Saturday, 16 January 2010

The Body Shop Carrot Creme Update….



It’s regretful to say that in life I do not ever complete or finish much.  For some reason I have to perpetuating tendency to drop things and run off somewhere; sometimes it’s my attention span, sometimes it’s because of opportunities but other times it’s because I never have my heart in much… unless it’s important.  Like The Body Shop Carrot Creme. 


How did I managed to finish a whole tub of cream so quickly?  I know it’s only 50ml but you see, in my collection I have so many half used products.  A lot of them I probably won't reach for, for a long while.  I think within a month I have used it all up and boy am I glad I got back ups at home!  I can’t love this stuff enough. 

And it’s not occurred to me until recently; so many products I have actually come from the Body Shop.  I even use their volumising mousse and straightening balms.  I think I’m actually an official The Body Shop Junkie!  If anything I guess I’m a Carrot Creme Junkie.  I hope they don’t discontinue it! 

Cherry x

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