Saturday, 16 January 2010

Why Youtube can save the World

I’m sure you all know a few things I’m about to say; the first thing is the tragic news about Haiti and the devastating effects its had on the beautiful country.  The second thing is that some of my favourite gurus and now many more are starting up a money raising campaign. 

photo-4 Our founder and leader is Gemma from gem's maquillage and she has decided to fund raise for Haiti by creating awareness on the lovely community of Youtube.  She has created two charity pages where by if you click on them you can start donating money.  The money that these pages receive do not go to Gemma and nor do they go to any other beauty guru involved.  All of the money that is generated shall go to the charities in question.

I feel like it’s my duty to spread to word and before this I really wanted to do some sort of giveaway in conjunction in order to give you some sort of incentive.  Having slept on the idea I’ve realised something.  I believe in you all.  I believe that there is no amount of make-up that can buy your kindness and your generosity and I know that without any sort of giveaway you will donate something.  I would rather everyone donate through the kindness of their heart than to do it for some beauty product which is by far completely insignificant to what is happening to Haiti.  

I want to remind you all that despite all the bad things going on in your life, everyone in Haiti will be wishing to trade places with you.  You and I are lucky individuals and are hand given the opportunities to make a difference and to make our lives mean something.

 We are fortunate to be connected so lets not waste that!


Below are two links, please visit Gemma’s page for more information!  It’s a really short video so don’t worry! 


Show some love today; change the world now

Here is the page to donate to the DEC:
And you can read more about them here:

And here is the link to donate to Doctors Without Borders:
And read about them here:

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