Tuesday, 6 July 2010

New Hair Cut and yet Another Haul

I finally managed to get a hair cut and I'm so happy with it!  I opted for a slanted fringe and I took about 1inch of hair off for it to grow.  I know that seems ironic but that's apparently the case.
I have kept the layers as they were as I'm trying to grow them out.  I love having layers but I'm trying to grow my hair into a more sophisticated and glossy, long mane and see how that goes for me.  If I decided I don't like that, I can always go back to my choppier hair that I adore!
My hair is naturally thin so some of you might think that the new hair seems a bit on the limp side but I'm  yet to style it in the way I like.  Once I get my volumizing products in there I'm sure it will turn out fine.  Also in a bid for my hair to grow faster and in better condition, I'm not refraining from my straightening irons and taking supplements.  I shall have to update you on how that goes!
So following my hair cut I went off shopping.  Here are some pictures of what I bought and a few words about them.


When L'Oreal's Resurfacing Eye Primer first came out I didn't think much of it.  I was sure this would be a gimmick.  When Lollipop26 said that she liked the product I still resisted.  Since then I saw Dulce Candy use this and was instantly sold. 

DSC09825I then also picked this anti-redness primer that also comes from the L'Oreal Studio Secrets line.  Again, I originally ignored it but was sold when I saw Dulce Candy use it.  I've some previous experience with mint green concealers before and have never warmed to them too much.  This however may just prove me wrong.
L'Oreal had a 3 for 2 offer going on so I picked up their lash primer.  I have heard nothing about this product and until that moment I didn't even know this existed. Fingers crossed it will do something!
I couldn't help myself and picked up L'Oreal's latest Volume Million Lashes... I know Eva Longoria is wearing fake eye lashes (as they all do) but I just thought the idea sounded amazing.  It's just a big version of all the other plastic bristle wanded brushes!  I hope the formula will prove me wrong.

DSC09823I've used a few of these gel type primers before that give you a really silky feeling to the skin.  I have also used the L'Oreal Studio Secret mattifying version as well as Gosh's velvet touch foundation primer.  Each product lacked something and I'm hoping this one will be the answer.  I've heard some positive reviews so fingers crossed!

I used to this the Kerastase Oleo-Relax all the time but I stopped because I was trying out different products.  I've come back to this because my hair dresser used it on me today and it reminded me of how much I loved it.  It calms frizzy hair and allows hair drying time to speed up.  It makes my hair glossy and smooth so it's well worth the money.
DSC09830  DSC09831 DSC09833
Finally this is a round brush that my hair dresser recommended to me.  Usually I use the natural bristle type brushes and have always been told they are good for the hair however my hair dresser told me to chuck them out! 
This is the Corioliss round hair brush which is ceramic and retains heat for a long time so when blow drying it will smooth out hair and tame it well.  If you can see the barrel changes to the white colour in the heat to show optimum temperature for using this brush.  It also comes with a pin (top picture) that allows you to separate your hair!  This is supposed to be better for my hair and will assist me in my bid to not use my hair straighteners as much.  All in all, a very good investment!
Cherry x


mandy said...

Your new haircut looks really nice! It doesn't look as damaged as you described it in your video, or maybe the pictures just make it seem all light & pretty & shiny. Do post about how your hair treatment go later on! ^__^

Chloe said...

You went abit primer mad didnt you! haha :P xxx


Anna said...

Ooo, are you going to do a review on these products?

Kei Kei said...

Love Kerastase hair products especially the Nectar Thermique. Love L'Oreal's Resurfacing Primer too! lol

Please do let us know about L'Oreal's latest Volume Million Lashes once you have tried it out, curious to compare it with MaxFactors False Lashes.

Ta! ^___^ KK xoxo

Lillian Funny Face said...

Your hair looks lovely! Would be interested to know the difference between the different primers you got :)

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