Thursday, 26 November 2009

MAC Pro Palettes, MAC Eyeshadow, Spot attack + Stackers HAUL

One of the things I've been thinking about for a long time is buying the MAC palettes.  I've watched youtube gurus for a long time and you'll find A LOT of them (I suppose I can say, us, now) have palettes despite the majority not being make up artists or even in the industry.  Apparently a love for make up is a cause for palettes. 
Actually to be honest I've always wanted them, if not for the fact that it's easier to transport and see, therefore I use them more often, it's because it's my version of a sticker book or a stamp album.  I suppose it gives me a chance to look a bit flashy as well and it'll be something the girls will say "ooh" to when they drop by and have a look through my vanity table. 

I went into the MAC store on Fouberts Place in Soho (possibly my favourite one in Central London) where they sell Pro Mac Products too.  I purchased THREE palettes that hold 15 shadows.  I'm not sure why but I expected them to be a lot bigger but actually love the size they are. 

I also purchased two Mac Eyeshadows.  I haven't bought a MAC eyeshadow in a long time.  I actually only originally had four.  I've decided to start collecting them and one by one I would like to have one of each.  Obviously I will need more palettes

The first colour I picked was Star Violet

This winter I am LOVING the reds/plums/mauves/wine colours and I can't wait to do a Christmas look with this colour.  It's so versatile and I bet I could use this on my cheeks!


Above is 'Humid'.  I love this soft spring green colour; it's just so warm yet refreshing.  I think I could definitely use this for a fun make up look.

Below are shots of the four colours I originally have and LOVE.

Chrome Yellow: The First Colour I EVER Purchased

Sushi Flower: The Second colour I purchased

Typographic: Not Sure why I didn't pick the tradition 'Carbon' but I liked this more

Sable: A convert because of Lollipop26 :)

I've decided to reaarange them in this order..the same sort of arrangements MAC stores have their shadows on display.  Once a palette is full up I will buy more and reaarange!  Right now I'm ordering some magnets to attack the pans into the palette and I'm yet to make their labels :)

Yellows; Oranges: Blues; Greens

Reds; Pinks; Purples; Whites

Nudes; Browns; Blacks; Greys

So, this will be lots more fun for the future.  YAY!

I've repurchased something for my spots - the lack of sleep is giving me spots again,.  This happens when I go to uni, I get stressed and my skin is horrific.  Hence why I LOVE summer holidays!

I absolutely love this product, for me it's worked very well in the past and if I didn't discover Lush's Grease Lightning, then I would be still using this.  But I think my spots are calling for something here's to clearer skin!

Right.  What are stackers?

A while ago I was in House of Fraser and noticed a stand with these 'Stackers'.  'Stackers' are basically beautiful stackable 'trays' that allow you to build your own jewellery box.  What's handy about this is the customisation and choice of compartments.  I love these more than a tradition jewellery box because I find they usually have compartments I never fill up or they are become very awkward.  I find these Stackers fuss free and I love the designs.   I can build these up and make a tower (eventually) or I can lay them flat in pull out drawals.  You can get them in various colours (Baby blue, Pink, White and Brown).  Originally I wanted to get White but where I was, there weren't the right variations of trays I wanted and the only one which did were the browns (which was my second choice).  Usually I'd wait or go to another store or even go online to buy it but House of Fraser had 20% off of them so I bit the bullet and bought them.  I've actually been pining over these for weeks now! 
Originally I was looking for a jewellery box, then I moved into the idea of a jewellery stand but neither of them sat well in my mind.  Then hallelujah, this happens!  Yay!  Each box costs between £12-£18 depending  on type. 
I've been needing something like this....I actually have a lot of jewellery but alike my bobby pins and hair bands, I lose jewellery so easily because I just have a habit of putting them anywhere because they never had a place.  Most of my earrings were tangled up in a box and actually as I've gone through them... a lot of them were odd as the other one was missing (Yes, I'm a chaotic human being too).  So here's to starting over again with the jewellery collection :)

Isn't the coral lining just beautiful?

I'm still on the look out for a perfect purse/wallet.  I can't find any to my taste *cries*.

Also, some news!  I've been invited by Superdrug to enter their 'Get the look' competition.  I'm definitely going to enter...the prizes are ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL!  I can't wait.  I have to  make up a 'Christmas party' look.... any idea's people?  When I post it up I hope you guys will vote for me too :)  I'm sure this competition is only for UK residents only though :(  Click here for more information!  Wish me luck ^_^

Night everyone x


Louise said...

A lot of people are doing the Superdrug competition - I can't wait to create a look!

Miss Rubber Ducky said...

Love the stackers jewellery box! Very slick.. Also - where are you ordering your magnets from? I've been hunting for empty pans & magnets for ages! Thanks..:)

Miss Rubber Ducky said...

Love the stackers jewellery box! Very slick.. Also - where are you ordering your magnets from? I've been hunting for empty pans & magnets for ages! Thanks..:)

Shifa said...

lovely post hun! love ya e/s colors!

Helen said...

Thanks girls :)

Hey Miss Rubber Ducky!
I have purchased these magnets
im not sure if they're any good but they seem good! I searched for AGES and they were the best... so fingers crossed :) i hear you can get empty fans from Coastal :) i shall have a look soon though x good luck!

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