Friday, 27 November 2009

Magnets for my Pro Palette!

For some of you who may be interested, I wanted to quickly show you the magnets that I purchased.

These were bought to stick onto the back of the pans of my MAC eyeshadows which I depot to put into my MAC pro palette!  So they are adhesive and come in a sheet 80 and they are 297 x 198 x 0.76mm in dimension.  These as fantastic and you can even use them to stick on photos to put on your fridge, or use them as clasp if you're making a note book creative, these are much more versatile than you'd think.

Above is a picture of two metal pans; the one of the left is Humid which already has a magnet as I bought it as a refill.  To the right is my own metal pan eyeshadow with one of the magnets on it and as you can see it fits perfectly :)  And now my eyeshadows will not fall out and smash onto the floor. Yay!

I bought these magnets from First4magnets and right now it's buy one get one free. These magnets cost me £2.99 for a sheet which apparently works out to be less than 4p per magnet but I guess if you're buying one and getting one free it should be like....2p per magnet....HOW CHEAP!

So yeah for all you lovely people who want to make up their pro palettes and still haven't found any you go.  I'll be looking into labelling my palettes real soon too.  Watch this space.

Helen x

PS. delivery was super quick, came within two days or so!

1 comment:

Shifa said...

wow thanks for the info hun!
I was having a hard time trying to find some of these in london :S and had to finally end up using double sided tape lol

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