Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Another 'Fashion' Haul + Contest prizes sneak peak pic!

I'm particularly excited today! 

I'm not sure if I mentioned this to you before but a while ago, H&M released a Hello Kitty jumper and I wasnted it SO badly but at the time I didn't have the money.
Literally, the moment I had the cash the jumper seemed to disappear from the edge of the Earth.  I found none in any of the London stores, none back home or selling on the internet.  I was devasted quite literally because that jumper is the most gorgeous thing I've ever seen.  The ironic thing is is that I'm not the biggest Hello Kitty fan - I don't know it's a bit like being obsessed with Elmo.  Elmo is cute but nothing to go nuts over yet people do.  I've never been one to go crazy at the sound of Hello Kitty but this jumper is just something else.

Guess what?

I FOUND IT!  They restocked more in my one back home and before I could do or say anything I found myself trailing for my size and hugged it like I had never hugged a new piece of clothing that was destined to be mine!

 Hello Kitty Jumper dress, H&M, £19.99

Also a new belt - I adore the zip and I just think it's a good accessory to toughen up any outfit!

Zip Belt, H&M, £5.99

Also picked up some stripey tights from Topshop - Beetlejuice anyone? :P

Stripey tights, Top Shop, £5 (I think?)

I know what you're thinking - isn't it a bit too cold for these?  The answer is Yes...iot is.  But I love it.

Black knee socks, Top Shop, £5

Below is a big impulse purchase, something I picked up whilst queuing.  An expensive one.  This bow brooch is just too adorable, you an definitely change up any outfit with this or even put it on your bag.  You can even pin onto a headband and fasten it to your hair.  I just adore it!  I have to, for the price i paid!

Lace bow brooch, Top Shop, £9.00

What's my obsession with bows right now?  A big bow for my hair with a clip at the back!  The velvety material makes it look very classy and chic, would turn plain cute to charmingly chic!

Velvet hair bow, ASOS.com, Approx £5

I fell in love with these earrings so badly.  My heart ached when I had to put them down so in the end I didn't and paid for them...then took them home!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the details and its nothing like I have.  It looks like a mix of old english Victorian pieces mixed with something from the Far East.  I just adore it!

Pearl Earrings, Top Shop, £8

Oh I forgot to mention I picked these up from Collection 2000 - they are actually a lot better than you would think.  More on these in another blog!

Collection 2000 Glam Crystals Eyeliner, Boots, £2.99 each (I think!)

AND THIS IS THE FIRST TIME ANYONE HAS SEEN THIS!   I've been busily collecting contest prizes to do a whole series of mini contests.  So there will be many winners!  I'm busy thinking up contest themes and don't worry there will be contests for those who don't make videos.  Spread the word!

Peace x


eternalmi said...

you need to take a pic of you in the HK jumper!

Dee Dee xXx said...

OMG!!! I have that hello kitty jumper too i love it, i've seen another hello kitty jumper at H&M that i also too

mumuji said...

H&M did a red hello kitty hoodie ages back but it was kids size :(

♥Rachel♥ said...

OMG I want to get Thatt!!! do u know if its still in the H&M u got it from...i might go and see whn i have time coz it looks soo cute :) xxxx

SecretxChord said...

The Hello Kitty jumper is adorable!! Please please show us how you wear it! =D! Btw, I'm on the same ground as you when it comes to Hello Kitty and Elmo... but then again, I go a little crazy when it comes to Eeyore... haha!

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