Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Small Collective Haul

Quick Update:

Picked up two more MAC colour refills:

Left is Velvet Moss, right is Juiced - Both gorgeous!  I got these both for £6.49 including posting and packaging from an EBAY seller rather than the original £8.50 for refill (or I suppose the original £11.00!)  So I made a good saving! :)  She doesn't have that many MAC eyeshadows but go to see what else she has to offer (btw, GREAT COMMUNICATION and SPEEDY sending!)

Did I tell you I originally ordered Peachy Keen blusher from ELF cosmetics but they sent me Candid Coral?  Well never mind :) They are sending me Peachy Keen and I get to keep Candid Coral - what good service!

Comparable to MAC Springsheen - with less golden shimmer.  A very very pretty colour.

Decent concealer - very good for the price as well, nice consistency and good coverage.

Actually a lot more impressive than you'd think.  Designed to either wear alone or UNDER eyeshadows - transforms your regular eyeshadows and gives them an opalascent hue - now you can do more with your eyesshadows.

The colours at the bottom of the pairs have the transformer colours under them. 

 And thank you ELF for sending me a free lipgloss - happy 2nd year anniversary! 

Peace x

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