Tuesday, 12 January 2010

The Haute Mess Award!?

The beautiful Stella has nominated me for a blog award.  Forgive me but I have no idea what this blog means...but an award is an award all the same!  I remember when Halle Berry got an award for the worst film for Cat Woman and she accepted it loud and proud.  I think that made me love her even more.  I still love that she's called Halle!

In recieving this award I must write seven facts about myself and then nominate seven other bloggers.  I just wish I knew what this award is really about but I assume it's something good :)

  1. My love for make-up, cosmetics and fashion is what makes me smile and it's something I value as important in my life and an essential element of what makes me, me.  At the same time I wonder how my main interest is something so superficial and I wonder where this fits in with my want with saving the world.
  2. That brings me onto the second one.  I want to save the world.  I've always said that if I get rich it will be put to good use.  I, for sure, will not have three houses and not  have stepped foot in any of them.  I will build a hospital, school and hostel in every town of every poor country.  Bit by bit. 
  3. I adore the red Oasis drink... my sixth form banned it when I was there because it was too high in sugar.  I think that was the right move for my teeth and tummy, it was however a monstrosity to my mind and soul.
  4. I know it doesn't look it but I have a love for skiing which is probably the only sport I really do genuinely enjoy.  Yes I don't mind swimming and I suppose if made to I can enjoy step aerobics too.  But I would pay to go skiing and I would happily ski my worries away!
  5. If there's one thing I like about having a sore throat then its probably sucking and crushing Soothers in between my tongue and the roof of my mouth when they get soft.  I know, ever so sick, yet ever so satisfying.
  6. When I walk along the pavement I tend to look down and when I do so I always come across three drain covers and supposedly if you walk ontop of those you get bad luck which is completely stupid, obviously.  Or is it?  Because I always make a point of stepping on those and I think I'm winning in some sort of supernatural battle of the superstitious but then again...I have to ask myself... is this why I still haven't lost weight and we're living in what I like to call a hell-hole?
  7. Lastly, if there is one thing that brightens up my day its when I look at my lil black cat, Pippa, and I turn my head on its side parallel to the ground, and then she immediately tilts her head down and curls into a ball and starts endearingly kneading and purring.  She loves her Mummy.
Right so that's seven things about me!  Now I'm going to nominate seven other bloggers who I think deserve this strange award!

I nominate...*drum roll*

That is the why - a new blog yet the most hilarious thoughts ever to come out of anyone's head
Vanity-Fashionata - yet another new blogger but a promising must-read to come!
Lipglossing - so informative and wonderful to read!
Style Suzi - an ever so enchanting blogger and fashion/make up junkie!
Kelanjo19 - an infectious personality and wonderful blog to read
Meek-n-mild - warms up my heart with every read!
Get gawjus - a fantastic must read!  A frequent blogger with plenty to offer!

So that's it for now and I'll be back for more interesting updates!


Helen x


Shifa said...

oh so sweet of you hun :) I ♥ your youtube channel btw! Its awesome! I will do this soon

Shirley said...

Aww you're so sweet! Thanks soo much! :D xx

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