Sunday, 30 January 2011

Haul 1st/2011

Hello everyone!  I thought I'd share with you all some of the things I picked up.  It's my Sister's wedding in March and I want to really look my hello expensive skincare! 


Lancome Tonique Douceur (200ml) [£20.45] - I picked this up because it's been a long, long time since I splashed out on an expensive toner.  I have always been pleased with a few select drugstore ones (Botanics, Simple, Neutrogena...etc) but I decided to spend some hard earned cash... the first place I headed to was Lancome because, for me, it's quite a trusted brand for skincare... and voila!  This was recommended to me for combination skin and having used it a few times....well, i shall tell you soon!

DSC06342Lancome Baume Eclat (125ml) [£19.90] - I didn't know what to expect with this cleanser, all I knew was that it was good for my skin type and that I needed a new cleanser!  It turns out to be a cream to oil formula and is suitable for any skin type.  Similar to a lot of oil based cleansers, the aim is to moisturise as well as clean off grime along with any trace of make up.  I am trialling this out as it's a tricky one, again I shall have to get back to you on this one!  




Lancome Hydra Intense Gel Face Mask (100ml) [£31.65] Hydrated skin means good skin!  This mask caught my eye because you can apply it and tissue it off as it's gel based!  It only needs five minutes to rehydrate your skin and you can use it once/twice a week.  I will be using this once a week, in the morning before work... as it's pretty expensive! 



MAC Brush Cleanser (233ml) [£8.50] - These days I'm way too busy to constantly clean my brushes, so in desperation, I've picked up the famous MAC Brusher cleanser to save time and effort but be as hygienic as possible.  I am also going to be practising make up on the bride and bridesmaids so this will come in handy!

DSC06345 I finally got my hands on the StriVectin-SD! (30ml) [£49.00] !  I didn't know when I was going to have the courage to buy this and it turned out when I realised that even my concealer was having a hard time covering my dark circles!  The Wedding is soon and I really need to fix up so I have approximately 8 weeks in which this product should be fully working its magic by then!  I hear some really positive things about this tiny tube of wonder and for £49...I really do hope they are true!


As I was walking through Boots, I was wondering to myself about what kind of foundation will work for the Wedding day?  I knew, above everything else, I needed to find something that would last a long time.  That was when I walked past the new Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation (30ml - 100 Ivory & 200 Soft Beige] [£6.99].  I thought I would give these a try as they were on special offer (2 for £9!) and as I like a lot of Rimmel products, I didn't think I could go wrong!  I have a habit of buying two shades of foundations as I like to mix them or use the darker one for contouring!  I have been wearing this non-stop just to test it out to see if it lives up to its claim!  To Be Continued...!



I don't know why but I've always resisted from trying out the Maxfactor False Lash Effect (Waterproof) [£10.99] simply because it was on the steep side for a mascara.  I have always wanted it and I have finally got it!  It's quite large and sports a brush that I am not particularly used to, but none the less I am very pleased to finally own one as I have always loved my Maxfactor Masterpiece  Mascara.  I am also trying this product out to see if this will be useful for the Wedding.  The trial continues...

That is it for the haul, stay tuned for a few mini reviews and also the true trial of the StriVectin SD Eye Cream!!


Cherry x

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