Sunday, 13 December 2009

Cherrychan108's Entry for Superdrug's GET THE LOOK Competition

GOSH Smokey Eye Palette:
1. Apply shade 1 (white shade) to you entire eye from brow bone to upper lash line

2. Apply shade 2 (lightest grey) to your lid space, passed the crease slightly and blend in

3. Apply shade 3 (second grey) to the outer half of your eye and sweep inwards in one direction

4. Apply shade 4 (matte black) to your outer crease and blend

5. Use a flat angled brush and apply shade 4 as an eyeliner, lining top and bottom of your lash lines

Collection 2000 Glam Crystal Gel Liner (in Glitz)
6. Apply the glitter eyeliner right under the black line under your lower lash line

7. Now line under the glitter with more black shadow (shade 4)

8. Apply GOSH Faux Lashes (Crystal Lashes)

9. Dab the black shadow on top of the faux lash line for a seamless result

GOSH ‘Show me volume’ Mascara
10. Apply to lashes

Rimmel Bronzer (in Sun Bronze)
11. Apply to cheeks

Revlon Matte Lipstick (in Nude Attitude)
11. Apply to lips
12. Take the white shadow from the GOSH palette and pat it onto the lips

Merry Christmas Everyone!  Don't forget to check out !!!



Anna said...

wahh, so pretty !
good look in the competition ~

CheekyJessie6!!! said...

nice :D

Joyce said...

Wow you look AMAZING! :) Good luck with the contest! Hope you win! Did you recently get fringes/new hair cut? it looks great! :)

Helen said...

hehe yes i did get a hair cut :)

Foxy Frangipani said...

Gorgeous eyes, doll! :)

Lily said...

I love love love this look!! I those fake eyelashes!! I want to get my hands on them =D Are they really only a UK product or can I find the in the States as well?

Lillian Funny Face said...

Wow, you look wonderful! Good luck!
I want to enter this contest but am a bit confused about something, it says that all the products used have to be available at but hardly anything is available on the website! So do you think it's ok to use products that aren't specifically available as long as they're brands that are?
If you can give me any help i would be so so greatful.

Helen said...

Hi Lillian
yeah im sure aslong as you use products which can be purchased from there its fine! if you're sure u can find it at superdrugs then im sure its ok to use :) x

best of luck!

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