Saturday, 3 July 2010

Always time for a haul... rants and raves!

What was supposed to be a quick drive to my furthest possible post depot turned out to be a haul which so happened to take place in the most furthest possible direction to the depot you could be.  Somehow, I find there is always time for shopping especially on the weekend. 
Today I entered Top Shop and and originally I entered the changing rooms with about ten different clothing items.  I ended up selecting four and was happily on my way to the tills when I suddenly  caught sight of this beauty and the love was instantaneous.  I was blinded. 
Vicky and I had been discussing the love for satchel type bags a while ago when we still zombied around the buildings of our rubbish university and obviously she got there before me in snapping one up from Oasis.  Since then I've been craving for a satchel bag but have never quite found the right one.  See, I am incredibly picky with my bags and shoes.  These are goods that I tend only to spend money on if I feel like I'm going to use it a lot.  It's not like me to switch bags everyday which is why I 'wear' bags that can be incorporated into almost all of my outfits; and my rule is that my shoes should match my shoes in someway, which explains why out of all the little yet expensive luxuries that I do have, shoes and bags come very bottom of the plentiful list. 
But that's not to say that I don't LOVE shoes and bags.  I do, I really do.  Where I'm picky with shoes because of my wide feet and my love for comfort, I'm picky about bags because I have too many pet peeves about them. 
I hate holding bags because I'm lazy therefore I almost always opt for large swinging shoulder(able) handles or messenger sling-over types.  I then have to have a good colour; a lime green bag is going to be useless to me even though I love the colour lime green.  I hate bags that feel like they're going to break in less than two uses because they probably are.  I despise bags that are too big because everything gets lost and I tend to end up putting more useless things in there to fill it up.  My Mum is a prime offender of such act.  I keep saying to Vicky "structure, Vicky, I need a bag with structure!" because there is nothing worse, for me, than a bag that has too much space for my phone to get lost in.  Then I can't have a bag that is too small because my purse is gigantic and Blackberrys tend to be a brick size too.  I cannot have a bag that is too heavy because I have a lazy back!  You see the list goes on which is why today's beauty is going to be treasured for a long time.  It better be....cost me a small fortune.

There is absolutely nothing I dislike about this apart from maybe the fact that it's made from real leather.  I'm not sure how I feel about that.  What do you think?  Is it weird to be slinging cattle skin across my body?
Anyway.  I love everything; the adjustable strap, the weight, colour, shape, structure, size, style, usability and quality.  This will cost you £50 from Top Shop and I have a feeling they will be gone very soon.
Oh and in the end I put down three of the clothing items so I could buy this.  I figured it was between the the excessive clothes or the must-have bag.  So the bag won.
They even give you a health warning; what more can you ask for?

Wow. Okay enough about the bag!  Let's get on to the other things...
I walked into Boots and actually came out with only three products which is just shocking.  Besides just repurchasing my moisturiser and nail polish remover, I picked up a lipstick.  Originally I headed to 17 because I've heard so much about their new Mirror Shine lipsticks especially in the colour 'beehive'.  I was not too keen on the colour from what I've seen and I wasn't that keen when I saw it in person either.  I didn't care much for the packaging because it looked ever so slightly tacky.  There weren't any other colours I liked either so I left it.  It might just be me but I feel that 'beehive' was totally overhyped.  I applied some of 'beehive' on my lips, left and kept shopping.  I'm glad I didn't buy it because it felt sticky on the lips and it neither felt soft or gave good colour pay off.  I realise it's loved for its 'sheer' quality but I prefer colour.  If i wanted sheer, I would blot or use less.  It's just as well really, there was none of that colour left!
I then remember the new Revlon Colourburst lipsticks and I immediately got excited because I am a huge Revlon fan and when it comes to their lipsticks I'm a real believer.  Their matte collection is my favourite and so Colourburst would naturally take my interest.  I swatched every single colour and decided to pick only one because I wanted to be sure about the quality before I committed to more colours. 
I picked Peach which in my opinion was another safe colour for me.  It's a typical colour I would wear and I'm very pleased with it.  I like that it's neither pink or orange, insanely bright nor too dull.  it's a perfect colour and the quality is great.  The lasting quality seems particularly good and I like that it applied on so well.  So far, so good.  Well done Revlon.

Next up are just some jewellery pieces I picked up.  Again, the reason why you see less jewellery hauling is because it's another one of those things that I'm incredibly picky about but not in the same was as I am with bags and shoes. 
In England, jewellery is always so expensive for what is essentially bits of cute metal, beads, pearls and frills put together on a chain its sold for about ten-twenty-one hundred times its cost.  I do love jewellery but I rarely buy at full price unless I can't help myself.  To be honest when it comes to accessorizing I adopt the 'less is more' approach - only because I fear all of the bits and bobs will get tangled up with hair/bag/buttons/skirt/person-sitting-ne xt-to-me.
Top Shop and Miss Selfridge had some sales on their jewellery which I always take part in so these are the ones I chose:

You might have guessed that I was particularly liking the whole bird theme.  As always my jewellery features a lot of flowers and pearls.  I'm never really one to buy bracelets but at half price, I thought I might push the boat out a little this time.
Thanks for reading!  I hope you enjoyed.  Please vote for me at Cosmopolitan's blog awards :) It was ultimately make my day!  If you like my blog, please pass it on.
Cherry x


vanity-fashionista said...

LOVE the bag! It's so pretty and the colour is perfect for any outfit! :D Yay for satchels!!

Ooo I have the first necklace you got, I'm loving the whole layering necklace thing :)

Lillian Funny Face said...

I love the jewellery! Beautiful birds :)

ellearch said...,-South-East-England&jt=4&set=0&ps=20&lit=2

click. i saw this and thought you might be interested! you get paid to blog two blog post per month. not bad eh?

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