Monday, 4 January 2010

Products I use to blow dry my hair

As I haven't mentioned much about my new hair, I thought it was about time I posted something up here to give you an update on what I've found useful when trying to maintain it.  Recently my hair has changed from


to this

I figured the winter called for some 'bangs' and I am definitely looking to grow out my feathering and layering.  I haven't had a uniform blunt straight cut since forever I am quite loving the change.  I think it definitely makes me look very different.  What do you think?

So my first hair post will just be on four products I use when blow drying my hair.  I was my hair every other day and so I've got quite famliar with lots of aftercare hair products.  The winter calls especially for more of these hair products because for some reason the weather just makes my hair go biserk.

Before blow drying I first will use:

Tresemme Heat Defense Hair Protectant

An overall quality hair protectant, makes my hair shiney, smooth and keeps hair from 'frazziling' under my hair straighteners!  Not sure if I love it more than my VO5 hair protectant though...

Then in my 'bangs' I will apply a small amount of Umberto Gianni's 'Sleek and Chic blowdry cream'

I have been using this for years.  Only apply a small amount because a little goes a long way. 
This stuff gives me the sleek look without making my hair go limp

Then I use Bed Head's Ego Boost which is a lovely leave-in hair conditioner.  I have also
been using this since I can remember and not only, like all Bed Head products, does t smell
divine, it also makes me hair so so so smooth!

Then finally I apply Pantene's Moving Volume Magnifying Mousse.  An overall
decent volumising mousse that gives my hair 'oomph' and won't make my hair
sticky or rock hard.  Love it!

So far I am happy with my blow dry hair products but ever am I still looking for the perfect volumising hair products. The quest goes on...

Bed time is when I allow fluffy poofy hair!

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freshelle said...

i LOVE that hoodie helen!! so cute!

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