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GOSH Nail Lacquer in Black Passion

In the midst of my ‘pretend to do coursework’ all nighter last night I suddenly had the urge to paint my nails.  For me painting nails occurs whenever wherever, as long as my nails look dull then the paint needs to come off ASAP and quickly replaced with a new lick of beautiful new colour.  I’d rather have plain manicured nails than a chipped beautiful design, you know what I mean?
So as you’re all aware I recently received a massive prize package and within the mass amount of free make up was a beautiful little bottle of black nail polish.  I kind of bypassed this polish in my Youtube video however my mind was set on it when I saw it. 

The Low Down
Black passion_thumbThis is GOSH’s Nail Lacquer in Black Passion (553) and while the nail doesn’t quite do it justice, I find it the most mesmerizing colour I’ve seen for a while.  I’m one for simplicity and I see beauty is hues and tints.  This particularly black isn’t even quite black, I would say it was more of a granite ‘work top’ type grey.  Perhaps to cut it short, maybe a stone grey.  But it’s dark, so dark it seems black but it definitely not as harsh.  So for all those out there who have not dared to go for a black in the fear of looking ‘emo’ or ‘gothic’, this may be the colour for you.  What I like is that this colour actually  looks (to me) quite expensive and not some cheap black nail paint you found in your pocket, probably hanging off the end of your key ring.  It’s a beautiful colour and I was so excited to try it.
The consistency of the polish itself is reasonable; not too thick and not too thin. If i had to put my examining goggles on I would say that it was a slight thicker consistency than of O.P.I and somewhat similar to BarryM.  However with this polish (not sure about the others, yet to try any other colours in the brand) you only need one coat to produce a wonderfully opaque coloured nail. 
I don’t recall a particularly venomous or toxic smell from it; it’s been a long time since a nail polish has made my brain want to cry and my nostrils want to shrivel up.  Is that an indication of just how much I use nail polish?  Probably.
Now we have the run down of product amount.  This is interesting to me.  GOSH nail lacquers contain 8ml while it’s contender (for me) BarryM contains a good 10ml.  If we want to compare more China Glaze holds 14ml, Nails Inc contains 10ml and our winner OPI contains a good 15ml.  But what about our price tags?  If you buy GOSH in store you will be handing over a ‘small’ price of £5.00 which is a couple of pence more than my favourite BarryM Nail Paint. 
What do they claim?
Taken off of their website…
“GOSH nail lacquer has been developed using the latest cosmetic and environmental technology for this type of product.  GOSH nail lacquer is manufactured without the use of harmful agents DBP Toluene, Formaldehyde, Camphor and Phthalic Acid. 

  • Excellent coverage and extra glossy finish

  • Hard-wearing

  • Dries quickly

  • Does NOT contain the harmful agents DBP Toluene, Formaldehyde, Camphor and Phthalic Acid

  • Has a smooth consistency which is easy to apply

  • Contains no perfume

So overall, quite promising…
How to use it
In my limited experience it seems you only need one coat.  With BarryM or China Glaze I find a good two coats makes it but similarly with OPI (the Queen, in my opinion, of nail polishes) it only needs one coat.  Apply a base coat and a top coat as usual.

How did it work for Cherry?
This is the first time I’ve ever tried a GOSH Nail Lacquer and despite being anxious to see how it worked out, I was not anticipating this….


Now please forgive me for the horrible paint job.  For all those who have seen my nail work usually it’s never this dodgy; I have no idea why and how.  Possibly because I was doing this in a dim lit room and it was about 3am in the morning.  However, something tells me it’s more than that…
Now the picture above was taken the day after of applying this and if you can see, the very tips of my fingers have almost worn down as if I’ve been wearing it for at least four days.  Now I diligently (and religiously) applied on a base and top coat and its the usual one I use (BarryM’s basecoat, topcoat & nail hardener) so I was suprised to see this.  I’m also shocked to find that it’s not quite as glossy as it promises; both on the website and from the colour in the bottle.  In fact it seems to have dried almost matte and might I dare say, dull?
Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fantastic nail polish that I will be using again.  It applies on perfectly and the consistency is just great.  I love that it’s not too runny but not a thick paste unlike some other brands.  It does not dry as quick as say OPI or BarryM nail paint does but give it about 5-6 minutes and it’s rock solid. 
I’m just a bit annoyed about the results.  I think I need to give this another go, give it another chance.  Has anyone used it before?  Am I wrong?
Cherry’s Final Verdict
All in all I have to say I do like this nail polish.  I’m considering trying again with two top coats next time and we’ll see how it goes.  No doubt there will be a part 2 update to this review but I just wanted to get this out there so you guys can know the low down.  I am loving this colour although I wish I found this earlier in the autumn/winter season.  I’m starting to switch to nudes and pastels and I can see this being put aside until the Summer disappears.  However I will try again before I do decide to let it hibernate. 

Overall I would give the GOSH Nail Lacquer in Black Passion a 4/5.  It loses a mark for longevity and also the finish but I am being generous because I have not yet experimented with it more than once so I’m giving it the benefit of the doubt.

Tell me, what are your experiences with GOSH Nail Lacquer?

Cherry x


vanity-fashionista said...

LOVE the colour!
must try GOSH nail varnishes next LOL xxx

MilknCookiie said...

I tried a GOSH Nail Lacquer in "Holographic" and I LOVED how it looked on my nails. However, it also started chipping right the day after. I hope there's a way to make it last longer, becaus the colour range of these nail polish are truly amazing.

★ Cookiie

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