Saturday, 2 January 2010

A Brand spankingly new Cherry, this 2010!

 I was in the kitchen not long ago when my sister came in and just randomly asked if I'd  made my New Years Resolutions.  It's funny that because the idea of New Years Resolutions (NYR) has been milling around my head for a while .  When I say 'a while' I mean possibly the beginning of November 2009.
Last year (wow that sounds weird) I was and have been keen for a new start and actually incredibly eager to make 2010 brilliant because if I'm being honest 2009 was a completely cr*p year for me.  So much rubbish stuff happened to me and the those around me and that's the funny thing, it seems I wasn't the only one to have a horrific 2009.  However in some ways that doesnt make me feel less rubbish; it makes me feel more angry at I spent a whole year in this nightmare.

So I plan 2010 to be completely amazing; I want so many things to happen and I want to make the most and best of this year.  I know realistically I can't expect too much but I know what I'm really capable of and I think my life is going to change this year.  Looking back I remember making a youtube video declaring what my resolutions were for 2009 and so I'm going to quickly have a look at what they were and what's happened with those resolutions:

  • Continuously eat healthily and responsibly
    Well actually it's not been bad this year for that.  I think I lost about a stone or so in weight so it's been slow but kind of good.  Did I continuously eat healthily and responsibly?  No.  But then again, who was I kidding?
  • To sleep 8 hours a day
    Nope that didn't happen either and let's face it, it's not going to happen is it?  Like, ever.  Either I Don't have the time and when I do have the time I'd rather sit down and watch Anime or aimlessly play Cafe World or Petville until 4am in the morning.

  • To spend resonsibly and save money for more important things
    OK that didn't happen either.  The moment my loan came through I went absolutely biserk.  So no, I didn't save a penny.  If anything, I'm even more in debt.  Argh!
  • Do more house chores
    I wish I could say I do do more chores but I don't.  I think I cook even less because I'm so tired all the time.  Oh my, this is looking horrendous.

  • To be a better girlfriend
    OK I might as well quit while I'm ahead
So as you can see 2009 was very much of a fail.  I can't quite think of much I did achieve in 2009 besides passing my driving test.  I guess I lost some weight too which was good.  What else?  No I can't think of much else.  I can however think of 101 horrible things that happened.  But let's not go there.

So like I said I've been thinking about it and with great brain juice I've managed to conjure up the most realistic yet ambitious ones yet.  I think these are some that I might achieve unlike the pitiful hopefuls of last year.

So like I was saying when I thought about it I rushed into my room to write this entry before the inspiration goes. I've sat down with my big fat Christmas mug of hot chocolate (complete with a mountain full of mini mashmallows) (thanks Vicky ^_~) and my fingers began to itch.  I'm about to make a pledge to 2010 and this is serious stuff.

1) Reach goal weight by December 9th 2010
She says whilst wolfing down the ludicurously delicious marshmallow 'goo' floating ontop of her decadently sweet hot chocolate (I got so excited I squealed when I buried my face in it)

No seriously once we restock the kitchen properly (the Christmas aftermath still lingers) and all the bad foods have been demolished or thrown away, I will carry on with Weight Watchers and by 2010 I will be 8 - 9 stones.  That's not even that hard to acheive, so it's about 2 stones give or take in one year.  If I can drop off 5lbs a month I could still do it!  So yay so size 10 dresses!

2) I will stop living like a 5 year old
I look around me .... I live in a pig sty.  I have a room that could easily be a 5 year old boy's.  It's always messy and to be quite frank not always the most hygienic.  So far I've kept my vanity table clean, tidy and pretty.  It was my pilot test as to see whether I can do it and tomorrow I'm going to do a massive earlys spring clean and I will make sure it stays that way.  The key is to just be tidy in general and never ignore mess.  That's my problem, I've got so good at ignoring things that annoy me...even wrappers on the floor.  I'm sorry but I wasn't properly house trained!! :D

3) I will make something of myself this 2010
See this one is quite open and free.  The problem is is that I don't know what I want to do in life REALLY but all I know is I want to do something enjoyable and interesting.  I've spent far too long doing something I do not enjoy and furthermore I've been far too long just living in existence and not making things happen.  So this year, whatever it may be, I'm going to reshape my life bit by bit and remodel it into something amazing.  I want to make the best of what I have and I want this 2010 to not only be a good'un for me but also for my family.

4) I will make more effort with my friends
Those often neglected by me will like this one.  You see, it's not that I'm that much of a rubbish friends.  Most will tell you that actually I'm a pretty darn good one...when I want to be.  I have this problem where I spend a lot of time by myself; it has to be said, I love my own company.  So a lot of the time, when I do have time, I will shut myself in and do whatever pleases me (which is mostly watching movies, doing my nails or internet shop).  A lot of the times I won't make the effort to call or say "hey lets go out".  More often than not I always wait till I get asked to go out and if I go it tends to be a miracle.  This year I want to see my friends more and be a bit more sociable.  I'm not going to party more (because that's just not me) but I want to show my face from time to time.

5) I will believe in love again
With what's happened since I started dating (oh those many years ago ...don't say a word!...) I've slowly gone from hopeless romantic to a seriously cynical romance hater.  OK I wouldn't say I was a hater at all to be honest, I think really I'm still a closet hopeless romantic but I just have been battered down a lot.  2009 was probably as bad if not actually worse than 2007 and so yeah it's caused much disturbance towards my views on love and relationships.  I've started to even think about not wanting marriage and believing that all men are quite frankly, dogs.  Well I like dogs so maybe rats.  But this year I'm going to try and stop looking at me like they've already done something wrong and give them a chance.  My bestie said to be that 2010 she's going to start chatting them up and wanted me to join her.  Although I find that hilarious I don't think she's in the wrong direction of things.  You might not find me picking men up but you'll probably see a smile on my face when I talk to them, not my usual defensive scour of a frown.

So that's 2010!  This year if I can acheive those things I will be healthy, happy, successful and in my way to greater things.  I'm sure this year is going to be amazing.

Lastly I want to end this by telling those who have also had bad 2009s that it's not always going to be like this.  I'm sure I've spent the last decade in a blur.  Most of it has been ..well, horrible.  I'm not saying my life is THAT BAD but there's been consistently nasty life events which have occured but I often remind myself of how good I really have it and I think about all the things I am thankful for.  I then think about the possibility of a new tomorrow and then realise we're given a new slate even second; it's just a matter of rewiring the way you think.  If you havent' changed your life or gone out of your way to make anothers' better, then 2010 is the time to do it.  This year you're going to be everything you want to be.  Goodbye horrible 2009 - hello amazing 2010!

This year I'm going to be positive!

Happy 2010 everyone!

PS. one more morose thought; is it a bad sign that the moment 2010 happened I had a tummy ache??? 
PPS. I suppose rather than seeing it as a bad omen, I will imagine its my body's way of sh*tting out all the crap!  (o^_~o)  HEEHEE!

Music used in video:
DBSK - Doushite (karaoke)
U-KISS - Not Young (karaoke)
SHINee - Replay (instrumental)
2Ne1 - I Don't care (karaoke)


freshelle said...

great post helen! i agree, 2010 is a new start for everyone.

gl with all your new goals!

happy new yr!

Goldenwolf said...

those are great resolutions and i wish you all the luck with them!! i need to keep my room tidy as well and be more out with my friends

being in your own company is just relaxing sometimes xD

~Lisa said...

Hope 2010 will be a fresh new start and beginning for you! & hope you'll fulfill all your resolutions

Jazz said...

Hello! , I have only just discovered your videos and blog , It's amazing. You're an amazing person! :D very talented.

and yes. Agreed. a fresh start definitely , 2009 was crappy. 2010 is going to be rockin'

lovelove xxx

Foxy Frangipani said...

hello hello!
lol i love reading your list of resolutions :D

Happy New Year and may great things come your way! :)

sikenthreads said...

You're awesome :) I agree - 2010 is the year we make it happen.

miss.erica said...

Great new year's resolutions, hun!! Make 2010 the best year yet :) <3

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