Friday, 8 January 2010

LUSH + Bodyshop Haul - Oh I could not resist!

I can't believe I did it too...I went to LUSH and went biserk and bought more Lush stuff than I have in YEARS.  I used to be an avid fan but was never too obsessed.  I even shared a favourite shower gel with an ex boyfriend but ever since I've not really wanted to go into there.  Years have passed and now there's a super offer why not?  I still haven't found the courage to buy Flying Fox anymore but I still love it...

So the offer going on in Lush stores at the moment is if you buy £20 worth of products you get a Christmas goodie bag of gifts also worth £20!  So you're getting twice for the amount you pay and I spent a long time choosing my gift.  I got some good ones!  In my store (not sure about other stores), you get a mass load of readily prepared bags to choose from so you can't really customise.  However I told the lady that I don't have a bath *cries!* and only a shower cubicle so she let me swap a bath bomb for a small Snow Fairy *gleee!*

OK so here we go:

Lush Haul

Wow look at it.  They are so nicely wrapped that I didn't want to open them but then again when I did, it felt like Christmas all over again :)  <3

I know bath goodies can sometimes seem a bit 'bleh' but when it comes from's ever so slightly different.  I think its not only the novelty but the interesting smells, variations and experiences you can get.  I bet most of Lush users will tell you... it's mini spa trips every night!

This is Wiccy Magic Muscles massage bar.  I've blogged about this before but I wanted to show you that I bought another one :P  I know, but if you love it you might as well stock up.  I want to be able to convert someone to loving this...not that many people do love this baby but I think its my favourite thing from Lush (weird, huh?)
Laced with aduki beans and armoured with peppermint and cinnamon oil, it's the best remedy for aching joints and muscles.  Thanks Lush!

This was one of those gifts in the goodie bag.  This one is a kind of strange one.  Shower jellies as a concept is alien enough for me and as of this moment, I still haven't tried one yet so I can't really tell you much about it apart from the smell.  Strawberry Santa jelly is supposed to smell of vanilla, strawberry and coconut and that concoction sound strange to me.  But really it only smells slightly of strawberry!  I'm hoping it will wow me in the shower.  Santa and I should have some fun soon ^_~

Another gift in the goodie bag - Champagne Snow.  This is a white opaque shower jelly - interesting to say the least.  Boasting a alluring mix of wild orange and cognac, it smells like some sort of strange alcoholic beverage.  You know, the type that smells and taste like medicine?  I can say little for the taste of this (don't eat this, girls!) but I can say it seems weird and smells weirder so.  So I will have to have a few before I use this :-P

Yet another gift - this is the Sugar Scrub.  It's infused with fennel and ginger and is supposed to be fantastic for cellulite and stimulation to your skin.  It also has lavender in it which is lovely.  I can't wait to use this actually!  I know that even if it does little for my 'cellulite' it will be lovely on the skin as an exfoliant.  It does feel quite rough so I hope it doesn't scrape of my skin!  Note: remember not to run this under the water or submerge in the'll disappear before you scrub!

Here we go - Snow Fairy.  The 250g was personally chosen and I was gifted with the small baby one.  Oh my god I love Snow Fairy.  I think EVERYONE loves Snow Fairy.  Who doesn't like the smell of ludicrously sweet smell of candy floss?  It's absolutely divine and makes you want to dance around (or is that just me?).  If I could I would rename Snow Fairy to Candy Land...that's what it is to me.  It's like the naughtiest treat in the shower... decadently GOOD.
It's so good it's the first one we've cracked open for our shower.  My sister adores it and I think even my Mum quite likes it.
You know what this reminds me of (for some reason?)  Has anyone watched '!3 going on 30?'.  Yeah you know that scene where she comes walking out of the shower and starts putting on her make up and clothes and Whitney Houston's 'I wanna dance with somebody' comes on.  This is exactly THAT in a bottle.  Fun, flirtatious, exciting, girlie and PINK.

Girls, I want you to meet Miranda.  She's a GORGEOUSLY GORGEOUS green soap bar which has translucent fruity 'chunks' inside it.  If I could I would buy the ENTIRE slapbof it because the slab you see in the store is so much prettier because you can see all the 'fruity bits' inside of it.  Thank God I asked her to cut me another piece because the other piece didn't have such a beautiful bit in the middle.  But it's fruity, light and incredibly addictive.  I love Miranda, she was always my favourite!

And here we have Porridge.  Porridge doesn't actually smell much like porridge (well not the type I've ever eaten anyway).  To me it smells more just like general, sweet baked goods and well, that's fine with me.  I love it because the porridge oats will be lovely to exfoliate with and great for the skin.  It also has orange juice in it so it will really be like breakfast in a shower.  I'm not the most excited about this one, although I do like it, I just want to know what swimming in my breakfast will feel like!

This baby is called Shimmy Shimmy Glitter Bar which is a cute lil massage bar I Found in my goodie bag.  Originally bypassed by me in the shop, the massage bar has now become an intriguing product I want to use for a date or before a night out.  It's got extracts of vanilla, lavender and hints of herbal clary sage.  Its also packed with subtle 'shimmy' shimmer which is pinkish-gold so will supposedly light up pale skin (so that's good for my legs then!)  I'm excited, actually very, very excited!

Doesn't he look scrumptious?  What could he possibly be called?  Of course it's 'Honey I washed the kids'.  Oh, hilarious!  I love this, doesn't he just look so yummy?   Have you seen the mass slab you get in the store?  It's so pretty!  It makes me kind of hungry.  It's a honey and toffee 'flavoured' soap - what's not to love?  This will be so nourishing for the skin - I can't wait.  I'm starting to wonder.... how long will it take me to get through this stuff?!

This if the Father Frost soap bar.  According to Lush its been inspired by Russian Folk smells like a garden.  It's got a very 'clean' smell and although is said to be made with cranberries and apple juice, it smells anything but fruity.  It's a very fresh and has a 'fern' smell to it.  You'll know what I mean if you ever smell it.  I'm not the biggest fan but each time I sniff it I get to like it just a bit more.  Maybe the dark horse of the bunch, it may yet to suprise.

Soft Coeur, meaning Soft Heart, is a wonderful, sweet chocolate centred massage bar.  It's made with orange oil and honey which gives it an incredibly warm aroma to it.  This looks and smells like the perfect magical spell to use before going out on a date or with your significant other.  I'm looking forward to using this one.  It just seems to wholesomely wonderful and I know it will make me smile.  You know, for when those days you feel like you're so single and you sit there singing "alll byyy myyy sellllffff!"?  You will just turn around think "oh, my Soft Coeur" and I'll jump into the shower, light some candles and just spend the night with my Soft Coeur. 

Yet another Shower Jelly that was found in my goodie bag.  This is particularly sweety fruit one and I can tell you it actually smells like that artificial grape smell.  Has any one ever wondered why the flavour and smell of grape in sweets do not taste or smell like grapes in real life?  If you like that, this one is for you.  I find it pleasantly refreshing and will be lovely to use, I'm sure.  I'm just hoping they don't run passed their sell by date without me knowing!

Two Happy Hippy shower gels,. both found in different gift boxes.  Oh my, how I love this.  How did I manage to bypass this in the store?  It's made with (wait for it)...fresh pink grapefruit juice, grapefruit water and would you believe, also grapefruit essential oil?!  Oh it smells wonderful and is wonderfully cleansing to the skin.  It's a nice change to the usual twists of lemon or orange and even lime has begun to get boring.  So hail to grapefruit! (my favourite fruit, actually!)

I have to say, this picture I took is pretty amazing right?
This is Ice Blue soap bar....I've just realised how many soap bars I bought.  But this one was from yet another gift box.  It's a lovely chunk of the antarctic; minty, cool and fresh.  It's laced with plenty of peppermint oil and will be lovely to use when you're feeling sluggish and tired.  Lush is right when it says it's cool enough for boys to brother in law seemed to take a liking to it!

And finally this is how I've chosen to store it for now.  It's housed in a beautiful wicker basket that was given to me for my birthday (obviously it was filled with stuff at the time!)  I think it's a lovely way of storing it and originally I was going to do what I've seen others do and put it in big bowls, but I think I've definitely found the cooler option.  Doesn't this look inviting?  Anyway I've stored the jellies in the fridge.  I think I might invest in a mini fridge to store these in and also my nail polishes.

Body Shop Haul

I also went to the Body Shop to see what is of their sale items.  I came out with less than I thought which am happy with my small purchase!

As you can see I purchased 2 more of the Carrot Moisture Cremes as I'm so afraid they will discontinue these.  Everyone is going mad about the Dewberry lotion and I had a good whiff the other day- what IS so special?  Yes I love it but I Know if they tried the Carrot Moisture Creme they would forget that lotion.  Maybe I ought to try that lotion out. 

I picked up one of those eyeshadow duos from their summer collection and I'm not sure why I bought it now.  It's that blue and white one -  I'm not much of a blue eyeshadow fan. But I do love the blue in it and will use it with a green or something.

These are the swatches of the two eyeshadows which I believe in No.5 and No.29.  Both very smooth, creamy and luxurious neutral toned browns and I think will actually look lovely together.  The key about neutral colours is that when seen on display they can all lok a bit dull and boring.  Take each colour and really swatch it and imagine it on the eye.  I think these are gorgeous!

This is the Blush Trio is Cool Dusk and it's this beautiful shimmery bright pink that I think will take me through all seasons.  It'll look lovely in the summer with a coral lip and simple eye make up and will also look nice with lots of black eyeline and frosty lips for the spring time.  Oh my, it's so gorgeous!

Lastly here is a swatch of an eye pencil in 'cactus green'.  Yeah, I know.  Green?  Although my picture isn't really showing it well, this very dark eye pencil does carry out a slightly dark green hue.  On the surface it does seem just plain black but the green hue can be caught in the right lighting and I think will be good to pair up in a dark green smokey eye.  I'm excited to use this!

I think I've finally finished.  Oh my I'm so tired!!!  TIME FOR A LUSH SHOWER!!!

Night ya'll ! x

Music info:
Utada Hikaru - Beautiful World (karaoke)
ShinEE - Replay (instrumental)
Wonder Girls - Tell me (instrumental)
U-Kiss - New Generation (karaoke)


vanity-fashionista said...

Goodies!! Reading this post makes me want to go to LUSH again!
How much did you spend to get so many goodies? Jealous! (:
Oo tip for the sugar scrub, smash it up in the bag or something and you can use it bit by bit if you want, like rubbing sugar on your body :D

That blusher trio from body shop looks soo nice!

Great haul <3

Helen said...

@ Vanity-fashionista
i know Lush is so addictive. im sure its the smell!
i spent about £24 altogheter!
oh i shall try that for the sugar scrub, thanks hun!
go get the blusher, its only £5!

mwah x

~Lisa said...

Great haul, you sure got a lot of new stuffies! I couldn't seem to find the Carrot creme at TBS. I'll check again next time ^.^

makeupdivaa♥ said...

wow now tat what we haul. lovely lush goodies..

MilknCookiie said...

I don't think I've ever seen the Carrot Moisture Cream here before, but then again it's been a while since I've been to The Body Shop. I haven't been there since my Love Your Body card expired in September. lol. xD;

The blush looks so nice!

♥ Milk

Stella said...

I promised myself that I'm not gonna shop at Lush until I use the stuff that I already have! Argh! So hard with this new sale!

Great haul Cherry!
I need to try the Carrot cream.

Goldenwolf said...

WOW looks like an awesome haul! I am yet to get myself to a Lush shop as I would have to trek to Southampton or Guildford but I might do some sneaky online shopping!

Miss Rubber Ducky said...

I just want to eat those Lush products! Jellies and fruit and porridge and honey...some of it must be edible.

Sproglet said...


I think I just had a Lushgasm....I didn't mean to do that on your page..I'm sorry!

And thanks for the Grease Lightning Teatree review...methinks I'm taking a trip to Lush this weekend :o)

Cherrychan108 said...

oh hun, you will LOVE my upcoming Lush haul then :P xxx

Sproglet said...

You're just teasing me now!!

Bring it on baby!

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