Monday, 18 January 2010

Lessons Learned of 2009 Contest Results!

Thanks for waiting everyone! 

The winner of the Video Response to this contest is themulberrystreet

The Video Response that won

She did a fabulous job and her video was somewhat touching and thoughtful.  I think she definitely deserved to win, so well done girl!

The comment response that won was by XMaterialgirlsX.  She again wrote exactly what I was looking for; a lesson learned with a good conlcusion and moral.  It was well written and although there were actually a handful that I really thought deserved a chance, this won particularly stood out to both my sister and I.  So well done!

The comment that won:
In 2009, I learned how to save money better. In 2008, I would spend my money whenever I see something I want =/ Unfortunately, that money is actually my parent's as I don't work yet. But after I found out that my family is still paying back the bank after buying this house 10 years ago, I felt bad and started to save my money now. I thought about my family and how hard they work just so we may live well. That would always make me think triple times before I buy something.  

So girls please send your information to  

Thanks everyone for participating, more giveaways coming soon!

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