Sunday, 13 December 2009

Lessons of 2009 Contest

The time has finally come and I am holding a contest, no doubt a lot of you will have seen the youtube video and that is why you're here to check up on the terms and conditions like I urged you to. So thank you for doing so!

Theme: Lessons of 2009 Contest

The theme of this contest is to do with 'what you have learned this 2009'.  So I want us all to reflect on this year and pass on what you have learned, how it happened and how it will not benefit you and the others around you. 
There are two ways to enter; you can either film a video or you can enter a comment for the corresponding video. You are allowed to do both comment and video.  

Video: So if you learned a new skill, show how you did it and if you learned a life lesson then be creative and demonstrate that.  Any goes aslong as it's appropriate and fits in with the theme.

So for example if you learned not to lose your temper, in a creative fashion you could do some acting or show things that would usually make you angry and demonstrate how you keep your cool.  Be creative.  Or if you learned that life is short this year, give us some creative example and show us what you’re going to do from now on and how.  You will be judged on creativity, originality and impact.  Please make sure the videos are no longer than 5 minutes!  Only one video per person please.

Video example:
  • I learned how to laugh at myself and not take life too seriously
  • I learned how to bake a victoria sponge
Prizes for videos include:

1.       2 montagne jeunesse face masks
2.       1 eyeko cleansing wipe
3.       Ted baker master kit
4.       L’oreal lash architect (water proof)
5.       Gosh liner in banana
6.       Three barrym nail paints (Mint green, bright purple, pink flamingo)
7.       Maybelline blush in Rose
8.       Asos Cherry pendant

Comments: In the comments entries please write a couple of sentences on what you have learned.  It's pretty straight forward but the aim is to try and make an impact on those who read it and be able to spread what you have learned so others can benefit.  You will be judged on impact and content.  Only one comment per person please

Comment Example:
  • I learned how to have more patience with my boyfriend/girlfriend.  This happened because our relationship was breaking and it made me realise that if it were to get better I would have to be a bigger person.  We now compromise and our relationship is so much better.  I've learned that a little patience goes a long way.

Prizes for comment entries include:
1.       2x montagne jeunesse masks
2.       Eyeko cleansing wipe
3.       Ted baker kit four
4.       Maybelline great lash mascara
5.       Three sally girl nail polishes
6.       Mememe beat the blues
7.       2true black liner


  • You must have parental consent if you are under 18.  Please make sure I am allowed to send you a package if you win
  • You must post your response WITHIN the official start and end time (see below)
  • Do not post anything inappropriate for young children's eyes

  • Contest is open worldwide 
  • Start time begins on the 13th December GMT to the moment it hits 25th December 2009 GMT. Therefore do not post on the 25th, it won't be counted and make sure you check out the time difference if you're in a different country other than the UK.

So if you still have question please ask me in the comments!  Thank you and please enter!  I would be especially be pleased if you 


CheekyJessie6!!! said...

hello, shall i leave my comment entry here? thank you

Helen said...

sweetie no sorry LOL i am having trouble upload my youtube video! gimme a bit to upload, so sorry and thanks! x

tousledkitten said...

I can't see the end of the last sentence. Curiosity is killing me lol. "I would be especially be pleased if you ..." What, what? Tell us? :-D

tousledkitten said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Helen said...

OH! damn it this is what happens when you do something 3am in the morning! I was going to say I would be especially pleased if you tell people about the contest ^_^ thats all! Heheh thank you x

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