Sunday, 24 January 2010

Oh River Island…!

As a growing teenager I was a huge River Island fan.  I was such a fan it was beginning to be sickening as everything I wore was sure to come from River Island.  At the time the style suited me and I was in a very lucky time of much spare money to spend on life luxuries like clothes, jewellery, hand bags and shoes. 
Over the past couple of years I’ve found my love for River Island was slowly diminishing as it seemed the buyers had suddenly gone crazy.  The clothes being sold no longer shouted River Island but looked like everything else in the shopping vacinity; you could easily get cheaper versions in Primark.  The sad thing is is that when I loved River Island clothes, I couldn’t find an alternative because everything about that garment said to me stylish and hip.  For a time, I couldn’t see that in River Island and the results was a huge neglect of that shop and I settled for H&M.  Still, my love for River Island lingered inside and I’ve always returned to check out their new collections…
Behold. the spark has reunited!  This season their garments are wonderful and finally I can step foot in there and feel at home again.  I’ve seen a lot of beautiful things (although I was still a bit shocked and wide eyed at some chosen pieces) I was in love with many things.  I wanted to buy a new outfit as I’m attending three events this coming week and I wanted to be able to look my best.
This coming season I’m opting for nudes, softer pastels, channelling a nautical edge but keeping in cute, pretty and even Japan influenced.  This is the Spring Cherrychan108. 
So to kick start the season I’ve bought this:

This is a gorgeous dress and it’s made of very thin and breathable material.  The back is pleated and is very flattering to the body as the thin material skims over my lumps and bumps.  The horizontal lines are nothing to be afraid of because they’re are quite narrow.  I love the little poodle emblem on it. 
For this outfit I shall be on the look out for a cropped leather jacket of some description or a long black or navy cardigan. In these pictures I just wore my jeggings with them but you can make it more feminine by teaming it up with sheer or opaque tights and when the sun comes out you can wear some pretty cropped leggings and some girly warrior sandals.    I love this because I feel it’s interchangable between seasons and definitely worth £24.99.  I love that you can toughen it up or totally glamify it; you can dress this up or dress it down. 
Tip of the day: Big girls, don’t be afraid to try on things.  The worst that can happen is that you don’t like it and you put it back.  The best?  You discover a new you and grow more confident!


DSC02799 DSC02810

I also picked up two pairs of flat shoes.  These are the type that curl up like Aladdin's shoes.  These are so, so, so, comfortable and I love them so much.  They are also £24.99 and again, will be interchangeable  between seasons.  I love that soon I can stop living in my weather proof boots and can start wearing skimpier foot wear and let my feet breathe! 
Can you see where I’m going with all of this?


What do you think?  Leave your NICE comments below ><!! Thanks!

Cherry x


vanity-fashionista said...

CUTE dress! Suits you ^^ (is it black and white or navy and white)
I really like this seasons collection, stripes, nudes, soft pastel...River Island have the most beautiful stuff it's just the price can be a bit WOW at times.
You shoes are pretty, did you have to get them in a size bigger? I always find those kind of shoes are a bit tighter.
Great haul hun! xxx

Cherrychan108 said...

@ Vanity-fashionista
well its actually more a muted peach nude and black lol. bad lighting, i know
i know its so pricey hence the H8M alternative. not QUITE an alternative but it'll have to do
well im a 5-6, and these are 6s. i would say yeah get the 'bigger' size, the elastic will keep them from falling and people say these dont get loose and big. we'll have to see.

NiokoOno said...

I love the dress on you. Looks great!

I just checked out the clothes from River Island and they have amazing clothes.

I'm pretty excited that they have my size, 18! I am mos def going to purchase some shirts and dresses. Do the sizes above 12 run small? Sometimes a size 18 seems like its a size 14-16.

You are an inspiration!

Cherrychan108 said...

Thank you so much!
Well it's a hard one to say because, what exactly are you comparing it to? RI is my benchmark store so its hard to say. I don't think, especially in the ranges of 12-14+ (which im v.familiar with) that it runs small, i kind of feel 'normal' there. so ok when i was a size 16, i mean coats were an 18, jeans were a 16, tops were a 14. now im a 12-14, jeans are sometimes still 16 depending, tops are 12 (i know, weird) and coats are a 14. i mean, does that help? i suppose you got to look at the fabric too!
oh dear, i'm no help, sorry! although its free retuns on all deliveries...
...mind... do they ship internationally??

Anonymous said...

You have a lovely figure! Love the poodle top, so cute :)xx

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