Saturday, 24 July 2010

Essie, China Glaze and OPI - A few swatches

I know I said I was on 'Project 10 Pan' but these nail polishes were purchased BEFORE the project began!  I recently went to that nail shop and I know I must inform all Londoners (or even those within travel distant to London) where this amazing shop is.  I shall don't worry.  I picked up my first two, ever, Essie nail polishes and also two China Glaze and one OPI.  Below are swatches, please leave a comment as to which one is your favourite!  Enjoy.


Essie - California Coral


This baby only needs one coat; it's formulation is fantastic as it's easy to apply as it's neither too thin or too thick. The colour is absolutely gorgeous and overall a really great nail polish.

Essie - My Private Cabana

DSC00480 DSC00481

A gorgeous nude pink.  The picture on the left is one coat and the one on the right shows two coats.  This is an easy colour to wear; great for those indecisive days and wonderful for those who like to have nude, natural nails but like a tone of pink.  Fabulous!

OPI - Sheer Your Toys

DSC00483 DSC00484

The closest description I can give for this colour is a muted grey with a tone of purple.  Do you see it?  It's the grey version of that really popular taupe colour everyone is loving at the moment (such as Eyeko's Posh Polish) but I feel this would be great for those who feel the taupe colour is a bit too warm.  I think it says "chic" without being too feminine.  This says "girl with brains" to me, I don't know why but it looks like a clever colour.


China Glaze - Gilded Treasure

DSC00485 DSC00486

A sheer gold with very fine silver shimmer running through it.  It's actually perfect for the summer but can even be worn during festive times of the year.  One coat is incredibly sheer while two coats gives a bit more colour.  Wear one coat in the summer and two coats in the winter.  Definitely a versatile gold to have and one for everyone.

China Glaze - Passion

DSC00487 DSC00488

A stunning, solid, old looking gold colour; this nail polish is great with one coat but seriously hot with two.  It applies magnificently and looks hardcore.  It gives a sort of ornamental finish and will look amazing with safari-esque trends, bronze summer styles, warrior style fashion and futuristic flavoured garments.  This nail polish isn't for the faint hearted.  I. Absolutely. Adore. This.


Cherry x

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Stephanie said...

So when are you gonna inform us? ;)
My favourite is the grey OPI one xx

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