Monday, 30 November 2009

Pale or Yellow?

As you know I've been very busy with coursework so I haven't had any time to upload videos or anything.....let alone make any videos.  But I've got a lot in my mind that I'm afraid will eventually disappear and I'll forget to mention it so I need to quickly tell you guys!

I've recently had this new revelation in terms of my skin tone. Now being oriental Asian I know, and we all know, there are a different shades within our 'yellow' skin. 

You can either be a 'pale white' yellow like Sammi Cheng

Or more mid-yellow tone like Zhang Ziyi

All of which are natural.  That's why with the Missha BB Creams you'll get two shades of 'yellow' and thats why even though my sister and I are both related (obviously) we have different skin tones; her being more yellow toned and mine a more pink/white undertone. 

This isn't the more fantastic example but its the only one at hand: 

This is a picture of my brother in law, my sister, my mum and I when we were in Austria on a skiing holiday.  It's the better example I suppose because none of us have make up on (because who does that on holiday?!) but if you can see, I naturally am a bit more paler and my sister is more yellow. So needless to say I get the whiter pale from my mum and my sister gets darker skin from my dad's side of the family.  Hence why she is No.23 for BB cream and if I used No.23 it makes me brown. 

Now here is my dilemma.   What happens in the summer?  I tan like there is no tomorrow the moment the sun comes out, if the sun says hello, my skin just browns up like a turkey in an oven.  So that's annoying because I sat at my vanity table the other day and realised a lot of my foundations are not right.....AGAIN! 

So from now I'm going to have to separate my foundations (winter ones, summer ones) and it's interesting because there is a significant jump.  Let's talk MAC coding colours... in the winter I'm possibly a NC15 - NC20 and in the summer I could jump to a NC25-30.  This all depends so it's hard for me to find a good one. 

Also the reason why I began thinking this is because I was watching Gossmakeupartist recently and in his video he suggested that a woman should match her foundation to her chest - which makes so much more sense.  I've ALWAYS had this trouble with match my body because like a patchwork quilt, my body parts all different shades.  My face is darker than my legs and torso, yet my arms are always darker. 

The question is, what shade am I and what shoulder I go for?

I've decided that I'm more leaning towards the whiter pale shade a la my good friends Suzi and Lindy as opposed so my other darling friends Ling and Tiffany.

So I'm kind of in between which bugs me.  But if I look at my natural skin, once my tan has gone (which it has), I am very white, very pale (you must have noticed) and I should embrace that.  And rather than my face and chest being a different colour, I will work towards being all a whiter shade.  I used to use a more yellow toned foundation and if my chest was on show I would dust it with bronzer but now I think I will keep me one shade.  So thanks Gossmakeupartist for this revelation! lol!

Sorry, such a trivial post but I had to get it out there! 

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Goldenwolf said...

Ahhh see I have a problem with foundation, but not like you do, but I can understand your frustration if you tan! I just can't get pale enough shades being very very caucasian white if I get too dark a shade then it looks aweful, but if I get the lightest shade it just seems to enhance how very very pale vampire like I am!! At the moment I only use powder in a slightly pinker shade than I actually am. Luckily I don't tan (I burn BURN LIKE THE VAMPIRE I AM) so I can stick to one all year round. The problem is finding which one!!

I never knew about the chest thing though might look into that!

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