Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Circle lenses, Amazing Concealer, ELF and SUPERDRUGS GET THE LOOK COMPETITION!!

Hello everyone!

I've been meaning to update for a while now but I couldn't because my internet has been acting up so I haven't had the internet for a good few days - which by the way has been excrutiating!  So, where shall I begin?

As you'll know I've recently bought new circle lenses.  I am loving these lenses a lot.  I purchased them from a website called Honeycolor and I think they are based in Malaysia. I know they are probably not the cheapest but I felt that I could trust the website; they have a lot of positive feedback on their site and a good range to choose from.  I recieved my lenses within a few weeks, safe and sound.  I've picked some dark grey ones and brown ones but after Christmas I would really like some dark green ones and maybe even dark blue or purple ones.  I absolutely adore these lenses!  I bought the brown ones particularly for an Angelababy look I will be doing soon :)  Here are some pictures:

Geo Angel Gray $22.90 ( I have more pictures in my previous post!)


Princess Eyes Camel Brown : $34.90



Sorry....cam whored a bit too much >_

So shipping cost my $3.49 and so brought the total to $61.29 which I don't think is a high price but no it isn't the cheapest.  I am so pleased with my purchase and would definitely recommend it.

Something else...

The best concealer in the world:

Purchased from QVC.co.uk.  It's fairly difficult to get hold of from the UK so I had to spend £22 at QVC to get this.  This was recommended by Michelle Phan and it worked wonders on her dark circles and needless to say - it did mine too.  I've got my sister hooked too.  A little goes such a long way and I tell no lie - I've put it all over my face before and I looked like some porcelain doll - fantastic!  Below is half a face done - surely you can tell?

(Left side is left untouched...right side is concealed!)
I adore this concealer and all of a sudden I've ignored all my other ones.... dear me!  It's worked best in terms of concealer my scars and blemishes compared to any other I've tried.  I feel very confident using this product!  Good buy!

Also ELF finally sent me Peachy Keen - gorgeous :) 

 Finally I wanted to talk about something important.  Take note everyone! 

Superdrugs contact me recently to ask if I could join in their competition!! 
The competition just requires you to make a christmas look following their few simple rules (see link for all the info!) and you win so so so much stuff!

Their Look will be featured on the Superdrug.com homepage for 2 weeks.
2 invitations to the UK Elite Model Final and the After Show Party, taking place at June 2010 in London.
A hair and makeup shoot with celebrity session stylist Paula Kingham, and one of the UK’s leading make up artists Sue Moxley of Famous Cosmetics.
A steel cosmetic box from Revlon worth £150
A GOSH Goody Bag worth £100
Second Prize
A GOSH goody bag worth £100
A steel cosmetic box from Revlon worth £150
A Bloom Gift Set
An Elite Make Up Purse
A set of 10 Barry M Nail Paints
Third Prize
A steel cosmetic box from Revlon worth £150
A steel cosmetic box from Revlon
An Elite Make Up Purse
A set of 10 Barry M Nail Paints
5 Customer Favourite Looks will each receive
3 Barry M Nail paints
£25 GOSH goody bag

So you have a good chance to win SOMETHING, so have a crack at it!  I will be entering ASAP now that my internet is back :)!  Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I should do?  :)

Also as a thank you, Superdrug also sent me some products from GOSH - so thanks so much Superdrugs!

GOSH Eyeshadow Collection - unforunately got a bit ruined in the post I think!

Thanks everyone!!  Join in the competition and best of luck!


Raine said...

ooo i really like the brown lens, it looks really good on you. I really want to get some grey and purple ones lol, they look so cool.

mumuji said...

The lenses look really nice! It's a shame can't get GEO lenses for astigmatism :( and your hair also look really nice in the pics!

claudine b. said...

the brown lenses look amazing on you!!! && i HAVE to get that concealer.

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