Monday, 30 November 2009

What's your purpose?

Hello everyone!

It's not often that I write much about anything personal on this blog but I've long stopped writing at my personal blog because it reminds me too much of all the things that hurt me.  But I've been craving to write personally for a while because it's been a an addiction since I was a young girl.  Writing about feels really help me to de-clutter what's in my brain, sometimes I have so much in my head the thoughts begin to overlap one another and some are forgotten and somee keep springing to mind. 

So here is a new beginning to a new section for this blog: Helen's Hideaway

You know I've been constantly thinking to myself about where life is taking me.  To be honest these thoughts have been in my mind for a since I was a little girl; from a young age I've pondered on my purpose and wondered about my future.  I used to always ask myself "Why me?" and I didn't understand what the question meant but it wasn't referring to why bad things happen to me.  I was  more asking Why I've been put on this Earth?  
I guess before it wasn't so much of a question with a deeper meaning, just curiosity and confusion.  If I ask the same question now I would be asking what my purpose is and what I can do in this life to really make a difference.

For all that know me, knows that my 'general' goal is to help save the world.  I believe in some ways that I was given the heart I have for a reason and I know these hands are not just for eating and apply make up.  Forget the question of what I want to do with as a job....what is my purpose? 

I think I hit a certain point around college time when I realised what I was good at and what were my limits.  I understood that being an 'all rounder' that sky is my limit so as long as I push myself.  I didn't think I had much talent in anything that I loved and I don't excel in much either.  But then again I don't do badly in much.  I looked deep within and found that actually probably what the Big Guy above gave me was a good heart and a good soul.   My job is to help others and no matter what I do, I will do it.  I know that truthfully there are no limits to what I can achieve, I just have to really want it and do it.  I know that no matter what I do in life, I will be helping people smile one way or another. 

I recently watched a video of a favourite guru and her name is Elessa AKA Pursebuzz.  Pursebuzz was the first make up guru I ever watched and I was instantly hooked on her talent but more so her warm heartedness.  She recently uploaded a video talking more about herself, her job, her life and what she's been through.  I know a lot of people will say this but I really felt like I understood her and everything that came out of that beautiful mouth was easily what was already in my brain. 

Then it hit me ... this is what she has achieved....I can do it too. 

My purpose in life is to share, to touch others hearts and to change the world for the good, bit by bit.

What's yours?

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SecretxChord said...

Helen, you are such a sweetheart with a great mindset in life. I believe that even though we go through many troubles in life, they are mere pushes to help us become stronger, so that we can help others. Your blog has definitely reminded me of my life goal, and I truly thank you for that. Please continue to be the beautiful person that you have always been! =D!

Much love,

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