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Eyeko Nail Polishes - Swatches and dupes! + Rainy Nails

Saucy, Vintage, Rain, Coral, Posh, Tea Rose

Before I say anything, I am missing one from my collection.  I need to compose myself before I continue this post otherwise you will leave this page feeling very upset too.

OKAY I'm done. 

Eyeko were kind enough to send some nail polishes my way a few days ago and so I thought to share with you my thoughts of the products as well as swatches, possible dupes and my nails.  The one I am missing from the my personal collection is 'Nude polish' and I am so disturbed because I loved it.  I will let you know when it turns up but I have a feeling it just won't.  Excuse me whilst I go jump off a bridge.

So behold, six of the seven polishes that I do have.  I was actually sent four of them and I had purchased three previously.  The ones i really am missing are Cosmic, Indigo, Lilac, and Vampire, all of which I think look lovely too.  However the ones I do have, really rock my world.  Shall we begin?


Saucy Polish

Above is one of their most recent shades called Saucy Polish; named perfectly fitting, it's a gorgeous, fiery 'Tabasco' red that I seriously adore.  I love that it neither too dark, too bright, nor to in your face or dull.  The current swatch is of one coat only which is absolutely fabulous.  It doesn't need too coats but it is do-able if you wished because the formula is very thin and easy to apply.  The dupe I found was 'Salsa' from Elite but it's a brighter red.  For me, Saucy wins.


Vintage Polish


Vintage polish is one of those colours that make anyone go 'ooh!' because it seems rare but these days, you'll find nail polish lines are bringing these colours in at lightning speed.  It's usually called some sort of peppermint green or of that variation but Eyeko has cleverly named it Vintage polish and all of a sudden it seems to look different.  Do you see what I mean? 

The thin formula doesn't do this colour as much justice as Saucy as you will require two coats.  However as the formula dries relatively quickly, this causes no fuss or problem.  I do favour this colour over BarryM's Mint Green.


The dupe I have is BarryM's Mint Green and against Vintage Polish, it's quite similar.  In real life BarryM seems 'greener' the BarryM formula is thicker.  I have to say that I do prefer Vintage because it's slightly on the blue side of things; or perhaps the name really does psychologically affect me.  Either way, I am loving it even though I didn't expect to. 


Rain Polish


A totally unique and intriguing colour; Eyeko has somehow shaken me with excitement again!  I've never been the biggest fan for a blue nail polish so when I found that my attention was on Rain polish, I was both disturbed and excited.  I love that this blue has a grey tone yet its not dull; it definitely illustrates my image of London rain very well.  For this colour, you will need two coats for a solid outcome.  I think for those who find royal blues more difficult to wear, this may be easier because it's quite neutral. 


Coral Polish

For someone who is loves coral, I've realised I have little (or none, rather) coral nail polishes.  It's a shocking revelation.  Eyeko's offer of a Coral Nail polish actually doesn't seem like the coral I've always had in mind.  This coral is less peachier than the type I personally favour and actually turns up a bit more red and loud.  Does it make sense to you when I say that coral is quite a mild-mannered yet cute colour?  This, by no means, is anywhere close to something like Benefit's Coralista blusher or Maybelline's lipstick in Coral Pop.  Those are either peachier or orange and I thought those were the only variations.  Apparently we now have a coral which is, indeed, more red.  I can't say that I dislike it, but I still can't see this as a coral colour.

Posh Polish

The first thing to say about Posh is that my camera has managed to make this colour look slightly more grey toned than it really is.  The picture on the right is slightly more true to the real colour.  Again, like Vintage, this kind of shade has become increasingly popular.  Colours like Posh are quite understated and chic; it's one of those colours that you wear when you want to be slightly sophisticated and trendy.  For some you might find this colour quite boring and I feel that it would be in the summer but come the winter months, this colour will be rocked over and over again, every year.  This is another 'one coat wonder' and the dupe you will find in my collection is Nails Inc's London which was a limited edition, I believe.  You will find this colour in many nail polish lines these days and I think every girl should have one of these in their collection.


Tea Rose Polish


This was one of the ones I snapped up quickly when I first laid eyes on Eyeko Nail polishes.  This is definitely one of my colours that I like to wear often which is why it was particularly easy to find a dupe of.  Again, named perfectly well, this pink has a very feminine and 'safe' feel to it.  It's a very wearable pink for most people and again, this is one coat only.  The dupe for today is OPI's Japanese Rose Garden which is soft and creamy as well.  The difference would be that Tea Rose is less on the pink side but it's very close to the OPI dupe. 


To end this post I have done my nails up!  I'm using Eyeko's Rain Nail polish and topping it off with a sheer white tip.  The white polish is OPI's Funny Bunny which is my 'go-to' for a french manicure tip because it's sheer and doesn't look so fake; it's also more forgiving when it comes to mistakes and imperfect lines.  When Funny Bunny is applied on top of a strong colour (i.e. not a pale, sheer colour), it actually lightens the base colour so what you get is a subtle tone difference.  This is how I achieved a 'rainy' blue nail with a baby blue tip!  Voila!


I hope you enjoyed this post,


Cherry x


Lillian Funny Face said...

Thank you for the great swatches and alternatives! I think i may need the Rain polish :)

Stacey said...

Wow I love those colours, but then again, I always tend to love Eyeko stuff. With the free gift offer they have at the minute I've just been buying practically everything they have!

In case you didn't know about their free gift offer you just enter E10222 at the checkout. There is a minimum spend of either £10 or $15 (depending on whether you are in the UK or US) but I haven't found this to be a problem, I think it's a pretty reasonable minimum spend to be fair!

Claire Elizabeth said...

Ooo wow, they're super cute colours! Eyeko nail polishes have always caught my eye but I'm yet to try any, I think I'll definitely have to give the Posh Polish a go, I love that colour! :)

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