Saturday, 26 December 2009

Some Christmas gifts I've recieved! (Thanks everyone!)

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas and that everyone is getting the time out they deserve!  A good rest and fattening up before the year 2010 is about to commence was definitely needed (ok, not the fattening up, could techniqually do without it)! 

As I am every year and have been all throughout my life, I've been a very blessed and lucky girl to recieve wonderful presents this Christmas!  Unfortunately I havent documented everything on camera but I've taken photos of somethings I think that might tickle your interests!  I wanted to show you guys some things I think are particuarly relevant to you and I (so mostly cosmetics!).

This year's MAC goodies consist of: Posey Creme blush, Ruby woo lipstick, eyeshadows pro refills in Rice Paper and Cranberry!!!!  Gosh, I love MAC. I know it's such a cliche but...MAC is seriously one of the best!

My bestie bought my perfume from AVON; this is Aromadisiac for Her.  It's a particularly warm, sweet scent with features jasmine, african orange flower and amber and pink pepper.  It's ever so slightly musky but mostly a 'smooth', sweet smell.  Mmm!

Bestie a la Uni (teehee) bought me this gorgeous cuff bangle bracelet ^_^  I absolutely adore it.  I love simple detail and I am particularly into clean colours with gold, pearls and peaches.  This will brighten up lots of my outfits!

Actually bought by a male friend (would you believe!), a seriously adorable kitty stand!  At first I didn't quite know what to do with it; I was born to use practical boxes (hence the 'useful boxes' all over my desk) but I've been trying to change my style to not necessarily always use practical things and start adding small simple details and ideas even in storage.   So I decided to put my 'perfume of the week/month' on the top shelve and a trusty favourite accessory/thing at the bottom.  I don't know why this comes to me as some sort of revelation but I love the idea of simplisitic spacing and designs... with a splash of CUTE!  Love!

Bestie a la uni again bought my this eyeliner from ASOS and at first it seems to be just a plum coloured eyeliner.  Behold...

An eyeliner with a hard cutting edge rectangular shape!  if I were in maths class I would call it... a ... 3D parallelogram...sure there is a name for that.  But it's designed to achieve the perfect,. bold cat eye. 

You can achieve many shapes and lines with this so I am excited to do some experimening.

She also got me some face packs from Korea and although with minimal english on them, I shall figure out what they are for and how to use it.  I love face masks, possibly one of the best treats when feeling really run down!

ELF mineral lipstick!  These are lusciously hydrating and smooth to apply.  The packaging is also similar to BarryM's but the forumla seems much nicer.  This is in Nicely Nude and really it is a very flesh toned pink.  Perfect for when spring comes along!

My sister got me the 23 Piece professional make up brush set from Crown Brushes :)  Oh I LOVE these!  These brushes are of excellent quality and now I have many many brushes to do practice with.  This set features lots of small fine brushes; perfect for tiny details around the eyes.  The hairs on these are soft and have good resistence.  Thanks sis!!!

This is how I've decided to store them for now.  This beautiful swan 'pot' was from bestie a la uni as well and it was her who gave me the idea for brushes.  I might fill it up with beads later to stand up the brushes :)

Last year I missed out on the Front Cover gift sets and this year my sister in law bought this for me!  It's their Love at First Sight kit and you can do so many things with this set.  I'm not a fan at the packaging for Front Cover but their shadows are lovely and even the eyeliners that their kits come with are decent!  I'm looking forward to creating some dramatic looks with this.

That's it for now!  I just wanted to quickly show you...I tidied my vanity table.  I'm not going to lie; I'm a very messy person.  I cant keep things clean and tidy....I blame it on my artistic nature >-

Have a lovely Christmas holiday everyone and i Hope you guys are are ready for the new year!!  Stay safe and be merry!



VampiressDoll said...

Merry Xmas, love all your goodies, thanks for posting. Nice makeup station by the way. :)

MilknCookiie said...

Nice to hear you had a lovely Christmas. I looooove that kitty stand! I wouldn't know what to do with it either but it is simply adorable! :D

♥ Milk

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