Saturday, 14 November 2009

Christmas Jumper 2009

Christmas is coming and there's nothing that I look forward to more (well, ok that's an exaggeration) than an annual Christmas Jumper.  I love it because they signify each year like how every Summer season I'll have a staple Summer dress.  I've found my Christmas Jumper for the year and I fell in love with it the moment I saw it!

It's a long hoodie jumper/dress, it's got a beautiful white fluffy trim and is decorated in grey and white reindeer patterns.  I particularly love the white dangling bobbles and I just think this is Christmas without the tack; this is how it SHOULD be done!  Team a jumper like this with leggings, name it!  Or go with a warm pair of tights, boots and accessories of your choice then you're ready to go.  Enjoy your Christmas this year! 

Bought from:  Apricot; £20; UK
My size: Small
Note: Can't really be found on the website, unfortunately!

Below are some more pictures of the outfit as well as a sneak peak to this Christmas's favourite purple inky eyes look.  This look is not using Front Cover cosmetics but I shall be using that in my next make-up tutorial for "inky eyes"

Peace x


Nhung said...

You look awesome! The jumper is too cute.

Goldenwolf said...

I must have this jumper O_O

xSplendidStar said...

Aww that jumper is adorable! Looks really warm and perfect for winter XD


Pinky-x said...

i went to Apricot today 2 look for this top ... it's so CUTE ... but they didn't have this colour... they had a greenish one which isnt my colour! ... will check another shop soon ^^

Cant wait until xmas!! ^^

Lillian Funny Face said...

That's adorable! You're just so cute :) I want a christmas jumper now!

~Lisa said...

Such a cute jumper! And your look looks fab! =]

Follow me please?

kristin said...

omg, LOOOOVE IT!!!
you are so stunning ^^ lookiiing great :D

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