Monday, 18 January 2010

Speedy T-Zone Face Mask – A Tip for the busy



When I ask the many ladies around me in my life about how often they use face masks as part of their skincare, I’m often told that face masks are for those who have excessive spare time and that it has no space in a working woman’s life.

Now despite not being the busiest person on Earth, seeing as I spend my entire time surfing Youtube and ‘doing my nails’, I have phases in life where time is as precious as air.  So when I want and am in dying need of doing a face mask for my pores and blemished skin, I will do a quick t-zone mask.

I simply only apply a quick thin layer of face mask (I love using Botanic’s Clay Mask) to my T-Zone area.  This way it takes less time and you’ve taken care of the skin that is needing more help.  So the T-zone (your forehead, nose and chin) often needs the most rigorous cleansing and so a clay mask or deep pore cleansing mask will be perfect for this occasion.  What I like to do is smear it on carefully, put on my glasses and carry on doing whatever I was doing.  Then when I’ve finished carrying out my errands I will jump in the shower and voila, I’m ready for bed. 

So the next time when you’ve got a list of things to do in the house, remember to write down ‘apply quick t-zone mask’ at the top and by the time you’ve gone through the list, you’re ready to have some ‘me-time’


Cherry   x

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Anonymous said...

Fab idea! I think I will try it also! xxx

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