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Foundation Routine Update Fall/Early Winter '09

Foundation is possibly one of the hardest make-up tools to master simply because of the constant changes in your skin, environment, brands, product quality and even budget.  While it's easy to stick to the same eyeliner everytime, foundation can be chopped and changed, mixed and applied differently for different reasons.  The trick is to find what suits you and if it suits you all year round and if not, find an alternative that makes you happy.

This Fall I've been using a number of different foundations and have been paying particular attention to a lot of Maybelline products.  This Fall has been the first time I've ever used Mousse foundation and while it's been out in the market for some time, it's still relatively new in terms of innovation.  Maybelline's Matte Mousse foundation and concealer has been working wonders for me and for various reasons I've been using it non-stop.  For what I thought was going to be a disappointment, this product has impressed me a great deal and is definitely blog mention worthy.

Below is a step to step guide of my most recent foundation routine and how I apply.  This is not going to work for everyone but perhaps will give you some new ideas for what you can buy and achieve this Winter.

Step 1:  Start with a clean face
I like to start with a clean face and this is achieved by using your usual face wash or exfoliator. Below is a picture of me with no foundation on - yes my bare face - and I think it definitely needs a bit of perking up.  So lets begin...

Step 2:  Tone your face
Really this can be done with very cold water or even home made remedies such as rice water, lemon water or even green tea, but I like to use Botanic's Rose Water Toner.  This is just a personal favourite, find one that suits you best.

Step 3: Moisturise your face
For me it's crucial to have a good, moisturised base to the skin not only for your skins sake but also give the foundation something to stick to.  It's also important to form that barrier between your skin and the make up.  I'm currently using and in love with Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre (24 hour miracle cream) as it's been keeping my face extremely supple and can be used day or night.

Step 4: Apply a face primer
Honestly I think this step is optional.  Some find it imperative to use a primer and others can't see a difference.  I like to use a primer simply because it makes my foundation application easier and flawless.  It also gives my foundation a good base to work on!  Currently I'm using L'Oreal Studio Secret's Mattifying primer which is comparable to GOSH's Velvet Touch Foundation Primer however this one is supposed to mattifying your skin.  I'm not sure how far that actually goes but I do love how smooth it makes my skin feel, it definitely makes applying foundation much easier!

Step 5: Apply concealer
Some may argue that concealer should be applied after foundation but really I've been alternating this all my life and I don't see too much of a difference.  Right now I'm into using two types of concealers, one to even out skin and another highlight my undereyes.  The first concealer I use is for all over my face to cover imperfections such as uneven skin tone and redness.  I use Maybelline's Dream Mousse Concealer and I apply that around my eyes and all the areas of my skin that need covering.  The key to concealer is not to over-do it and use a patting motion to keep an air-brushed effect.  I also think concealer can be applied in any way you like; I personally favour using my fingers but feel free to use brush or sponge.

Step 6: Apply foundation
Next I use the Dream Matte Mousse foundation and that is just dotted all over the face and then smoothed into the skin.  I tend not to use too much of this foundation as little goes a long way.  It seems like a lighter version of Maxfactor's Miracle Touch Foundation which I adore; with that product is requires a sponge and a little working.  With this product it's much quicker and just requires moisturised skin and fingers.

Step 7: Apply highlighting/undereye concealer
Again, depending on your preference, you can skip this part or choose to include this.  I like to apply a undereye concealer which has highlighting properties on the dark areas of my face to give me an overall flawless complexion.  I will apply this under my eyes, around my nose and mouth and even on on my chin just under my lip.  I blend this in with my fingers usually or sometimes a sponge.  Right now I'm using Mememe's Flawless Concealer but I'm also a big fan of No7's Instant Radiance concealer.

Step 8: Apply powder
I will always apply powder to finish off my foundation but really with the mousse products it's not completely crucial.  A lot of foundations have a powder finish but I like to use a powder anyway to seal everything away.  I find buffing a thin layer of powder on top really makes all the difference and means applying blusher and bronzing becomes easier.  I'm currently using a Nars pressed powder in Eden.

The End Result

The key to foundation application is practice.  Finding the products and the right techniques can take a little time and effort.  Good look everyone and I hope you all enjoyed this blog entry.

Next Foundation update: Late December

PS.  I've now added a 'cbox' on my blog.  You may notice when you scroll down there is, on the left, a blue-ish white box in which you can now leave me quick messages and questions!  I will be sure to check them and reply :)

Lots of love,
Cherry x

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Cathee said...

heheh xD weeee!! so happy tht ur bk! missd ur blogs nd vids so much ah!! xD

;o ;o nearly ur bday la wor~~ kaka xD i remember..sucha gd subbie ryt? xD lools~~ bt yee! sumtym in Dec ryt? ^^

hup ull hava lovelyyy tym!! nd dnt get too stressd out about uni!

lovelove xxx

~Lisa said...

Great routine! I have yet to try the Dream Matte Mousse. But omg! There's a Dream Matte Concealer in the UK?? And I really want to try the Mememe concealer especially after seeing Lindy use it. =]

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