has been appearing in many drugstore shelves for a while now and they’ve tempted me ever since but only now have I given in to testing out their thickening spray.  This product gives a lot of texture to the hair when used during your blow dry.  It doesn’t make the hair feel thicker but it definitely looks thicker with plenty of depth and shape to the hair.  It’s non greasy and keeps hair matte.  Love it.

Secondly I’ve just purchased one of TIGI’s latest offerings from their Catwalk volume collection; their Root Boost Spray which was used in my hair during my blow dry in the salon.  My trust and most loved hair dresser, Isabella, loves this product and sprayed this into my roots before blow drying it. She says this product keeps the roots from being shiny and floppy and makes it slightly coarser and therefore there’s more texture and lift.  It has held my hair up and out for since last night, despite having slept on my hair too, and therefore I’ve come to the conclusion that this is bloody amazing.

Last but definitely not least is KMS’s Hairplay Dry Wax spray'; what i love about this spray more so than all the other dry wax sprays I’ve attempted is that it dries fast without clumping or greasiness, it smells wonderful (grape and peppermint as a matter of fact, strange I know but actually quite inviting) and it keeps hair not in place.  That’s right, it does EXACTLY what i feel spray wax ought to do and that’s keep your hair looking choppy and funky as if you’ve just ruffled your hair.  What I find with a lot of spray waxes is that it makes your hair great one minute and within an hour or so your hair will look like a helmet.  I haven’t found this with the KMS hairplay dry wax so I’m pretty, pretty pleased!


So that’s it for the hair products update, soon to come is a nail polish collection, hair pictures and plenty more!


Take care everyone!

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